10 Best Tent Stakes in 2020

To keep yourself safe and comfortable when camping, you need to have quality tent stakes. Like all structures, a tepee needs to have a good foundation to be usable, and that is what the best tent stakes can provide. These tent pegs will hold the guy lines of your tepee nice and tight to ensure that it won’t blow away, move or fall over when you are sleeping.

Tent stakes have come a long way since their invention, and there are now a lot of options available for you to buy. In this review, we are going to be highlighting the top tent pegs that you can use when camping in various locations, all year long. Camping can be a great vacation for all the family, but your safety needs to be the biggest priority, which is what tent stakes can provide.

We have used manufacturer information and reviews from to find the ten best tent stakes to use in all locations and all weather conditions.

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1. Eurmax Tent Pop Up Canopy Stakes

Eurmax Tent Pop Up Canopy Stakes


These are the best tent stakes as they are heavy duty and rust-resistant, ensuring they can be used in all weather conditions without wearing. These tent stakes come in a 10 pack, with an additional 4-foot rope and one green stopper making them great value. These tent stakes are easy to use as they have milled points that drill easily into the ground, no matter how tough it is, making them suitable for even hard ground.

These stakes are made from aluminum, making them durable as well as being corrosion-resistant, so they will last a long time and be a key piece in your camping gear kit. They have hook and rope-stringing eyelets on the stoppers, which provides secure anchoring and makes them versatile. These are essential tools for various purposes, like camping and holding down canopies as they have great holding power.

+ Heavy duty
+ Durable aluminum
+ Great value pack
+ Versatile stakes
+ Easy to secure

Why We Liked It – These are the best tent stakes due to the fact they are heavy-duty, versatile with good holding power, and come in a pack of 10.

2. BareFour Tent Stakes

BareFour Tent Stakes


These are some of the top stakes as they are made from forged steel, making them durable and heavy-duty. These are long stakes that are 12-inches in length, and as they are durable, they are designed to prevent snapping and bending, so they will last a long time. These durable tent stakes feature a hook that is designed to provide accurate hammering as they prevent the pegs from going too deep into the ground.

These steel tent stakes come with two storage bags making them easy to keep in your camping gear and remaining easy to locate when needed. These are versatile stakes due to the fact they are strong and durable, so they can be used in all kinds of ground. These are the best tent pegs for rocky ground as they have good holding power, and the sharp point can dig into even hard soil with ease.

+ Forged steel
+ Durable pegs
+ Long length
+ Protected against snapping
+ Includes storage bags

Why We Liked It – These tent stakes are versatile as they are strong and durable, with a precise tip that can dig into hard soil with ease.

3. Gray Bunny Tent Stakes

Gray Bunny Tent Stakes


These tent stakes are best for those on a budget as they are versatile and durable. They are made from powder-coated solid steel that is designed to have a good holding power without rusting or corroding. This is a multi-purpose tent stake kit as they are rugged ground screw anchors that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as holding down tents, canopies, fencing, stands, and can even be used for trees and plants.

This stake is easy to use as it simply needs to be screwed into the soil for secure holding power. They have a hardened top that can penetrate all kinds of surfaces, including hard and uneven surfaces. These tent stakes are bright blue making them easy to locate and keep track of, as well as being suitable for all weathers and terrains. These nail stakes are made to prevent things from flying away or for installing and retaining certain furniture or equipment.

+ Versatile stake
+ Easy to install
+ Powder-coated for durability
+ Secure holding power
+ Corrosion-resistant

Why We Liked It – This tent stake kit is great value as they are durable, versatile, and easy to install as they are ground screw anchors.

4. Eurmax Tent Stakes

Eurmax Tent Stakes


This steel tent peg has been specially designed to be multi-purpose, making them great value. These are long and large tent stakes that offer a great holding power that can be used to secure tents, tarps, and canopies to the ground and keep them secure even in windy weather. This tent stake is sturdy and will not be bent out of shape when being hammered into the ground.

This tent stake is made from a heavy-duty material that is rust-resistant and designed to last, making them great value and long-lasting. They feature a special head that has a hook and hole top making them easy to use, as well as having a sharp stake that can be hammered into the hard or soft ground securely. As they are so durable, this steel tent stake can protect your tent or canopy from wind, harsh weather conditions, and rocky ground.

