10 Best Lightweight Down Jackets in 2020

Whether you’re planning a camping trip to somewhere that’ll be below freezing, or you’re planning to go hiking in the snow, you will need appropriate material to ensure that you’re kept as warm as possible. It should be able to take the wear and tear of trekking out in the countryside. Purchasing a down coat or hoody will be the best choice for this. Jackets that are made from down are easily packed into tight spaces or a small backpack, which means it’s perfect for those who are planning on traveling light.

Many backpackers choose down jackets for their versatility and effectiveness in keeping you warm. Like many other jackets, they will have a variety of features for you to choose from. The fill power of your choice will be vital in ensuring that heat is kept insulated. You’ll want to choose a product that’s light in weight, so it doesn’t feel bulky on your body while you’re hiking or trekking.

There are many things to consider when you’re making this purchase, and as there are so many down jackets on the market right now, it can be extremely confusing knowing where to start. With a variety of weight, fill power, and outer shell material, it can be difficult to make the right decision.

As these jackets are usually quite expensive, so you’ll want to make sure you’re making the right choice! There are many positives and negatives of purchasing a down coat, and through thorough research, you’ll understand these more.

There are many down jackets out there that will be suited for the different activities that you plan to take part in. Some will be better in terms of weight for traveling. Other down coats will be better for below zero temperatures. You’ll need to decide what activities you’ll need your new purchase for, as this will help you immensely in knowing what kind of product you need to buy.

We know how confusing shopping for the right thing can be, especially if this is the first time purchasing a down coat, or any clothing specifically designed to keep you warm. That is why we’ve completed this ultimate guide to buying a down coat. We’ll look at things such as the outer shell material, and the overall weight of the jacket, so you can decide which will be best for your particular needs and interests.

We’ll help ensure that your new purchase will be a down jacket without the massive price tag. We have compiled a list of our top ten choices on the market right now for you to choose from. If this list is still not enough information for you to make your decision, we’ve included a detailed list of essential features that all the jackets should have.

From the weight to the shell color and the shell material, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect choice for your up and coming trip. You won’t need to worry about being cold on your journey through snowy mountains after this!

First up, we have a list of the top ten best down jackets that are on the market right now. We have detailed specific features for each of the jackets so you can make an informed decision on what type would be best for you.

View The Best Lightweight Down Jacket Below

1. Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Jacket


Number one on our list, and the one we view as the best lightweight down jacket overall, is the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Jacket. Not only does it come in a variety of colors to choose from, but you can also choose between a jacket without a hood or a traditional hoody. This mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer jacket is incredibly lightweight, weighing just 212g. When you lift the ghost whisperer up or put it on, it almost feels like it’s not there.

The mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer includes a chest pocket and zippered hand pockets. It’s made from modern hydrophobic down, which ensures you’re kept warm and insulated. It’s also water resistant. The fill power on this jacket is excellent. It’s one of the best down jackets on the market in terms of fill power. The down used in the Ghost Whisperer resists moisture while maintaining its loft, even on the rainiest of days.

This makes the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer jacket one of the best down jackets, as usually, traditional and un-treated down is useless once it becomes wet as it clumps together. The quilt patterned design of this jacket is stylish yet ensures that the down inside the jacket is distributed evenly. This ensures that your whole body is kept warm at all times!

The fill weight of the Mountain Hardwear jacket is sure to keep you warm even on the coldest of days. The nylon shell outer material means it’s an extremely durable jacket, so you don’t have to worry about damaging this after a few months. The hood is neatly fitted around your head to ensure that you don’t lose too much heat.

+ Best Overall Quality
+ Variety of colors
+ Quilt patterned design

Why We Like It – The Mountain Hardwear Ghost whisperer Jacket is one of the lightest jackets on the list. The warmth-to-weight ratio is incredibly favorable for this jacket!

2. Feathered Friends Helios Hooded Down

Number two on our list of best lightweight jackets of 2020 is the Feathered Friends Helios jacket. We’ve nominated it as our most premium quality choice. The Helios Hood Down jacket has immense fill power and comes in a variety of colors to choose from. The fill power in the Helios Hooded Down jacket will keep you warm even on the coldest of days. The Helios jacket is exceptionally light in weight; it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing a jacket, let alone one with such warmth power.

The stuff sack on the Feathered Friends jacket is 900+ fill power goose down, and the outer shell fabric is made from a material that’s resistant to water. The Feathered Friends jacket includes a dual drawcord insulated hood to keep you warm on windy days. The two zippered hand pockets are of superb quality, with ripstop nylon material also included.

