10 Best Tent Brands in 2020

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Going camping, backpacking or car camping this season? You’ll need a high-quality and reliable tent to protect you from sun, wind, rain, and even snow! There are many tents available on the market, and it can be challenging to find the right one for you and your family.

Tents are brilliant for fun and safe camping in a range of seasons, and different tent brands have over time developed their own designs, which offers you a wide range of variations in design, quality, and weatherproof features. Before you choose a tent, think about the type of camping you’re planning to do and what are the essential elements you need?

To help you choose the best camping tents for you, we’ve brought together all the best tent brands available, including Coleman, Big Agnes, and also Kodiak, and their most recommended tents from a selection of products. We’ve selected a range of camping tent sizes and designs, with options for seasonal camping tents and all-weather camping, to help you find the most suitable tent product for your camping needs.

View The Best Tent Brands Below

1. Coleman

Tent Coleman Octagon

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Coleman has created a large tent that is ideal for large families, festivals, or group camping events. This Coleman tent has one ample internal communal space, which can be used for multiple sleeping areas, with lots of windows space and numerous panels that open up fully, for sunshine and fresh air. The 360-degree view offers a fantastic morning outlook or evening relaxation time. The windows can also be covered for privacy.

+ Ample space can sleep 6-8 people
+ Easy to set up and take down
+ Bug proof screening
+ Ideal for spacious glamping
+ Small pack away carry bag

Why We Like It – Not only is this Coleman tent big enough to sleep up to 8 people, but it’s also ideal if you love to go glamping, and want a large amount of space for a luxurious camping experience. It can easily fit a large double bed and space for your cooker, small fridge, and your luggage. This product is an excellent option for spacious or communal camping during the Spring and Summer months. Purchase a tent, Coleman, and you won’t regret it!

2. Kodiak

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe

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Kodiak has developed a sturdy and robust range of tents that can withstand the harshest winds, low temperatures, and even snow. If you’re planning a mountain hike or camping in winter months, this is a fantastic option for you. It’s spacious for sleeping areas and gear storage, too, so all your belongings will be protected from the cold and wet.

+ High ceiling over 6foot for standing comfort
+ Made from Hydra-Sheild durable material
+ Can sleep up to 8 people
+ Strong steel frame
+ Spacious indoor space with windows

Why We Like It – This Kodiak tent is super high quality and can withstand harsh weather, including dry winds and sunshine. It’s a brilliant option for families and friends for extended camping trips, where you can’t always predict the weather! One of the best camping tents to cope with all weather conditions, and it’s spacious inside to create a warm sleeping environment. Check out the rest of Kodiak’s tents range for car camping, smaller tents and backpacking tents.


Wenzel Alpine 3 Person Tent

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The Wenzel range offers great value tents that are adaptable for your different needs of camping. This Alpine 3 person tent, in particular, is a fantastic product that meets your essential camping needs. The tent has a simple and practical design, one ample communal space for sleeping and storing luggage. It also has a small outside doorway where you can keep muddy boots or coats. They’ll be protected from the rain but away from your other belongings.

+ Straightforward setup
+ Waterproof and insulated
+ Large D shaped door
+ Small, compact packaging
+ Great value product

Why We Like It – With only three long poles, this tent is simple to put up – an excellent option for younger children or teens that are camping with you for the first time. It’s a simple modular design that doesn’t take up much space, so it is excellent for family camping, Girl Scout trips or festivals. You could also put several tents near each other to create a tent community. Wenzel is a good camping tent brand and has a wide range of tents available to give you weather protection.

4. MSR

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

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If you’re looking for a compact 2-person tent, this MSR Hubba Hubba Backpacking tent is the best for you. It’s a lightweight, neat design that still offers enough room for two people to sleep comfortably. This is the perfect tent for backpacking, traveling or a hiking trip, where you don’t want much extra weight! Lightweight tents are the best for traveling.

+ Lightweight (4-6lbs) and compact
+ Waterproof outer coating
+ 29 square feet of floor space
+ Windproof and stable
+ Spacious two-person tent

Why We Like It – From one of the best tent brands, this is a great all-round tent that you can rely on for short and long camping trips. It’s great for traveling and backpacking, fierce against weather conditions and easy to set up. MSR – Mountian Safety Research has been creating innovative camping tents with their years of engineering and camping experience. This is a brand you can trust, with reliable tents that stand the test of time.


ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

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Alps Mountaineering is experts in creating innovative camping products to make sure your camping trip is enjoyable and straightforward. This smaller tent is suitable for one person camping, extraordinarily lightweight, and condensed when packaged. It opens up to be protective and spacious for one person. Smaller tents are also suitable for camping in woods and tight spots.

+ Slim, long design
+ Weatherproof outer shell
+ Quick set up and pack down
+ Handy internal pockets
+ Space under canvas to store muddy boots

Why We Like It – This lightweight tent is perfect for a one-person trip, one of the best tents on the market for individual camping. It can be a snug fit. However, it’s worth it for the packing weight, which is less than 4lbs! Waterproof and protective against weather conditions, this is our recommended option for a backpacking tent.

