10 Best Water Shoes in 2020

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If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors in great footwear, you need to invest in the best water shoes! Forget about having to change your shoes when you’re out constantly. Whether that be on a hiking trip or by the beach with the convenience of this type of shoe. With the best water shoes, your feet will be protected from uncomfortable rocks and slippery surfaces.

There are several different water shoe choices out there to choose from. The best choice will be lightweight, comfortable, and will keep your feet dry and protected in style!

We’ve scoured the internet for the best water shoes out there. You’ll want to keep your eye out for durable, lightweight, and quick-drying models. Keep reading for our top choices!

View The Best Water Shoes Below

1. Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoes

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Merrell makes one of the best overall water shoes for men! This water shoe is made from high quality 100% waterproof leather. You won’t need to worry about tying pesky laces, as these shoes can be slipped easily on and off, thanks to the bungee laces.

The rubber sole has been hollowed out to ensure that these shoes stay lightweight. Don’t worry about changing your shoes on a camping trip as this water shoe is so durable that you can use it for hiking and fishing! The rubber sole is made from high-quality Vibram tc5+ rubber.

+ Made from 100% waterproof leather
+ Easy to slip on and off
+ Lightweight
+ Made from quality materials
+ Can be used for hiking

Why We Liked It – Expert and amateur hikers know how frustrating it can be to have to change your shoes while out on the trail. No need to change with these durable water shoes!

2. Nike Aqua Sock 360

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If you’re looking for a premium quality water shoe, Nike has you covered! This water shoe for men or women is made with a breathable mesh upper section and a TPU heel grip outsole. You’ll be able to keep your feet dry and comfortable as you walk across one slippery surface to another with ease.

The foam heel features rubber pods that have been deliberately placed to help ensure traction and grip. These shoes are also great for exploring rivers or beaches with rocks that could potentially hurt your toes. You’ll be able to fully participate in water activities without worrying about losing your footing!

+ Made from breathable mesh
+ Foam TPU heel
+ Grip outsole
+ Convenient pull-on design
+ Provides grip for slippery surfaces

Why We Liked It – The unique rubber pods on the outsole of the shoe were made with flexibility and traction in mind. Nike is known for its high-quality products, and this water shoe is no exception!

3. Speedo Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro

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The Speedo Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro is a great value choice for the best water shoe for men! This recently updated water shoe is the best for water activities that demand a strong grip for traction. The rubber sole is resistant to slipping, and the mesh upper material is breathable and comfortable.

The shoes will dry quickly so you can use them on land as well as in the water. The no-lace design means that they are really easy to slip on and off. This water shoe is available in 5 fun colors so that you can choose the perfect look!

+ Rubber sole
+ Easy to slip on and off
+ Made from breathable materials
+ Quick-drying
+ Available in 5 colors

Why We Liked It – Speedo is a leading expert in water gear, so you know that you can trust their water shoe design! Protect your toes and enjoy water activities with this durable water shoe.

4. Zhuanglin Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

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These water shoes for men from Zhuanglin feature a rubber sole with drainage holes and a comfortable mesh body. These shoes are made from 90% fabric, so you know that they are breathable and comfortable on your feet!

The shoes are quick drying, so you don’t have to worry about soggy toes. They also feature a unique ComforDry sock liner that provides comfort and dryness. This means that this water shoe is healthy for your feet!

The rubber sole is slip-proof as well as flexible and comfortable. This water shoe looks like a real sneaker and works great for water sports!

+ Quick drying
+ Drainage holes
+ Breathable mesh
+ Rubber sole
+ Unique sock liner

Why We Liked It – If you’re looking for one of the best water shoes for water sports, you’ve found it! This water shoe looks like a sneaker and will provide the traction you need.

5. Adidas Outdoor Terrex CC Jawpaw

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These water shoes for men by Adidas are the perfect water shoe for hiking and other outdoor activities! They are lightweight and durable and made of synthetic materials. They also feature the unique ClimaCool Technology by Adidas that will let your feet breathe while keeping them cool.

They are slip on and lined with a comfortable fabric liner. The rubber outsole provides grip in wet and slippery conditions. The special drainage system is another great feature that will make sure the shoes don’t become soggy or uncomfortable. Even if you get soaked, the shoe will dry quickly and efficiently!

+ Easy slip on and off design
+ Rubber outsole
+ Drainage system
+ Lightweight and durable
+ Available in 3 colors

Why We Liked It – This water shoe features a unique drainage system to help dry the shoe faster. This can help prevent itchy or uncomfortable feet, which means you can get back to enjoying your day!

6. ALEADER Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

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These Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes for men from ALEADER are a lifesaver in wet and slippery conditions! The rubber outsole provides traction so that you can walk on slippery rocks with ease. You’ll also enjoy the durable and breathable fabric on the upper section of the shoe for added comfort.

