10 Best Coolers in 2020

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When you are heading out for a picnic, a camping trip, or any other Adventure where you need to keep your food at a specific temperature finding the best cooler on the market is imperative. Coolers come in all different sizes and shapes. Some of them are going to keep your foods cooler for an exceptionally long time making them great for long Adventures. Others are more portable and better suited for carrying your lunch to and from work.

With all of the versatility in a category such as coolers, you need to take the time to decide what features are most important to you. Additionally, you’ll want to figure out how long you’ll be using it and what price range is going to work for your budget.

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1. ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box

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This option comes in varied sizes and colors. One of the coolest features is that it is not only going to keep your drinks cold it also functions as a dry box. You can store your valuables in it without the worry of them getting wet or covered in dust.

It is a perfect option whether you are looking for something to use as a lunch box or something a bit larger. It is convenient, and the most substantial version only weighs 7 pounds, which also makes it manageable to carry. Additionally, the design and materials make it extremely durable.

+ Includes Shoulder Strap
+ Additional Tray Inside
+ Leak-Proof
+ Gasket Seal

Why We Liked It – we love the fact that this item doubles as a dry box. If you have ever dropped something into the lake and had to replace it, you know what a burden it can be. Knowing that your valuables are going to stay dry, no matter what the adventure is a significant relief.

2. YETI Roadie 20 Cooler

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The price of the Roadie 20 is a bit steep but it’s not as pricey as the Yeti Tundra. It is made for those looking for a portable cooler with plenty of space for cans. This option is among the best coolers because it is going to keep your contents cold for days on end. They use PermaFrost insulation and a FatWall design, like what we see with the Yeti Tundra, to ensure your ice lasts longer.

Additionally, this cooler is built to last. The casing is basically indestructible. Like the Yeti Tundra, it uses T-Rex lid latches that will hold tight for years to come. This cooler does weigh in at about 15 pounds, but you are sure to be pleased with its performance.

+ Certified as Bear Resistant
+ Heavy-Duty Rubber Latches = No Broken Closures
+ Vortex Drain System
+ Tie-Down Slots

Why We Liked It – Rotomolded coolers are the toughest out there. When you like to get a little bit rowdy, this cooler can handle it. When a coolers name is Yeti you know you can trust it.

3. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler

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This option is going to keep your ice frozen longer. It utilizes Deep Freeze insulation and it has a heat-resistant layer. This reflects heat rather than absorbing it, so your drinks stay ice cold for a plethora of time. The outer material is water, puncture, and stain-resistant. You also have access to an insulated pocket on the outside. Consumers love the easy-to-open lid and the removable shelf. Overall, it’s easy to see the reasons this is considered among the best coolers on the market.

+ Leak-Proof
+ Shoulder Strap Included
+ Zipperless Lid
+ Hardbody Liner

Why We Liked It – We like this model because it is easy to tote around and it gives you a variety of storage options. The ability to separate items leads to better organization. On top of that, the easy access lid is very convenient if you are on a boat, where zippers and cooler access can be difficult.

4. Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

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When you don’t have to worry about ice retention, you can be more focused on the fun. To use this cooler, you will need to plug it in. It conveniently plugs into any 12-Volt DC plug (car cigarette lighter). Another bonus in not needing ice is the extra room it will free up inside of your cooler. Carrying this cooler is a breeze. There is one bale-style handle and gripped handles on the sides. These make carrying a cooler with two hands exceptionally easy. There are two sizes and colors available.

+ Good Price
+ Trusted Brand
+ Even Cooling
+ Convenient for Long-Term Use

Why We Liked It – Sometimes we need to keep things cold for longer than a few hours to a day. The ability to plug this cooler into your car and have a consistently cold place will make your longer adventures much easier to handle. Cold food and drink options will be a possibility during your entire excursion.