The Feathered Friends Helios Hood jacket is perfect for those who are planning a long weekend trip skiing or backpacking in icy weather. The warmth of the Feathered Friends will ensure that you won’t have to worry about the weather and can enjoy the fantastic views of the snow or mountains instead.

The fill and warmth power of the Feathered Friends Helios jacket is of premium quality, so you also don’t need to be concerned about this jacket becoming damaged while on a long trip away. The hefty price tag of the Feathered Friends jacket is definitely worth it for the quality of this jacket. It’s an investment as you can use this jacket again and again for many years to come!

+ Premium Quality
+ Durable
+ Water resistance

Why We Like It – The Helios Hood jacket is made from the most premium quality materials in comparison to the other jackets on this list. This premium quality really shows when wearing the jacket. You can be assured that this piece of clothing will last you a long time.

3. Patagonia Down Sweater

Patagonia Down Sweater

Number three on our list is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a budget warmth jacket. The Patagonia Down sweater jackets are of great value. The warmth power is excellent, and you won’t break the bank purchasing one of these. The weight of the Patagonia Down Sweater jacket is very light with enough power to keep you warm on freezing days.

It’s made from 100% recycled ripstop shell fabric and also has a water resistant finish. The Patagonia jacket is made from traceable down, meaning that the feathers are sourced from verifiable sources and have not been live-plucked or force-fed. If you’re concerned with sustainable fashion, and the negative environmental impacts of the fashion industry, then the Patagonia Sweater jacket is the perfect choice for you.

The fill power is 800 European goose down and is stabilized through a quilted construction throughout the jacket. It includes a chest pocket and two exterior hand pockets. The two zippered hand pockets are of excellent quality, and you don’t need to worry about these becoming damaged through use. The interior chest pocket doubles as a zippered stuff sack with a carabiner clip on addition.

The Patagonia jacket includes nylon-bounded elastic cuffs, to ensure that none of that cold air passes through to your arms. The overall weight of the Patagonia is superb – you’ll barely realize you are wearing a jacket of such warmth power!

+ Great Quality
+ Quilted Design
+ Lightweight

Why We Like It – The Patagonia Down Sweater is a great choice for those that are concerned with unethical sourcing of feathers or unsustainable materials.

4. MONTBELL Plasma


Next up on our list of best lightweight jackets is the Montbell Plasma jacket. This is one of the most lightweight jackets on the list. The Montbell Plasma jacket is packed with 1000 fill power and an immense warmth-to-weight ratio. The fill power will ensure that you will be kept warm even in high altitudes and low temperatures. At much less than 7 oz, it’s hard to believe that you can stay so warm with a jacket that’s so lightweight!

The down within the coat is ethically sourced. The down plumes and feathers are only collected as a by-product of waterfowl that are raised for the food industry. The jacket saves on weight with a 7 denier ripstop nylon shell fabric. The shell ensures there is plenty of water resistance when you’re out in particularly wet weather. There is no hood available with the Montbell Plasma jacket.

However, this just means that it’s even more lightweight! This year’s version of the jacket sees the introduction of new hand pockets to ensure that your hands are kept warm while out in the cold. There is a stuff sack included. This means that you can easily decompress the coat into a small sack, making it easier to fit into your suitcase or backpack.

+ Budget Price
+ Lightweight
+ Stuff Sack included

Why We Like It – The Montbell Plasma jacket is a great choice for anyone concerned with using unsustainable or unethical clothing sources.

5. RAB Neutrino Pro Jacket

RAB Neutrino Pro Jacket


Our next product is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget. The Rab Neutrino Pro Jacket is also one of the warmest womens coats on the market right now. It includes non synthetic insulation of 800 fill power. The weight 8 oz of the jacket is perfect for most people, as 8 ounces will ensure you’re kept warm but also that it’s not too heavy. The goose down fill within the jacket is also water-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry if you plan to take this jacket out in wet weather. You’ll not find any coat warmer similar to this for the price!

The Rab Neutrino Pro coat is one of the best down jackets as the shell fabric is wind and water-resistant. The warmth-to-weight ratio is excellent. With the Rab Neutrino Pro jacket, there’s the option to choose a Pertex Quantum Pro as the shell fabric. This specific shell fabric is much more wind and water-resistant than other standard shell materials found on the market today.

The Rab Neutrino Pro also includes a helmet-compatible hood, allowing you to tighten it around your head and your face. You won’t have to worry about your eyes getting cold in strong winds with the Rab Neutrino Pro Jacket! This jacket is the perfect choice for anyone finding themself in freezing weather or for a camping trip. If you’re hiking or exerting a lot of energy, the Rab Neutrino Pro will actually hold too much warmth, and you will become uncomfortable.