The inside of the shoe features ComforDry sock liner that provides cushion and a cool and dry interior. The breathable fabric on the upper section also guarantees that the shoes dry quickly. There are also drainage holes that will allow water to leave the shoe as you walk.

+ ComforDry sock liner
+ Rubber outsole
+ Durable and breathable
+ Lightweight midsole
+ Available in 16 colors

Why We Liked It – This water shoe is the ultimate choice for outdoor enthusiasts. The drainage ports are great for walking through rivers or streams when you go hiking. Never worry about changing your shoes again!

7. Vibram Five Fingers V-Aqua Water Shoe

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If you’re looking for a unique water shoe design, you should consider Vibram’s water shoe for men! These water shoes are made in the shape of a foot and feature five separate places for your five toes. You’ll barely remember you have shoes on with this model!

This is a great choice for those of you who enjoy spending time outdoors hiking. These water shoes work great as river shoes! The rubber outsole is made from durable Vibram rubber, which will let you walk across slippery rocks with ease. This type of rubber offers the ultimate grip that you’ve been looking for!

+ Made with Vibram rubber
+ Features silicone print on the interior of the shoe
+ Ultimate grip
+ Quick drying
+ Available in 3 colors

Why We Liked It – The unique five-toe design of this water shoe will protect your feet while also offering a great grip. They are so lightweight and easy to wear that you’ll forget you have shoes on!

8. Aleader Mesh Slip On Water Shoes

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This is another great water shoe option for men from Aleader! These shoes feature a breathable and durable mesh upper section that will feel great on your feet. The midsole is made from lightweight Solyte material, so you won’t feel weighed down if you enjoy water sports.

The shoe also features a ComforDry sock liner that promotes dryness. These water shoes will dry quickly once you get out of the water, thanks to the open mesh on the upper section. No more worrying about pruney or soggy toes! FluidFlow drainage technology will also drain water quickly from the shoe.

+ Provides great traction
+ Slip-on and off mesh upper design
+ ComforDry sock liner
+ FluidFlow drainage technology
+ Available in 21 colors

Why We Liked It – No one wants to get caught walking around with soggy shoes! The mesh upper section, FluidFlow technology, and ComforDry sock liner promote quick drainage and create a dry environment for your feet.

9. VIFUUR Barefoot Water Sports Shoes

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If you’re looking for a water shoe solution for the whole family, VIFUUR has your back! This water shoe can work for men, women, and children, and come in a variety of fashionable colors and designs. You’ll look great while also keeping your toes dry thanks to the Lycra upper section and the rubber base.

This water shoe is lightweight and durable. This is one of the best water shoes for swimming and water sports. If you’re looking for a swim shoe, you’ve found it! You may even consider using these shoes to go for a jog on the beach.

+ For men, women, or children
+ Made from Lycra fabric
+ Non-slip rubber sole
+ Flexible and lightweight
+ Available in 44 fashionable colors

Why We Liked It – These water shoes are so flexible and lightweight that it will feel like you’re wearing a sock! Why not slip a pair on and go for a walk on the beach?

10. RYKA Hydro Sport

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If you’ve got your eye on a water shoe for women, this model from RYKA is a great choice! This is an especially great option for those of you who are looking for an athletic water shoe that will give your feet the ample support they need.

This water shoe looks like an actual sneaker! The lacing system works like a running shoe so that you can tighten and loosen the laces to get the best support necessary for running on the beach, in a river, or near a lake. These shoes are the best for water sports, like beach volleyball!

+ Athletic water shoes
+ Provides support
+ Lacing system like a real sneaker
+ The best for water sports
+ Available in 11 colors

Why We Liked It – This athletic water shoe from RYKA looks like a real sneaker, making it the best for water sports. This shoe will also provide the support and protection you need.

Water Shoes Buyer’s Guide

If you enjoy spending time outside, you’re going to love a water shoe! This type of footwear is essential for both men and women if you like fishing, hiking, kayaking, or simply hanging out by the water.

Sports buffs will also enjoy all of the benefits of wearing water shoes. If you love going for a run or a hike in the woods, you know that there are so many obstacles that can occur. This is especially true for those of you who like to get your exercise in places like the beach. Or perhaps even by a river or a lake. If you invest in the best water shoes, you’ll never have to worry about ruining your nice pair of sneakers again.

There are several different features to look out for when choosing a pair of water shoes. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know before you buy.

Activities that you may need water shoes for

Before we get started on all of the features you’ll want in a pair of water shoes; you may want to consider what you’ll use your water shoe for.

