10 Best Truck GPS Systems in 2020

Driving around in a truck has never been easier with these navigation systems! It can be tough to find where exactly where you’re going, but these GPS systems will help you find your way. There’s a reason why they’re named one of the best truck GPS this year. GPS units relatively have similar GPS systems, information, and appeal for a truck GPS.

However, GPS systems carry different features for drivers all over that makes for a different truck GPS experience. Want to know which ones to get? Look no further! We came up with a list of some of the best truck navigation systems on the market.

View The Best Truck GPS Below

1. Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S Truck GPS

Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S Truck GPS


Garmin is a well-known brand that makes a variety of GPS systems. This model is perfectly designed for professional truck drivers for its standard live features. This navigator GPS is only five inches and has the power to show you maps of North America in real-time. It comes with all the lifetime GPS systems you need and also customizable features. The size also helps to make it easier to store and easy to carry around for your daily truck driving days.

+Free lifetime map updates and free live traffic
+Customized truck routing for the size and weight of the truck
+Alerts for upcoming bridge heights and weight limits
+Truck and trailer services directory

Why We Like It – You can easily control this GPS with your voice and can enjoy Bluetooth with hands-free calling and built-in Wi-Fi for an easy experience. Its modern technology is what makes it on this list.

2. Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation

Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation



This Rand Mcnally truck GPS is seven inches with an HD vibrant display, perfect for instant viewing and clear graphics. It comes with a range of Wi-Fi connected services, such as weather and fuel prices. The Rand McNally trucker GPS has various features that will make sure your trip goes smoothly. The system in the Rand Mcnally handles up-to-date routing that will ensure a guaranteed easy route for drivers on the road. Driving a truck is not easy and requires a lot of difficult turns and lanes that only a truck can have access to. Rand McNally’s advanced lane guidance and lane assist make it one of the best truck GPS.

+Free lifetime map updates
+Customizable warnings
+Truck-Specific Routing
+Advanced Lane Guidance and Lane Assist

Why We Like It – The HD vibrant provides clear quality features, which makes it easier for your eyes and for drivers who may have trouble seeing.

3. Vinone GPS Navigation

Vinone GPS Navigation


If you thought a seven-inch truck GPS was large, this GPS is nine inches! Its features include a touch screen with a fast reaction and no delay. Its features also include a lifetime map update, that is free, and real voice navigation. This is extremely beneficial as it won’t cause truck drivers to tear their eyes away from the road. All you need is your voice! Its voice-activated system is what makes this truck GPS one of the best in the market. Contributing to the advancement of voice-activated devices, this will help become a life-changing truck GPS.

+Intelligent Navigation
+Stable GPS Signal
+Touch Screen
+Provides nine vehicle modes
+FM functions

Why We Like It – The various modes that this truck GPS has makes it one of the best GPS for trucks. Having various modes also allows it to be versatile for any truck driver.

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4. Garmin 5″ GPS Navigator for Trucks

Garmin 5



If you prefer a smaller and portable truck GPS, this Garmin GPS system is the perfect buy. This truck GPS is only five inches and has all the features that any regular-sized truck GPS has. The system that this truck GPS offers is free lifetime map updates and weather forecasts that can be accessed via the free Smartphone Link app.

Its features also make it mountable for quick and easy placement. The size of this truck GPSps allows for a more portable option, extremely beneficial for drivers who are constantly on the go and just need a truck GPS that is small, sturdy, and easy to carry wherever they go. Despite its small size, it still has a system that any larger standard truck GPS would have, which makes it one of the best.

+Preloaded Maps
+Can be accessed through a smartphone
+Timely notifications for breaks, such as rest stops

Why We Like It – Having a portable GPS is very beneficial if you’re in a quick hurry, or just need something small. Garmin provides GPS systems that have just about every feature, so you’re not missing out on anything just because this is smaller.

5. Garmin dēzl 780 LMT-S GPS Truck Navigator

Garmin dēzl 780 LMT-S GPS Truck Navigator


While the Garmin five-inch portable truck GPS was mountable, this one is also mountable! However, it has a magnetic mount. Perfect for any drivers who like to stick their product on top of their panels instead of their windshield.

As mentioned with the other products, Garmin is one of the leading brands that produce one of the best truck GPS, so you are bound to find a Truck GPS from Garmin that you love. Compared to the first Garmin product mentioned on this list, this one has a smartphone app included in the system.

+Magnetic mount
+Custom truck routing for the size, load, and weight for truck
+Alerts for upcoming bridge heights, sharp curves, and steep grades
+Smartphone app for easy access

Why We Like It – There is a Truck & Trailer Services directory that allows you to search with your voice easily! Instead of constantly tapping, you can easily navigate with your voice, which is extremely helpful when driving.