6. Big Agnes

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Backpacking Tent

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Looking for a spacious two-person tent that is still lightweight and weatherproof? This backpacking tent from Big Agnes Copper Spur is a great backpacking tent that meets all your requirements as a solo traveler. This Big Agnes tent is a fantastic option for hiking and also solo trips.

+ Reflective guy ropes
+ Spacious for one person fits two
+ Lightweight thin material
+ Perfect for summertime camping
+ Trusted outdoor brand, Big Agnes

Why We Like It – The Copper Spur range offers a great selection of tents, including this tent for camping solo. It has space for your outdoor gear and adequate sleeping room for up to two people. Big Agnes tents are a trusted brand that has created camp products for many years, including this neat two-person camping tent.

7. The North Face

The North Face Stormbreak 2

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The North Face is one of the best-known brands in outdoor gear, world-renowned with their innovative designs and high quality. This tent is no different, offering the best in materials with a fully waterproof cover that protects against all weather conditions. North Face tents all have quality testing that makes them reliable and trustworthy tents.

+ Two-door entrances either side
+ Full weatherproof cover
+ Comfortably sleeps two
+ Easy set up with four poles
+ Perfect for summer camping

Why We Like It – This North Face tent is ideal for summertime camping with family or friends. It has an easy setup, bright colors, and two open doorways for easy access to your sleeping area. It’s also weatherproof and can comfortably fit two people and gear storage. All North Face tents are good quality and smart designs; you won’t be disappointed with their tents.

8. Kelty

Kelty Late Start 3 Season Backpacking Tent

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This tent is designed to have a super easy setup, with two poles and color-coded tags to assist you, even if you’re setting up late at night. Kelty Late Start is specifically designed with backpacking in mind, so that you can spend more time exploring and less time pitching. It’s an all-weather tent for up to 3 people to sleep in, giving you room for your friends or family.

+ Super easy setup
+ Sleeps up to 3 people
+ Lightweight for backpacking
+ Colour coded poles and tags
+ Large rainproof covering

Why We Like It – Kelty has created an excellent convenient tent that can cope with summertime, winds, and rain. It can comfortably fit two or three people and is one of the best tents from the Kelty range. Also, this camping tent is convenient, lightweight, and suitable for backpacking. An all-round good product from a trusted range of tents.

9. Core

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

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If you’re looking for a large to the extra-large tent to accommodate all your friends or family camping, then look no further than this CORE 9 Person Cabin Tent. It can either be used with one ample space or with the room divider to create two smaller spaces, perfect for parents and children needing tents.

+ Room divider, create two mini tents
+ Easy setup, best on the market
+ Two spacious rooms
+ Two doors, front and side doors
+ Trusted camping brand

Why We Like It – Core designed this with a busy camper in mind. This is why all of the poles are already looped into the tent for a straightforward set up that is quick and easy. One of the best tent brands, CORE, is offering an excellent solution for family camping to make sure you have a fantastic trip. This tent has excellent weather protection and lots of room to store your outdoor gear.

10. Nemo

Nemo Hornet Ultralight Backpacking Tent

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Another great product if you’re looking for a backpacking tent that is lightweight, compact when packed up and roomy inside, this Nemo Hornet Tent could be for you. Designing go outdoors tents that are weatherproof is part of Nemo’s core mission, as a trusted brand. The Hornet Ultralight is also perfect for backpackers and hikers, giving you the best camping experience.

+ Super light and compact
+ Ideal for single person camping
+ Easy setup, one central pole
+ Mesh privacy screens
+ Large waterproof cover

Why We Like It – The Hornet Ultralight is one of the best backpacking tents on the market, great for backpacking with proper protection from weather conditions. Its unique design adds more height to the tent than average designs, meaning you have more room to get comfortable.

Tent Brands Buyer’s Guide

So you’re planning a camping trip, maybe a solo hike, with friends to a festival, or a family trip to the lake. Here are some essential things to consider when choosing a camping tent for your next trip to help you have the best camping experience in the future. Think about your needs and the essential features that you need for your trip. We’ll help you to find the best tents available.

What size tent do I need?

Tents on field at campsite

Depending on how many people you’re going away with, you’ll need a small or much larger tent. If you’re planning a solo trip, then lookout for a lightweight long and thin tent that offers just enough space for you and your gear. It will also need to be light enough for you to carry by yourself, set up, and pack away by yourself. Backpacking tents are specially designed for solo trips! If you’re looking for more room or are traveling with a dog, consider a 2-person tent.

If you’re going away with 2 – 4 people, you’ll need a good size tent, or maybe two smaller tents to pitch side by side. By using a four-person tent to sleep two people, you will also have more room to sleep and keep your kit clean and dry.

Planning a trip with more than four people and you’re looking for a much larger tent with better square feet, mostly these have one large communal area, sometimes with a bedroom partition. If you’re going away with a familiar family, you may choose to use the room divider provided. With larger camping tents, you’ll usually need more people to put up and strike the tent, as they can be complicated.