Person crossing the river

The first and obvious activity that you’ll need water shoes for is swimming. This can apply to swim in an ocean, lake, or pool! Those of you men or women with susceptible feet and toes have probably already been injured on the concrete side of a pool if you were barefoot. Water shoes can prevent that! Plus, you never know what you may risk stepping on in an ocean or other body of water.

Rough rocks, slippery rocks, seaweed, and sea creatures can hurt your feet if you’re not careful! If you get a cut in the water, you also run the risk of an impression. Water shoes can also be helpful if the sand on the beach is scorching too! No one wants to end a day at the beach with a trip to the hospital!

You can also benefit from water shoes when you’re playing water sports. Beach volleyball is a great example of an activity where you need a little bit more support. Jumping barefoot can be dangerous, but you can avoid that with a good pair of water shoes!

Hikers and trail runners will love a sturdy pair of water shoes. Picture this: you’re out on a run or a hike, and you come across a stream. It’s not too deep or dangerous to cross, so you decide to go for it! You can ruin expensive boots or sneakers if they aren’t waterproof. You won’t have to cut your hike or run short if you have the best pair of athletic water shoes on! Several models have the same look as a traditional sneaker and are equipped with padded liners for comfort. Most water shoes for men and women feature a system for drainage, which is also great for extended hiking or running. This can be helpful for those of you who sweat a lot while you work out too!

Fishing and boating trips can be safer and more enjoyable with a water shoe. Most models for men and women will be equipped with strong traction on the sole to ensure a good grip. Boaters know how slippery surfaces can become while you’re out on the water. With a reliable pair of water shoes, you won’t have to worry about injuring yourself! They also work great for fishermen that prefer to stand close to the shore or directly in the water. You’ll keep your toes safe with the added protection of a water shoe.

If you like paddle sports like kayaking water shoes can come in handy as well. The added grip can be beneficial for paddleboarding. You can also slip your kayak into the water without worrying about hurting your feet in the process.

There are three types of water footwear

There are a few different options for waterproof footwear out there! The three main types are water shoes, wet shoes, and water sandals.

Water shoes for men or women offer some of the best protection for your feet and toes. They also offer ample support, and some even look like real athletic shoes! You’ll be able to wear this type of footwear on a hike or on a fishing trip, and you won’t have to worry about changing what’s on your toes. This is one of the best choices for those of you who love spending extended time outdoors in nature and who want a versatile shoe.

Wet shoes for men or women are less versatile as they usually have a thin sole on the bottom or no sole at all. This type of footwear is ideal for swimming as they are lightweight and won’t weigh you down. Most wet shoes are made from neoprene and will fit closely around your foot to protect it and to provide insulation. Many of the water shoe models on our list are just as lightweight as a wet shoe. They are known for providing ample protection! If you’re a surfer, a wet shoe may be your best bet.

Water sandals for men or women are the least protective solution for water footwear. However, they are very versatile! Water sandals add a level of protection that you won’t get in say, a pair of flip flops. You can also wear most water sandals out and about while you run errands, or if you want to go for a walk on the beach. Keep in mind that a water sandal does not protect your toes or the top of your foot with mesh-like a water shoe can, so if you want to go for a hike or a jog, we suggest you opt for a water shoe!

You’ll feel safer with water shoes

While hanging out near the water can be fun, it can be dangerous. But you can protect yourself with a good pair of water shoes!

Close up picture of female feet wearing water shoes at the adriatic seashore in Croatia

Hiking or running without proper footwear can seriously damage your body. You need ample support if you’re going to be outside for an extended time, but you also need the proper shoes for the terrain you’ll encounter. This is especially true for those enthusiasts who like to work out in places near rivers, lakes, or streams. Water shoes for men or women come with strong grips on the sole to ensure strong traction. You’ll never have to worry about slipping on wet rocks!

You’ll also be able to cross rivers and streams without having to change your shoes or take them off. It can be dangerous to cross a body of water without protection for your toes. This is especially true if you’re out on a hiking trail that is isolated and far from a doctor. If you get an infection out in the woods and aren’t able to properly fix it fast, you could get sick. You’ll never have to worry about sharp sticks, rocks, or shells with great water footwear!

If you like swimming, a water shoe for men or women can also help to protect your toes and feet. Some of the most beautiful beaches with awesome water are covered with rocks and sharp shells. It can be risky to walk across these types of terrains without any protection. If you are lucky enough to find a sandy beach, you risk stepping on slippery rocks or sharp shells underwater. And you know how bad that feels! Water footwear can also be beneficial if the sand is scorching hot. You’ll be able to protect your feet from burning!

Water shoes are also one good way to make sure that your children stay safe. Kids can be fearless, and we know that this can be stressful for parents! Equip your child with the best water shoe, and you’ll feel at ease. That way they can have fun, and you can relax!