5. Klein Tools 55600 Lunch Box

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This option is better than many others in the lunch box cooler category. The main compartment can hold up to 18 cans and it stays cold for up to 30 hours. The top lid has stainless steel hinges that hold it open for easy access. this cooler has been tested and tried again and again. It can hold up to 300 pounds which means you not only have a great way to carry your lunch but you will also always have a place to sit down. There is a storage compartment inside and a strap for easy carrying.

+ Excellent Price
+ Accommodates 1-Liter Bottles
+ Large Capacity
+ Space for Lock Hasp

Why We Liked It – If you have a tough job, you need a durable lunch box. This one is going to beat the rest because it not only allows for an extended amount of cold-time but it is also a convenient seat whenever you need it.

6. Igloo Polar Cooler

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If ice retention is your goal, this cooler aims to please. You can keep ice frozen up to 5 days in 90-degree heat when you go with this option in coolers. It is an excellent camping cooler and provides a large capacity. The capacity will hold up to 188-cans, so running out of drinks doesn’t need to be a worry.

The size is great when trying to stock up for a long adventure. The lid has two snapping closure, offering a tight seal. This product also has a threaded drain plug. It allows you to hook up a hose, making draining a breeze.

+ Reinforced Handles
+ Tie-Down Loops
+ Doubles as a Seat
+ Quite Affordable

Why We Liked It – We like this model for a variety of reasons. The biggest advantage is that it offers enough room for long adventures or large gatherings. The insulation is going to keep it cold for up to 5-days, which you won’t find with every cooler.

7. Coleman 48-Quart Performance Cooler

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You will get some of the best ice retention around when you go with this cooler. It can keep ice for up to 3-days. It offers a good capacity with the ability to hold up to 63 cans. This cooler is taller than others and can accommodate 2-liter bottles.

This makes it one of the best decisions when you are throwing a party or having a large gathering. There is a leak-resistant drain on the side. This drain will allow you to get rid of extra water without turning your cooler upside down.

+ Extremely Affordable
+ Hinged Lid = Easy Access
+ 2-Way Handles
+ Hard Plastic Exterior

Why We Liked It – Colemen is a well known brand that can be trusted. When you want quality, you know you will get it here. The large capacity and ability to carry taller bottles are two reasons this is one of the best coolers around. All of your partying, tailgating, or camping needs will be met with this top rated cooler.

8. REYLEO Ice Chest

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This model also offers great ice retention. With the lid closed, you will get up to 3-days worth of cold foods and beverages when you go with this cooler. It holds up to 30 cans and is foam insulated. It is bear-resistant and can stand up to 700 pounds of pressure.

Rotomolded coolers, like this one, are tougher than any other option out there. This cooler also offers cup holders, a bottle opener, and a fish-ruler. This product offers the best features to make your adventures even better than ever before.

+ Non-Skid Feet
+ Secure Rubber Latches
+ Anti-UV Surfaces
+ Pressure Valve = Easy Cleaning

Why We Liked It – This cooler offers so much it is hard not to like it. You will get the best features, making all of your excursions and adventures more enjoyable. The design is great for those that don’t want to carry extras like bottle openers and seats.

9. Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme

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This heavy-duty portable cooler is easier to tote around than others in our guide. It has wheels, so getting it to your desired location isn’t going to be as much of a chore, even when it is full. As far as capacity goes, this is going to provide enough for a large get-together. It can hold up to 95 cans.

Additionally, the price of this cooler aims to please and will not destroy tight budgets. Your ice retention is also pleasing. You will get up to 5 days of use before the ice completely melts. There is extra insulation in the walls and lid to ensure it.

+ Easy-to-Use Drain
+ Made in the U.S.A
+ Cup Holders on Lid
+ Large Tow Handle

Why We Liked It – Transporting a cooler to the soccer field or along on your camping trip can be pretty difficult. The large wheels and tow handle make transporting this cooler, even with pounds of ice in it, simpler than ever.

10. Igloo BMX 25 Quart Cooler

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You get excellent ice retention with this cooler. Your ice will stay frozen for around 4 days. The UV resistant exterior helps to ensure your cold items stay cold. This portable cooler uses the same latching system as the Yeti Tundra.

