About Us

Greg Roberts

Here at Geosettr, we appreciate people who love the great outdoors. We also understand that taking a trip outside can be a lot more complicated than people might think. There are a lot of things to consider, depending on your type of trip. If you’re taking a hike, you’ll need a good pair of hiking boots or the right hiking shirt for maximum comfort. We can help you prepare for the annual camping trip, with expertise on everything from sleeping bags to the right tent, to the best camping meals. Wherever your adventure takes you, we have everything you need.


Who Are We? 

We’re a team of researchers and writers with a love for nature and the great outdoors. The wide range of nature lovers and hiking specialists in our team means that we have the skills to cater to anything you might need. We find and research products for every great adventurer, from hiking socks, to a reliable GPS. We aim to help the explorer in you. We understand that there’s nothing better than letting yourself wander without distractions and see where that wandering takes you. This is why we provide lists and buying guides tailored for you, so you can find everything you need with no stress or hassle.


Who Do We Do?

Our experienced, specialist team of product researchers and writers craft detailed product guides to help you get the most of nature. Whether you’re a beginner hiker, an avid mountain climber, or you want to let loose and explore – we can help.

First, we find the best, most current online products out there. We only recommend items of the highest quality, which is why we never include products with less than four stars in our lists. Unlike other review sites, we require proof that a product is good, which is why we conduct thorough research. This helps weed out any low-quality items. There a lot of fake products out there, all promising impressive and different features, but it can be hard to tell if they’re telling the truth. We eliminate that worry completely; rest assured knowing that every single product we recommend has been checked, researched, and proven to be reliable.

We don’t just focus on popularity, either; some of the big brands can be expensive, and you might be looking for something simple without all the bells and whistles. That’s why we ensure there’s something for everyone on our lists. We always include a premium choice, a product that’s great value, and our best overall choice. That means, whatever your budget, whether you want something simple or a little more premium, we’ll have the perfect choice for the adventurer and hobbyist in you.

Maybe you’re new to hiking and have no idea where to start? That’s fine; every product review contains a detailed Buyer’s Guide, where our experienced writers and specialists explain what things you should look out for in your perfect product – and what you should avoid. Whether you need a compass, or you’re just searching for a comfortable pair of thermal socks, Geosettr can help.