+ Multi-purpose
+ Secure hold into ground
+ Heavy-duty steel
+ Easy to use
+ Hook and hole top

Why We Liked It – This tent stake is one of the best as it is durable, with a specially designed top that is easy to use and designed to remain sturdy.

5. AAGUT Yard Tent Stakes

AAGUT Yard Tent Stakes


This is a great value pack of tent stakes as it comes with 25 pegs with a hook, as well as a 9-inch hook that can be used to attach ropes to secure canopy and similar materials. These are versatile tent stakes that can be used to nail stakes into the ground to keep tents, canopies, tarp, and other materials from blowing away and also protected from the elements. As they are versatile and come with various stakes, this is a great value purchase to make.

These camping tent stakes are made from heavy-duty steel and are designed to be anti-rust, making them suitable to use in all weather conditions. This coating will also make sure that the tent peg does not wear out or become damaged so they can be used repeatedly. This tent stake has a sharp end that is easy to insert into the ground, helping you save time and energy so you can enjoy your camping trip to the fullest.

+ Great value pack
+ Rust-resistant
+ Versatile tent stakes
+ Heavy duty material
+ Easy to use

Why We Liked It – This tent stake kit is great value and durable as they are rust-resistant with a sharp end that inserts into the ground with ease.

6. ABCCANOPY Tent Stake Pegs

ABCCANOPY Tent Stake Pegs


These camping tent stake sets are heavy duty and come in a quantity of 10, with each being 10 inches in length. These are an essential camping tool to take with you as they offer a secure hold of canopies, tents, and other materials to prevent them from blowing away or becoming damaged. They are made from galvanized steel that provides corrosion resistance so they can be used in soft ground, hard surfaces, and wet ground.

This is a good value tent peg kit as it comes with 10 durable stakes, as well as tent ropes and a PVC top. They can be used for both one-person tents and multiple-person tents, so they are the best to take camping with the family. This steel tent stake has a milled point that offers easy insertion into hard ground and has a large peg mallet for easy hammering.

+ Heavy duty
+ Great value set
+ Multi-purpose
+ Corrosion-resistant
+ Milled point for easy use

Why We Liked It – These tent stakes are durable, as they are made from corrosion-resistant steel and have a milled point that can be hammered into hard ground with ease.

7. SE Tent Peg Stake Set

SE Tent Peg Stake Set


These stakes are great value and quality, as this set comes with 20 green PVC stoppers, and each is made from heavy duty steel. Each tent stake features both hook and rope-stringing eyelet that makes anchoring them into the ground easy, which also makes them versatile. They feature sharp milled points that prod easily into hard soil. These tent stakes also feature a large top that makes mallet driving easy and effortless.

These stakes are some of the best as they are durable, with superior rust and corrosion protection. This will make sure that they can be used in all weather conditions and repeatedly, as they will not wear out. The stake is 10.5 inches long, making them suitable to use when camping or around the garden for canopies, tarp, and other materials. This stake can be used on all surfaces, including soft, hard, and sandy ground.

+ Great value set
+ Versatile stakes
+ Durable steel
+ Rust and corrosion-resistant
+ Easy to insert

Why We Liked It – These tent stakes are some of the best as they are durable, with a milled point and large top that makes them easy to hammer into the ground.

8. FANBX F Tent Pegs

FANBX F Tent Pegs


This is a 12-pack of aluminum alloy tent stakes that are highly compatible with most camping equipment, as well as being suitable to use with canopies, tarp, and other material that needs to be secured to the ground. As they are made from aluminum alloy, these are durable and reliable tent stakes that are efficient and corrosion-resistant. The aluminum is lightweight, making them easy to carry in your camping kit, as well as being designed to maintain their shape.

These tent stakes are a hexagon rod spike that has a hook top making them easy to insert into the ground. They have a great holding ability, and the aluminum stakes are designed for pitching tents into hard ground, keeping them secure and safe in all weather. These tent stakes can also be used on sandy surfaces, such as on the beach, due to the durable aluminum and sharp point that digs deep into the ground for secure holding.

+ Durable aluminum
+ Lightweight for easy storage
+ Versatile for all grounds
+ Great holding ability
+ Suitable to use on hard ground

Why We Liked It – These tent stakes are made from durable aluminum with a sharp point and hook top, making them easy to insert into hard surfaces.

9. IIT Tent Peg

IIT Tent Peg


These titanium tent stakes are ideal for anchoring tents, garden fabrics, and other structures to the floor to prevent them from moving and blowing away in harsh weather. These have a 4mm durable body that has a galvanized finish to provide rust-resistance, ensuring this stake can be used in all weather conditions and will last a long time. This is a good value set of tent stakes as it comes with 30 pieces.