These rubberized closures are durable and reduce the worry of your lid coming open during travel. The foam insulation is thicker in this cooler than many other coolers. Additionally, the base of this cooler is thicker. A thicker base means less heat transference when your cooler is sitting on a hot surface.

+ Lightweight Design
+ Decent Price
+ Easy-to-Grip Handle

Why We Liked It – Like the Yeti Tundra, this cooler is a product that deserves your attention. It has been tested by consumers and the results are clear. This cooler gives you plenty of room and offers an excellent amount of cold time. It is easy to carry around and convenient to use on all of your cooler needing adventures.

Coolers Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to the hunt for the best cooler options, you really just need to know what you are looking for. Whether you choose a Yeti Tundra, Rovr Rollr, or one of the options in our guide, you simply need to make sure it is large enough to handle the job. Additionally, you want to make sure it uses good insulation to ensure your cold items stay cold for a plethora of time.

There is a lot of versatility with the design and features in coolers. What you want and what you need are certainly out there, you just need to keep looking. Taking capacity, price, ice retention, insulation, and ease-of-use into consideration is a good place to start making your decision.


When picking out the perfect cooler for you and your adventurous lifestyle sometimes brand should be taken into consideration. Not every cooler brand is created equally. In fact, some rank above the others because of their true dedication in finding which Technologies work the best to maintain optimal temperatures inside of your cooler. In addition, the best brands are going to provide you with the added features that you need. Let’s look at the top-rated cooler brands, what they’re all about, and why they hold the reputations with their customers that they do.

ice chest or Handheld refrigerator

Engel is a brand that is well-regarded when it comes to coolers. They offer an exceptionally versatile line that will easily meet any customer’s needs. They offer soft coolers, hard coolers, fridge-freezers, dry box coolers, bait coolers, and insulated cups, just to name a few. This brand even offers customized coolers for your company or for a unique gift. They also offer a variety of accessories.

From padded seats that sit on top of your cooler to bait trays and freezer packs, they have you covered. This brand has not been in the cooler game as long as some of the others, but they have quickly ranked themselves among the best. They also provide excellent customer service which makes for easy returns and quick solutions to any problems you may be facing with one of their products.

Igloo is a brand that most people have heard of. Not only are their products available in many markets on the internet, but they are also offered in stores across the globe. In fact, Igloo may be the most popular cooler brand around. No matter what style, design, or gadget you may be looking for in a cooler, they more than likely have it. From coolers made for the trail, to hard-cased lunch boxes with Disney designs, they really may have it all.

For more than 70-years, this brand has made the staples when it comes to coolers. You will likely spend a bit more money when you decide to go with this brand but you won’t be disappointed. Additionally, they have more to offer than just coolers. They also carry a variety of different insulated mugs, jugs, and accessories. Igloo is one of those brands that will continue to grow and impress its customers with each upgrade that they come up with.

The Coleman brand is one that is known for its outdoor items. From recreational activities like camping to hiking, biking, kayaking, and more, the Coleman brand knows what you need to function in nature. Their coolers are tried and true. They don’t offer as much versatility as, let’s say, the Igloo brand. However, the options that are available are some of the best quality that you will find. From the materials to the construction, their coolers are built to last and to please consumers.

They offer all of the extra features you expect to find among the top-rated options. Whether you are looking for extra storage in the form of pockets are you are searching for a cooler with an attached cap opener, you will be able to find what you need with Coleman. This brand is wonderful when you are looking for true durability. As mentioned, they use high-quality materials and sound construction. You will be able to count on your Coleman products for years to come.

Next, we are going to discuss the Yeti brand. Yeti has become a common name when it comes to coolers and a variety of other items. The Yeti Tundra is loved by its users and that is only one example of the many products that people can’t get enough of that are produced by this brand. When you are on the hunt for a cup to hold in the heat of your warm beverages, or a cooler to take cold to a whole new level, they have exactly what you have been searching for.

This brand offers coolers, travel mugs, containers, and more. They may not have been in the industry as long as other brands but they certainly know how to make a product that appeals to the needs of many people. You will not be disappointed when you put your time and money into the Yeti brand.