You need ample protection

Now that you know how much safer you’ll feel with a great water shoe, it’s time to talk about what kind of protection you’ll need to look for when you’re browsing. As we already mentioned, a good water shoe will protect your toes and feet, which is the main reason why you’ll want to invest in one.

Look out for models that boast a thick rubber sole and also feature a mesh upper section to protect the top of your foot. These features will protect you from sharp rocks or shells, hot sand or rocks, and even sticks and branches in the woods. They can also protect against sunburns!

Breathability is important

When it comes to shoes, it’s important that your feet can breathe. This prevents excess sweating and water build-up that can lead to itchiness or even athletes foot! Make sure that whatever water shoe you choose has a mesh upper section, and a system for drainage to keep your toes dry and comfortable!

Comfort and ease of use

A midsection of young sportswoman with smartwatch outdoors in city, tying shoelaces.

This is especially important for those of you who will be using your shoes to play sports or go hiking. If you plan to be up and about for an extended period of time, you’re going to want to invest in footwear that will feel good on your feet. Most options for men and women will be made of a comfortable mesh upper section and a rubber sole. If you know you’ll be on your feet the entire day, try out a pair with an added midsole for more comfort!

You’re also going to want to invest in footwear that is easy to slip on and off. Some models will feature laces, while others are strictly slip on and off. If you’re in a real hurry, the no-lace look could come in handy! But, if you’re looking for more security and a better hold to use the shoe while you play sports, you may prefer one with laces.

Make sure the shoe provides traction

One last important feature that you’ll want to look out for in a water shoe is strong grip and traction. If you know you’ll need this type of footwear to explore slippery surfaces like rocks at the beach, you’ll need strong traction to prevent you from falling.

This is also true for you hikers and fishermen! One of the best parts of this type of footwear is that it can help you grip on slick surfaces. You won’t have to worry about falling while out on a hike or off-trail run, or if you like to fish on a rocky shore. This is one big reason to invest in water footwear!

What are the most comfortable water shoes?

The most comfortable water shoes will be lightweight and made of a breathable fabric. Keep your eye out for models that boast mesh upper sections and a rubber sole.

What are the best water shoes for the beach?

Cropped shot of unrecognizable female in purple sneakers stands on shell beach, wears sport shoes, has morning workout or jogging outdoor, being in movement. Sport and healthy lifestyle concept

If you’re looking for a shoe for beach time, water shoes are your number one best option! You’ll want to opt for a lightweight shoe with water drainage ports and a mesh upper section. You may also consider a water sandal for even more comfort and freedom.

Are water shoes worth it?

The answer to this question is a resounding, yes! Water shoes are totally worth your investment. You can use this type of footwear in so many situations, and they’ll really come in handy if you love spending time outdoors. Water shoes are great for swimming, hiking, and fishing! They’re also one of the best choices for all of you with susceptible feet!

Can you swim in water shoes?

You should be able to swim in nearly every type of water shoe! Most are made of waterproof materials like mesh. One thing you’ll want to make sure of is to read the product description before you buy to confirm.


The best water shoes will protect your feet while keeping them as dry as possible. Most of these types of shoe feature mesh upper sections that are breathable and promote quick drying. You’ll also want to look out for proper drainage that will allow water to drain away from your feet quickly.

Water shoes can come in handy in so many different situations. You can use them at the beach or the pool, or even on a hike through streams and rivers! Several are so lightweight that you’ll forget your even wearing shoes. Walking around in these types of shoes is truly a dream! Plus, if you enjoy running or jogging on the beach, an athletic water shoe can be a lifesaver.

The best water shoes will provide protection and comfort! The next time you go on a hiking trip or a day at the beach, your whole family will benefit from this type of footwear!

Expert tip

Make sure you choose a water shoe in the proper size in order to enjoy all of the benefits of wearing the best water shoes. If you choose a too big size you may find that your feet start slipping out of the shoes. This can be dangerous if you’re walking on wet terrain and lose your footing! And no one wants that!

Did you know?

A man named Dwarka Prasad Chaurasia, an avid cyclist, invented the water shoe in the late 1970s. He had just completed a cycling trip across India, where he successfully invented an amphibious bicycle when he decided that he wanted to create waterproof shoes as well!

Chaurasia decided to try to make the shoes out of a new waterproof material called thermocol. He had heard that this material could float, so he figured it would be an excellent choice to make his shoe. The prototype was 5 feet long and over 4 feet wide! These water shoes were more focused on floating on the water than walking through it like the water shoes of today. You even needed oars to move around with them.

These water shoes opened the world of the modern water shoes that we recognize today. All it takes is a little bit of motivation to create something with lasting impressions! Chaurasia went on to win the National Grassroots Innovation Award in 2007, thanks to his inventions!

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