6. SIXGO GPS Navigation

SIXGO GPS Navigation


The SIXGO GPS is a more affordable option that has many features beneficial for truck drivers. Its nine-inch HD display allows for a more captivating and easy to see screen, and it is also a touch screen. This GPS system has just about the same features that the Garmin GPS systems have, but it has pre-installed up to date maps in the US, Canada, and Mexico!

The smart voice broadcast also makes it a safety feature for many drivers, as it will help you navigate without constantly shifting your eyes to the product screen. This is a huge hazard for many drivers. Looking away from the road and steering your eyes at something else can make a huge difference in your life.

+Smart voice broadcast
+pre-installed 2020 latest maps of the US, Canada, and Mexico
+Lifetime free map update

Why We Like It – This GPS device already has pre-installed maps of the US, Canada, and Mexico, which is already up to date. Truly beneficial for truck drivers who go out of the country during hours of service.

7. TomTom Trucker 620 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device

TomTom Trucker 620 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device


Last, but certainly not least, we have the TomTom Trucker 620 GPS. This is one of the second most affordable truckers GPS in the market and also has features allowing it to be one of the best truck GPS. It has a six-inch touch screen that is fully interactive and always active in real-time. This GPS also has up to date maps for USA and Canada, helpful for out of state travel.

Compared to the SIXGO, this has hands free calling and messages read aloud from your smartphone. While the SIXGO had a smart voice broadcast, the TomTom is more voice directed. Meaning that you can easily indicate whether you want to call someone or send someone a message, just through the power of your voice! This also works the other way around, where the device will notify you if you want to answer a call or have a message read to you aloud.

+Smartphone services
+Hands free calling and messages read aloud from Smartphone
+Lifetime traffic
+Lifetime maps in the USA and Canada

Why We Like It – The hands-free calling and messaging will help drivers who need to answer their phones not to be distracted and drive without having to look at their phones.

Truck GPS Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a GPS system that is perfect for your truck, it is important to look for features that will be beneficial to you. Not all truck drivers need, or use, the same kind of GPS. For example, if you are a truck driver that only drives in the states, then you wouldn’t need a device that has a lifetime map feature that includes a map of Canada. Features that may be to all truck drivers liking is the lifetime updates on traffic, lane assist, points of interest, truck stops, fleet management, and just any information that will help you have safe travels on the road.

Most navigation systems have relatively the same features, yet they all have something different to offer. Something to consider is also the fact that two devices could have the same features but come at a different price point. Take a look at the devices given and compare the options.

You’ll find that many of them are relatively similar but are different in price. The reason for the different prices could be a feature that you may have looked over. It may seem like they’re the same at first glance, but in reality, there is something more that each device has to offer to make you think which one is worth it.


Male hand selects a map on a multimedia system in the car

What all the GPS devices listed have in common is their live up-to-date system. You will find that all their features include lifetime traffic and map updates. This will help truck drivers easily be notified which route to take and not to consider ahead of time. With this information, the GPS will also help navigate another route for you to choose from.

While they may have that in common, each GPS also has different programs that you may think may not be beneficial but can help you in the long run. Take, for example, the Rand Mcnally TND truck GPS. This GPS has customizable warning features, which allows you to pick which notifications you want to pop up when using this device.

This will help drivers be notified of any incidents, construction, or weather updates that may appear unexpectedly. Information like this is beneficial in a GPS because anything can happen on the road! It is customizable also so you can pick which ones you think you need or don’t need.

Along with the map updates in all these GPS devices, points of interest come along with it. Points of interest include indicating where on the map you specifically need to go; any truck stops you may want to take, and also just any point where your truck needs to go. This kind of information can help you plan ahead of time to ensure no delay in shipment and prevent any incidents that could occur, which is also part of fleet management.

Is It Portable?

Professional truck driver. Young bearded trucker checking his route on tablet computer with dispatcher and standing by long vehicle. Transportation service.

Technically, all navigation systems are portable. However, each device listed in this article varies from size depending on their screen size and HD screen display. While navigation devices are portable, they can still be pretty large and not as handy if you’re on the go. Portable mainly means that it’s easy and small to hold and is perfect for more convenience. The Garmin five-inch is a perfect example of a portable navigation system that is on this list.

Just because it’s portable doesn’t mean it has all the necessary functions of any standard navigation system. Its size makes it easy to store in the truck’s compartment for when you don’t need it and for when you need to take it out and hold. If you prefer smaller devices than having a portable one like the Garmin give inch can be of interest to you. Of course, this may not be your cup of tea.