Arctic Zone is probably best known for its lunch bags. They make a high-quality product that works well in keeping your foods and beverages cool while you wait for your lunch break. While Arctic Zone may have gained their popularity with lunch bag and backpack coolers, they are also starting to get noticed because of their larger cooler options.

They provide all of the bells and whistles that you expect from the top cooler brands. You can get some really cool accessories for your coolers when you go with this brand. They have stackable storage containers made to fit seamlessly inside of their coolers among other items to help in keeping you organized and prepared for whatever adventures life leads you on.

Reyleo is a brand that not a lot of people may have heard of but they do offer some pretty stellar products. This up-and-coming brand produces seriously tough cooler options that are built for hard use. They have spent the time to develop solid options that will be safe to carry even when you are in an area where there is a bear population.

They use the same quality insulation that you would expect to see with brands ranked as high among the greatest. Additionally, they continue to add to their product lines giving you more options in size, color, and features. We look forward to watching this brand grow and see what they come out with next.


Bottles of water in the ice box on the beach

When we are talking about the capacity, we are actually talking about a couple of different product features. Obviously, you want to buy a cooler that provides you with enough space for all of your soft drink needs. Additionally, you want to make sure that it is tall enough to accommodate different size bottles. It doesn’t matter if you use a soft-sided cooler or one with a hard-outer shell, the capacity can range dramatically in both styles.

If you invest in a small size, soft cooler, or even the best backpack cooler your size capacity is going to be limited. Large rectangular or Square coolers are going to be the best option when you need to carry a large number of beverages. The size of your cooler can be a bit troubling when it comes to relocating it. If it is very large in size and completely filled it is also going to be heavy. Finding a design that is lightweight can alleviate some of the difficulty in moving large-capacity coolers.


Whether you are looking for camping coolers, coolers that can hold pounds of ice, or ones that use technology like CPU cooling the prices can vary widely. Once you start to look into the different features that coolers offer it can become easy for the dollar signs to rack up. The price of your cooler obviously is going to play a role in its quality. While there are many affordable options available that will suit a variety of needs the best coolers are going to cost a bit more.

When you pay a higher price for a cooler you will more often than not receive better durability. A good example of this is rotomolded coolers. Rotomolded coolers are exceptionally tough. They can withstand high amounts of pressure, which is great if you find yourself camping in a place that bears are lingering. You can also count on these rotomolded coolers to be safe to sit on. Finding multiple uses for the same product provides a better bang for your buck.

A great cooler doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. It really is about design. The right cooler may very well earn you respect among your fellow tailgaters and campers. You can easily see the difference between a cheap foam cooler as compared to other portable cooler options available.

You should also look for price versatility within brands. For example, the Yeti Roadie is a bit more affordable than the Yeti Tundra. The Yeti Tundra and the Roadie are very similar. The roadie doesn’t hold quite as many cans as the Tundra but it is a more affordable option for those that are on a budget. The Yeti Tundra will work well for those that can afford it and Yeti is always a brand you can trust. Going with any model from the Yeti company is going to leave you pleased.


Handheld grey refrigerator on wood background

The type of insulation in your cooler will determine how long it’s going to be able to maintain your ice and keep your cans cold. Most coolers have a similar design and utilize similar types of insulation. This frequently includes foam. As a matter of fact, the most well known brands use foam insulation packed between the outer and inner walls of the cooler.

Let’s talk about what makes great foam insulation as compared to an inferior one. A simple foam cooler may earn its place among useful coolers but they are never going to provide you with the type of insulation you need to keep cans cold all day.

Foam makes for great insulation material for a couple of reasons. First off, it is full of gas bubbles. These bubbles don’t conduct heat very well, which means the contents of your cooler stay cold longer. Additionally, the small bubbles lessen the effectiveness of heat transference. The second reason is the structure of these bubbles. The polymer that makes them up helps lengthen the amount of time it takes for heat to transfer from molecule to molecule. Here again, it aids in keeping your cold things cold for longer periods of time.