These camping titanium tent stakes are good value and can be used in every season. Whether you are anchoring down holiday decorations outside, plants, or other garden fabrics, these are one of the best options. These are some of the best tent pegs for wind as they keep materials secure and prevent them from falling over when it is blowing a gale outside.

+ Durable titanium tent stake
+ Great value kit
+ Rust-resistant
+ Good holding power
+ Versatile

Why We Liked It – These tent stakes are durable and versatile as they can prevent materials from flowing away in high winds and keep camping equipment secure.

10. All one tech Outdoors Tent Stakes

All one tech Outdoors Tent Stakes


These snow stakes are durable to provide a stable anchoring of camping equipment and garden fabrics. They are good value as this kit comes with 12 snow stakes, all of which are durable yet lightweight and three-sided, making them easy to stake into the ground. They are made from a high-grade aluminum that can securely anchor your tent. As they are lightweight, these tent stakes will not take up much room in your camping bag and are easy to carry.

These aluminum snow stakes are 7-inches long that can secure your tent firmly into the surface underneath. These are Y-shaped aluminum stakes that can penetrate and hold strongly into a wide range of soil conditions, making them versatile and suitable for camping and beyond. These aluminum snow stakes are designed to keep their shape, as they are durable and will not bend even while being hammered.

+ Durable stake kit
+ High-grade aluminum
+ Sharp spike for easy insertion
+ Secure holding power
+ Lightweight

Why We Liked It – This is a durable tent stake kit that comes with 12 pegs that are high-quality and designed to be easy to penetrate various soil types.

Tent Stakes Buyer’s Guide

What are the best tent stakes to use?

Bunch of tent pegs on black tent ground sheet

As well as the ten best tent stakes we have highlighted in this list, there are some other good options out there for you to try when camping or securing garden fabrics. The Msr Groundhog stake is one of the best as they are durable and sturdy, making them reliable when camping and securing your tent. Msr Groundhog is a renowned brand in this industry due to their durable and high-quality camping equipment.

If you are looking for the best stake when it comes to camping, then there are a lot of options from the Msr Groundhog brand based on your needs. The Msr Groundhog brand sells a range of individual stakes as well as stake sets based on your needs and budget.

How do you get tent stakes into the hard ground?

Man set up a tent on top of cliffs. Young man using a hammer to set the stake and guy lines. Adventure camping and exploration

You will need to find the most durable stakes on the market when it comes to securing them into hard surfaces. This will ensure that the stake will not bend or break when being hammered, as well a being suitable to anchor your camping equipment into this kind of surface.

To make this process easier, you can use water to soften the soil where you want to stake your tent, saving time and energy. A mallet is the best option when it comes to hammering the stake, as the rubber head will not cause too much damage to the shape of the stake while still pushing it deep into the soil.

In some cases, a wide rock can also be used to push the stake into the soil and ensure that it is going down straight to provide the most secure hold to your tent. It is recommended for you to tap the stake once it has been inserted into the soil, instead of hammering too hard straight away as this can cause damage to the stake, the ground, and yourself.

What can I use instead of tent stakes?

Fix the tent string with pegs

It is recommended for you to use a durable stake when camping, as nothing else will provide the same holding power and security. A tent stake is designed to be secure and can be hammered into a range of surfaces, including soft soil as well as sand or snow. The top of the stake is also made to be easy to hammer, whether it is wide or hooked based on the size you get.

Trying to find an alternative to a stake when camping can cause issues, and your safety is not guaranteed. Luckily, there are a lot of options when it comes to pegs for tents, meaning there is going to be something out there to suit your budget.

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In this guide, the best tent stake will be durable so that it can be used in all weather conditions, ensuring that materials will stay secure in wind and rain. The best stake will also have a unique design that makes it easy to hammer into the soil, sand, or hard surfaces.

As well as being durable, it is important to consider ultralight tent stakes that are light in weight to ensure that they can be packed away easily. This is vital for those camping and backpacking, as you will need to have this equipment on you.

Did You Know?

Tent stakes can be made from metal, wood, or plastic, and there are several different varieties of this tool based on your needs.

Expert Tip

Choosing tent stakes that have a color powder-coating makes them easy to spot, allowing you to ensure your tent is secure at all times.

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