Let’s compare the Garmin five-inch to the SIXGO. They are opposite in size as the SIXGO has a nine-inch display, making it a lot larger. While they are both one of the best navigation devices in the market, the SIXGO is not as easily portable as the Garmin device. Having a larger display is certainly more beneficial for those who prefer a larger screen for more graphics. This also helps make it easier on the eyes when driving. This can be a set back for having a smaller and portable navigation device.

Having a smaller screen can strain your eyes if you are someone who often looks at the screen for a lot of the time. With a larger screen like the SIXGO, you won’t be straining your eyes as much and will be able to navigate more with ease when driving. Having a large screen can also mean that you don’t need to put it so close to you. As for smaller ones, you may need to put it a little closer to you if you want to see more detail of the map.

It may not seem like a big deal, but having something portable can make a huge difference during your travels. Keep in mind that just because an item may be more portable, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the same or similar features as a regular-sized item. The Garmin five-inch may be smaller but has features that are still up to par with the rest of the navigating devices listed in the article.

Points of Interest

Indicating specifically where you need to will help reduce travel time and unexpected delays for your trip. A big problem for many drivers may be the unexpected construction routes and roads that won’t allow trucks even to come in. This causes a delay in shipment and delay of future trips that need to be taken. Another important aspect to think about is for those long trips.

Drivers and the truck need to rest too, which is why rest stops are important. Using points of interest features on a navigating system can help you plan which rest stops to take a break. Instead of casually stopping somewhere, you can plan your trips ahead of time and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Not to mention that even when you plan ahead of time, the navigating system can also help you pinpoint roads that are available to take or not. Many places may not have feature access for trucks, for example, gas or certain food areas you may want to eat, so this feature can be something to look for when looking for the perfect navigation system.

Voice Feature

Another feature that can make for the best device is the voice-activated feature. Having a navigation system that has a voice feature is beneficial because it relates to your safety and the safety of others. Car crashes are one of the biggest accidents reported in the states, and one of the main reasons is mainly due to people looking down at their devices and not paying attention to the road.

With the voice feature, you can easily tell your device that you want to call or send someone a message. This also works the other way around. The device can notify you about when someone is calling you or sending you a message, and you can tell the device whether you want to answer or hear the message read aloud.

Safety is always key when driving, and with the voice feature, you can ensure that your safety while driving has gone up. Imagine that you’re driving, and someone calls you or sends you a message. Instead of looking down at your phone, which is nowhere near your sight of the road, you can continue looking at the road and answer whenever you feel like it. This is for your safety and the safety of others on the road as well.

Smartphone Services

Professional middle aged trucker using truck gps navigation to transport and deliver goods to the destination. Transportation services.

Having the added smartphone app link can also make it or break it as one of the best devices in the market. Nowadays, especially in 2020, almost every technological device is linked to our smartphones. So why not our GPS? The Garmin five-inch portable and the TomTom are perfect examples of this as they have smartphone access features.

This can be extremely beneficial for you if you like to have your smartphone around. Having these features means you can have live updates right on your phone and can easily change features on it rather than on your navigating device. You can also add any other apps you may think you need right in the palm of your hands!

This feature can be extremely helpful in times where your boss gives you a call and tells you that you need to head to a certain destination right away. Instead of walking back to the truck to punch in all the coordinates, you can talk in real-time and update your navigating system at the same time. Talk about convenience!

In-State Or Out Of State?

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing GPS devices is if you’re a driver that mainly travels in-state or out of state. Some of the GPS units listed do not have features that include information regarding lifetime maps in other countries. Take for example the system that the TomTom truck GPS uses and the SIXGO GPS. The system that TomTom has only carried information about lifetime maps in the US and Canada.

The SIXGO GPS carries information about lifetime maps in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Although they carry different information, their features are still relatively the same. If you’re a driver that mainly drives in-state, it’s probably not worth purchasing a navigation system that also carries maps for other countries. This can be can actually be what makes the product more costly than another and is most certainly not going to be beneficial for you in the long run, if you don’t need it.


What makes for the best truck GPS is entirely up to drivers who need a truck GPS. Keep in mind that GPS units have relatively the same system and information that appeals to drivers all over the country. However, because of the different features that are included, not all GPS units will be appealing to everyone.

The best truck GPS for you may not include features such as a magnetic mount or smartphone link access. What’s most important when purchasing a GPS is if its system and information will assist you on your journey. That’s what makes for the best truck GPS.

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