Many reviews have noted the durability of the Rab Neutrino Pro jacket. This makes it a great choice for anyone that wants to invest and not replace their hoody regularly! The balance of weight and warmth make this a great choice for everyone.

+ Durability
+ Non synthetic insulation
+ 8 oz

Why We Like it – This jacket is perfect for those who need a warm jacket that’s lightweight but won’t break the bank! The durability of the shell material will also ensure that you won’t have to replace this jacket anytime soon.



Number six on our list is the Feathered Friends Eos jacket. The Feathered Friends Eos is a perfect choice for anyone that wants water resistance, ripstop nylon, and a weight under 8 ounces. This coat is made from non synthetic insulation, with 900+ fill down and a hood. Like many other jackets mentioned on the list here, the Feathered Friends Eos has a lightweight while keeping you incredibly warm even during the worst weather.

The jacket includes two zippered hand pockets, a fixed low-profile hood, and an elastic drawcord hem. The Feathered Friends Eos jacket also includes a stuff sack. This makes it perfect for anyone that will need to pack down this jacket while traveling or camping. The stuff sack will ensure that the jacket will squeeze into even the tightest pocket or corner of your backpack.

The fill weight is around 1 oz and is ethically sourced goose down. If you’re conscious of having ethically sourced materials in your clothing, then the Feathered Friends Eos could be the jacket for you! Although the Eos is not the best in terms of price, it’s also not the most expensive on the list. It’s perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to break the bank but is willing to pay a little extra for higher quality.

+ Premium Quality
+ Durable
+ Light weight

Why We Like It – This is the perfect jacket for someone who wants everything that the other jackets on the list have, but with ethically sourced materials too.

7. RAB Microlight Alpine

RAB Microlight Alpine

Number 7 on our list of best lightweight jackets is perfect for those who will be using their jacket in very wet weather conditions. This jacket is the best at keeping you dry during those stormy weather ventures. This Rab Microlight Alpine product is available in a variety of colors and also includes a hood. The fill power of the Rab Microlight Alpine Jacket is excellent; it’s 750 with a hydrophobic material.

Even with this fill power, the weight of the entire jacket is under 8 oz, so it’s a great choice for those that need a jacket that won’t take up too much space or weight in their backpack. The outer shell is water resistant. As a hoody jacket, this would be a great choice for going camping or even attending a winter festival.

The Rab Microlight Alpine product offers freedom of movement and the ability to layer underneath it. This makes it great for hiking in cold weather. The warmth capacity and fill weight of the RAB Microlight make this a great choice for almost anyone on the search of a hoody jacket for winter activities.

+ Premium Quality
+ Durable
+ Water Resistance

Why We Like It – The Rab Microlight jacket is the best choice for someone looking for a completely waterproof jacket that will also allow you to layer underneath it when it gets extremely cold.

8. Marmot Men’s Quasar Nova Jacket

Marmot Men's Quasar Nova Jacket


Next up on our list of best down jackets is the Marmot Men’s Quasar Nova Jacket. Like the Ghost Whisperer jacket that was previously mentioned on this list, the Quasar Nova is a great choice for anyone who wishes to have the option to choose from a hood or no hood. The fill down quality with the Marmot Men’s Quasar Nova jacket is excellent and made from high quality down.

This means the warmth to weight ratio is also excellent, making it the perfect choice for anyone that will be using this jacket in extremely cold weather. The weight of the Marmot Men’s Quasar Nova coat is under 7 oz, making it incredibly lightweight without compromising on warmth. The weight of these jackets is a major selling point for this product.

This jacket includes 20 Denier woven baffle fabric, which means that it effectively eliminates insulation warmth escaping while also being light in weight. The fill weight and fill material is perfect for this jacket. The fill material rating is 800 power fill down, which is perfect for extremely cold weather. This coat actually weaves two different fabrics together, which will eliminate any cold spots or warmth escaping.

This also makes the Men’s Quasar Nova very durable. If you plan to make this purchase, you can expect this jacket to last you a very long time! It includes zippered hand pockets, a chest pocket, and one of the best fill weights on this list. The elastic-bound cuffs and elastic drawcord hem on the hood ensure that no extra warmth is eliminated or will escape during those windy days. It comes with a stuff sack that allows you to pack in into the tightest corner of your backpack. This is perfect for anyone who loves to travel light.

+ Premium Quality
+ Durable
+ Hood included

Why We Like It – As the Marmont Men’s Quasar Nova jacket makes use of two different lightweight materials that are fused together, this provides extra warmth. It also ensures that no warmth escapes through any holes in the fill material.

9. Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody

Arc'teryx Cerium LT Hoody


Number 9 on our list is another one of the premium quality jackets for warmth. The Arc Teryx Cerium LT Jacket is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a lightweight coat with high-quality fill material and light fill weight. The fill weight of this jacket comes under 1 oz. As the Arc Teryx coat includes a hood, you’ll also have the option to wear this jacket as a hoody.

The outer shell material comes in a variety of colors, so there is definitely a style to suit everyone with this jacket. The Arc Teryx Cerium LT includes premium 850 fill power down, keeping in all the warmth needed to keep you toasty on freezing cold days. The down materials in the Arc Teryx include synthetic insulation in moisture-prone areas, ensuring the jacket is durable and long-lasting.

The nylon shell is wind resistant and water repellant, while also being incredibly breathable. This makes the Arc Teryx Cerium LT the perfect choice if you plan to hike or be active while out in cold, wet weather. The Cerium LT is easy to move around in, and the overall weight is under 7 oz. You will hardly notice you’re wearing a warmth down jacket when it’s on! It includes a chest pocket, making it easy to store items such as credit cards or phones.

+ Premium Quality
+ Great Fill weight
+ Water resistance

Why We Like It – We think the Arc Teryx Cerium LT jacket is perfect for anyone who wants an incredibly durable jacket. The inclusion of synthetic insolation in the materials in Cerium LT areas ensures that the fill material does not become damaged over time.

10. Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody

Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody


Last up on our list is another hoody made from premium quality materials. The Outdoor Research jackets are renowned for having great warmth potential due to its heavy fill weight. The fill weight of the Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody is bulkier and heavier than the other jackets on this list. However, it’s also made from tougher material and keeps the warmth in much more.

So it’s perfect if you plan to travel to below zero temperatures. It includes a chest pocket, a hoody function, Pertex quantum material, and synthetic isolation. The zipper material is of premium quality, so you won’t have to worry about the zippers on the Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody breaking while you’re out on your camping trip.

The Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody jacket is a great choice for anyone on a budget. If you’re looking for a hoody that will not break the bank, but also has a light fill weight and great power warmth, then the Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody could be the perfect choice for you.

+ Budget Price
+ Heavy fill weight
+ Stylish outer shell material

Why We Like It – Although the Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody is bulkier and heavier than some of the other jackets that we have mentioned on this list, it’s a great choice for anyone that’s looking for a jacket with great warmth power. It’s also good for anyone on a tight budget!

Lightweight Down Jackets Buyer’s Guide

Although we have made a comprehensive list of the top best lightweight down jackets for you to buy, we know you still may be slightly confused as to what kind of coat would be best for you and your needs. It can be difficult to know where to begin when choosing the appropriate product. That is why we have also compiled a detailed list of the top features you should be looking for when you’re searching for the best jacket for you.


Girl with blue down jacket winter

The most important feature of any new down jacket is the warmth power. You will need a coat with effective enough warmth power to ensure you don’t get cold while hiking in snow or out on a long camping trip in freezing weather. When considering the warmth of a jacket, there are two things to think about: insulation and fill power. When it comes to insulation, goose down is the most effective and popular choice as a fill material.

Goose down is premium quality, and because of this, it will be the best material for keeping you as warm as possible. Goose down is extremely popular in jackets, blankets, and pillows. Goose down will trap the heat while also remaining breathable. This means that you’ll be as warm as possible in cold and windy weather, but you will also be able to hike and do other activities without overheating or sweating too much.

With Goose down, you can easily compress the jacket, which is perfect for anyone that will need the jacket to fit into a small backpack. Having goose down will also ensure that your jacket is as lightweight as possible. Down material takes up much less weight than other materials do.

You’ll also have a choice between down or synthetic insulation. Synthetic insulation will be much cheaper than down, so it’s the best choice if you are on a tight budget. After insulation, you will need to consider the fill power of the jacket you want to purchase. The fill power will also ensure that your warmth power is enough to keep you warm in the cold.

As you’ll be searching for a lightweight jacket, the fill power will need to compensate for the fewer materials used. A higher rating of fill power will mean that it will need less down, therefore, ensuring the weight of the jacket is as light as possible. Usually, jackets will have a fill power of 400 to 600. If you wish to purchase a more luxurious jacket with higher quality, then the fill power should be rated at around 800.

The fill power will be vital in ensuring that less space is taken up by the materials used, and therefore, your jacket of choice will be as light as possible. The fill power is a very important consideration that you need to think about before you purchase your item. We recommend at least a fill power of 550.

If you’re planning on traveling to areas where there will be a lot of snow, and temperatures could be below zero, then we recommend purchasing a jacket with a higher fill power of 800. The higher fill power will be needed for temperatures such as this. Paying a little bit extra money for this feature will be completely worth it.