Now that you understand how foam insulates let’s look at the difference between open-cell and closed-cell foam options. A cooler that uses open-cell foam is going to be more flexible. It will also be lighter. many soft-sided coolers use this type of foam for insulation. It will not keep ice as long during use. Many use coolers with this type of foam for lunch boxes.

These are considered soft coolers. There is definitely a place for soft coolers, but they are never going to handle a tough job like camping for a couple of days. They can not keep your cans and food cold for more than a few hours. Soft cooler options are built with travel in mind. They are great for toting lunches to and from work or packing a snack while taking a hike.

When you want to carry pounds of ice, cans of cola, and food for a weekend you need a cooler that uses closed-cell insulation. Most hard case coolers will use this type of insulation. Unlike soft coolers, you will be able to keep your items cold for hours or even days. On top of that, you typically get better extras than you would with a soft cooler, but we will look at features here in a minute.

Obviously, when it comes to insulation closed-cell foam is the way to go. Unless you need an exceptionally portable option and you only need it for a few hours, make the investment in a closed-cell foam portable cooler rather than the soft version. They are the best option for longer trips and larger parties. When holding ice for hours or days is important the top coolers will use this type of foam.

The thickness of the foam will also play a role in how effectively it helps to maintain frozen ice. It has been tested and the coolers using thicker layers of closed-cell foam in the lids and walls are the most effective in keeping your ice frozen. Obviously, pounds of ice are going to stay frozen longer, and the larger the size of your cooler the more room for ice there will be.

Options in Keeping Your Cooler Cold

More often than not, people use ice or ice packs while keeping their cooler cold. These items are easy to get ahold of and are convenient to use. While ice is a solid option, it isn’t going to last as long as some of the other options available today. Ice packs are also pretty good and depending on what type you buy, they can last exponentially longer than regular ice. Many of the ice pack options contain a gel that stays cold for a longer time period. You will get longer and better use out of them in keeping your items cold, which makes them a solid investment.

The fancier options out there will enable you to plug your cooler in and it will do all of the cooling work for you. You won’t need to spend money on ice or ice packs, yet you will still be able to maintain chilly temperatures for your foods and beverages. These options will need to be plugged in and this can be a minor inconvenience depending on the situation.

However, most of them will plug into 12-Vold DC adapters and almost every vehicle has one of these that you can use. When you are going to be gone for a week or two at a time, this may be the optimal option to help maintain your items that need to be cold.


Cooler box on the sea sand

Size is one thing you certainly need to take into consideration. Are you have a small get-together with a few close friends or are you throwing a party for everyone you know plus some? Having a few small coolers will allow you versatility and where they are sitting around and they will also be easier to relocate.

When you add extra pounds worth of drinks and Ice to an already Hefty cooler it can be almost impossible to even move. One person might not be enough to handle the job. If you have a very large cooler and it is full, don’t even try to lift it yourself, see if another party member will help you move it to avoid injury.

While large coolers are the perfect fit for some occasions, smaller ones are equally advantageous to have on hand. You can easily see where moving it around will be more convenient if the cooler is smaller, additionally, you can organize your coolers so that your cold items are organized and easily accessible. You don’t have to dig deeply inside the smaller sizes, in search of your preferred beverage. There are pluses and minuses to each cooler size. This is another reason we say having a variety available is the most advantageous route to take.

Added Features

Many coolers offer a variety of added features for your convenience. For example, coolers like the Rovr Rollr can make relocation easier. They offer a lot of space and they put the Rovr Rollr on wheels so that anyone can handle transporting it. Yeti also offers a number of coolers on wheels, like the Rovr Rollr. The design of these is amazing when you are trying to store enough beverages for a large get-together, picnic, not war party. You’ll likely want to see if you can find one with wheels so that you don’t hurt yourself while transporting it.