Family tents are also available and a great option compared to having multiple tents. The family tents often have pods attached to the sides, with a big open space in the center. This is an excellent option if parents are looking for a separate area to children, without needing multiple tents. These also provide you with lots of space for cooking equipment, seating furniture, coolers, and your luggage—an ideal way to facilitate your whole family in one tent, rather than several tents.

Do I need a tent to cover all the seasons?

Green tent in winter mountains

Camping tents are often designed to suit certain seasons, for summer months, more lightweight materials are used, and for winter months, more sturdy materials are used that can withstand high winds and rain. Look ahead at the expected weather conditions for your trip and research the campsite to be prepared for all weather. The best tent brands will consider a range of weather types when designing their camping tents.

Tents for camping in cold weather need to be more sturdy, with strong poles, high-quality waterproof materials, and large cover over the tent. You’ll only need an all-weather camping tent if you’re going to make multiple trips throughout the year in various campsite locations, so consider how much camping you’re planning to do with your new camping tents.

It can be challenging to find a tent that can handle different weather all year, so you may need to mitigate this with insulated sleeping bags and extra shelter or groundsheets in and around your tent.

Can I store my gear inside the tent?

Many tents have space inside the main area that will stay clean and dry for you to store outdoor gear, your kit bag, food supplies, and more. When camping in wet weather, it’s essential to have a sheltered space to keep wet weather gear, without damaging your other belongings. Many tents are waterproof throughout, so you don’t need to worry about your belongings getting rained on overnight, which will be very soggy in the morning! Having more space inside the tent is also a bonus if you need to dry out wet gear through the night.

Internal pockets are also useful in the bedroom sections of camping tents to store easy to reach personal items, including torch, glasses, and tissues. Some tents have pockets that hang down within the bedroom compartment, and some have some hanging from the sides; it really depends on the brands’ preference in design. Tents are unique in their design, and you may find that trying different tents in person will help you to identify how much space and which features you need.

What’s the difference between tent brands?

Tents over the mountain

The best tent brands have designed around customer needs. Many have been researching and developing over decades to find the best fit for customers across the country. If you’re looking for a particular design feature or reliable weather protection, there are several brands available to meet your needs. The best tent brands have such a good range of tents available that you’re bound to find something available to meet your needs. Big Agnes, for example, has created brilliant backpacking camping tents.

Most brands also have good returns policies, rights reserved, if you’re having a problem with the tent you’ve chosen. Overall, tents are a brilliant way to have shelter while enjoying overnight exploring and hiking. Tents provide you with warmth, security, and weather protection, and all brands will have a good range of quality tents available.

How are you traveling to the campsite?

Your means of travel will impact the size and weight of the camping tent that will be suited to you. If you’re traveling by car, you will have more flexibility in the type of camping tent you can transport and will be able to take a larger and heavier camping tent. If, however, you’re walking or hiking to your site, you’ll need a much lighter camping tent and smaller to be able to hike with it.

Many brands have a range of sizes available and often list the weight of their best camping tents. Also, consider if one person can carry multiple tents, while you carry other equipment. This could be a good way of transporting all of your belongings and tents.

Do I need a tent with tent poles?

Fall camping with small lantern hanging on tent pole

Camping tents that are built with tent poles provide structure and stability for the tent throughout your camping trip. This is especially important in windy and rainy conditions, as you can trust that your tent will stay upright and waterproof. There are some camping tent designs available that have inflatable structures instead of poles. However, these are not always reliable in rain and wind. Tent poles are often secured to the ground with a connecting loop and tent pegs. It’s essential to follow the instructions given by your chosen brand, as some brands may have different arrangements for securing tents.

Should I use guy ropes?

It is strongly recommended to use guy ropes that are provided with the tents you purchase, as these are essential for making sure that your tents are stable, secure, and won’t blow away. Many tents have the added feature of fluorescent or glow in the dark guy ropes to make it safe for you to navigate around your tents at night.

If you choose not to use guy ropes as instructed, you may find your tents are not secure and get moved around by the wind. Camping in the summertime can give you more flexibility, and your tents may not need guy ropes to stay put, instead tent pegs may be sufficient. Always carefully follow the instructions included with your tents, to ensure that you are camping safely.


Finding a tent to meet your camping needs can be a complicated process, considering all your needs and also the different design features that each of the tents can offer. Consider which is your most essential feature, and even other features you’d like to have in a good tent. The expected weather will also have a significant impact on the types of tents that will be suitable for you, as lighter tents may not be able to withstand harsh winters or fast winds. You may need to consider a selection of tents before you find the ideal product for you, and the information here has hopefully helped you to find a great tent.

Overall, there are some brilliant camping brands out there that are producing fantastic camping tents for you to choose from. We hope that the recommendations of the tents we’ve provided will help you to find the camping tent that will perfectly fit your needs and bring joy to your next camping adventure. The research we’ve conducted on the brands listed is comprehensive, and an excellent opportunity for you to explore different tent brands and find the right camping tent or tents for you.

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