Down Retention

After thinking about the fill material and the fill power of the jackets, you will then need to consider the down retention. The best jackets to keep you warm will have a great down retention ability. Many jackets that are made from down will sometimes leak a small amount, allowing cold air in. Ensuring that your jackets have the best down retention ability will make sure the jacket is much warmer for you when you wear it. Some jackets will even include a down-proof coating or inner down bag.


Customer buying down jacket

Obviously, if you plan to take your new jacket with you while hiking, camping, or skiing, you’ll want to ensure that the quality is good enough so that it will last you a long time, through the wear and tear of the activities that you’ll be undertaking. Some jackets, including the ones mentioned in this list, will include nylon ripstop material on the shell.

This means that it will prevent the jacket from tearing and wearing down too much over time because of use. You should look for any jackets that include a shell with a ripstop material, such as Pertex Quantum. Pertex Quantum is the most popular material for this reason.

However, even though your jacket will be more durable than most, materials such as this can increase heat within the jacket, and can trap too much moisture. This means that these jackets may not be the best if you plan to do long excursions of strenuous activity.

A hood or No Hood

Many jackets mentioned on our list will have the option to choose between having a hood or not. Choosing a hoody jacket will be perfect if you plan to venture out into windy weather. Having a hoody with a drawstring will mean that you can tighten the drawstring when it’s windy, and you can protect your head and ears from the cold.

This will be vital in ensuring that no extra heat from your body is lost when you’re out in the cold. We believe that adding the extra weight for a hoody will be worth it when you’re out on that long weekend camping trip in cold temperatures.

Extra Accessories

Having extra features on your jacket will be vital for ensuring that it’s as insulated as possible. Like we have mentioned before, a hoody will keep you that bit warmer in the wind. Having accessories such as adjustable cuffs and an adjustable waist will help to keep the heat in your body. You will be able to adjust the cuffs and the waist easily, so they are tighter to your body, and thus, less heat will escape from the jackets.

Having accessories, such as internal pockets or chest pockets, are also great features for ensuring that you can safely carry your valuables without them falling out on the trek while hiking. Like the other features mentioned, internal pockets will help to keep your hands warm on particularly cold days.


Checking down jacket prize

The price of your new down coat will also be a factor in your decision making. Down jackets on the market right now can be very expensive, and because of this, it can be difficult to find the right one if you’re on a tight budget. Although we have listed many jackets here that will be in the budget price scale, you will need to think about what features you need and want in your coat, and if this will be in line with your price budget, too.

We’ve mentioned previously that jackets with higher quality materials will be much more expensive. We believe that paying extra money for higher quality down material or a more durable outer shell material will definitely be worth it. By paying a bit extra, you’re ensuring that your new coat will last you a long time.

This is especially important if you plan to camp, hike, or trek in your jacket. You will need a purchase that can withstand all the wear and tear of these activities, so paying more for tougher and more durable materials will be vital.


Woman wearing blue down jacket

Aside from the basics such as heat insulation, the fill power, and the weight of the jacket, you’ll also want to choose from jackets that suit your personal style. This is when you’ll need to think about the material and color of the outer shell of the jackets. Having one that fits just right around your body will maximize the ability for heat insulation.

You will need to think about whether the jackets you’re looking at will have movement abilities. Being able to move freely will be vital when you’re out hiking or doing other strenuous activities. Having the ability to layer underneath your product of choice will be vital also. Before you make the purchase, ensure you read the reviews of the jackets you’re looking at, to see if they can easily be paired with a sweater without the fit becoming too tight.

The best jackets will feel comfortable both when you are wearing additional layers and when you are not. Like we have previously mentioned, choosing jackets with the ability for additional layers underneath will ensure that you can move around freely. This way, you won’t be constricted while you are hiking or doing other activities like this.

There you have it: our complete guide to purchasing a new down coat for your upcoming trip to the snowy mountains or for a long camping weekend. We know it can be very confusing to begin with, but we hope this article has helped you with what type of down jackets will be best for each situation.

If you have read through our top ten choices for down winter jackets, and you still don’t think the right choice has been mentioned for you, then don’t worry! We’re sure that our detailed list of what features you should look for in your purchase will help you even further.

It may help to research some other jackets from the brands we have mentioned here on this list. Coupled with the guide on what features we think that your new coat should have, you’re sure to find the one that is perfect for you in terms of weight, shell fabric, style, and price.

Happy hunting for your perfect down coat to complete your upcoming trip into the cold weather. We are sure you will find the best one for you and your personal needs!

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