Wheels are a top feature among consumer tested options but they are not the only ones. Another top aspect in coolers is the well loved cup holder. Coolers offer a variety of different cup holder options and they are very convenient whether you are sitting on your cooler or it is beside you in the boat. These are a very common design options and it is easy to see why they are so well regarded.

One other aspect that consumers speak well of, is the bottle opener. How many times have you reached your campsite just to see that you left yours sitting on the counter at home? You typically find this aspect on coolers that are larger in size.

Frequently Asked Cooler Questions

Do they make accessories for coolers?

If you can’t find the cooler that meets all of your accessory needs, you can absolutely purchase a variety of different much needed accessories. Ice packs are probably one of the most common accessories for your cooler. They are designed to help keep it nice and chilly inside of your cooler. They don’t melt as rapidly as ice and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also make baskets that can hang inside of your cooler. This works out well when you have smaller items that you want to store safely inside your cooler.

These can be one of the most outstanding additions you ever make to your cooler. One last accessory that we feel is pretty much a must-have, would be a cooler divider. They are made in varied sizes, capacities, and shapes. They are used to separate your cooler into different sections. This makes it easy to separate your heavy cans from your soft tomatoes. If you pack whole meals or lunches into your cooler, a divider can truly be a lifesaver.

Can a cooler really keep ice frozen for five days?

While it may seem like a very long time to keep your ice frozen without putting it in the freezer, some coolers can absolutely keep ice from melting completely for this amount of time. The coolers in our guide have been tested time and time again. Not only tested by consumers but also tested by the manufacturers. Some products are not tested thoroughly and may misguide you in the length of time they can help maintain frozen ice.

However, the best options have been tested by customers. Being tested by customers is where the true results come into play. All of the coolers that we reviewed that offer five days of ice have tested true and have the customer reviews to back them. Carrying pounds of ice in a tested cooler will give you what you need for long adventures.

Is there any way to fix a cracked cooler?

It depends on the type of cooler you are talking about. The design, shape, and material will play a role in whether or not you are able to fix it or you simply need to leave well enough alone and replace it. When there is a crack in your cooler, heat is going to transfer in and out of it more easily. This means your ice won’t last as long.

Repairing these cracks has been tested and proven to be effective in making your cooler useful enough to last for many more adventures. Many Igloo coolers, for example, are made of plastic and actually pretty easy to fix. You don’t need much to do it and the results work out better than most people expect.

To repair your cracked plastic cooler you will first need to purchase some two-part epoxy putty. Two part epoxy putty is easy to use. Additionally, you can pick up this two part putty at the local hardware store or you can order it online. Once you have gotten it, you will want to clean the area surrounding the crack. Make sure to dry it completely.

After that, you will want to sand the crack so that it smooth. You also want to rough-up the area surrounding the crack so the epoxy will adhere correctly. From there, kneed the two part epoxy putty in your hands until it is malleable. Once you can easily shape it, press it into the crack. It is fine to leave some on top of the crack. Allow it to dry completely. This usually only takes one or two hours. From there, there isn’t much to do. Simply, sand the excess putty away and your cooler is good to go.


The perfect cooler for your everyday Adventures as well as the more unique experiences in life is only a few decisions away. Once you have decided how far you need to go and how much you need it to carry figuring out the best cooler to suit your routine will be simple. There are a ton of great product options available and it is likely you will end up with more than one.

Having a soft option when you want a bit of insulation for your lunch, a large cooler on wheels that has a design full of features on hand saves time and headaches when trying to figure out how to keep your drinks nice and cold. With the affordable options available, fitting them into even a small budget will be much easier. Having two or three options on hand usually gives people the versatility they need.

Editor’s Note

While we have provided you with a vast range in the best cooler options, know that there are many more coolers out there. Cooler features vary quite widely. You can see this easily when you start looking at the Yeti brand. Yeti gives customers a wide variety of choices when it comes to insulated cups and coolers. Outside of Yeti, the Igloo brand also houses a wide range of cooler product options. They offer versatile size, color, and style options. They provide enough to suit any cooler needs. So, don’t be afraid to keep looking to find the design that is perfect for your cooler needs.

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