10 Best Small Binoculars in 2020

Are you currently searching for the perfect set of binoculars for your upcoming trip to the Safari? Are you confused by all the specs and features that they advertise? Are you not sure what type is best for you and your needs? No need to worry. Here, we have compiled some of the best compact binoculars on the market right now. We’ve also have included a guide of what to look for when purchasing your perfect compact binoculars. Some are ao small, they can even fit in your pocket!

Binoculars, in simple terms, are devices that will enhance and magnify your view, which is particularly useful when you’re on trekking, on hikes, or wildlife watching! It works by using curved glass lenses within the binoculars and prisms that bend the light as it enters into the objective lens.

A small and compact binocular is a great purchase if you want to save space and weight in your backpack. They are perfect if you like to travel or go on long treks. However, with so many on the market right now, it can be difficult to know which pair is the best choice for you. If you’re on a budget, we have many options listed here that are affordable but also include all the necessary features that you would need. Read on to find the choice that’s best for you!

View The Best Small Binoculars Below

1. Bushnell H20 Waterproof/Fogproof Roof Prism Binoculars

Bushnell H20 Waterproof/Fogproof Roof Prism Binoculars


First up on our list of the 10 best compact binoculars are the Bushnell H20 Waterproof and Fogproof prism binoculars. These binoculars have a beautiful and slick design, made from incredibly durable materials. They include non-slip rubber armor and soft texture grip, meaning they are easy and comfortable to hold for long periods. The Bushnell binoculars are 100% waterproof, which means no worrying about them getting damaged when you’re out on a nature expedition!

The Bushnell binoculars are also sealed with a 0 ring and are nitrogen purged to ensure they are entirely fog proof also. The Bushnell’s include premium quality optics, and the field of view provides stunning clarity. These compact binoculars include multi-coated optics with improved light transmission through the use of premium bak-4 roof prisms. All of this means that the picture provided with the Bushnell’s is of high quality.

These binoculars have an objective lens of 8x magnification and an 42-millimeter objective diameter, with 17-millimeter eye relief. They provide a field of view of up to 4 yards, or 12 feet. Not only that, the Bushnell binoculars are inexpensive, but have all the qualities and features of a premium-priced pair! This pair is compact and easily transported, making them the perfect pair for anyone who travels a lot. They include a neck strap for ease of use, and the front caps attach securely to each compact binocular to ensure you don’t lose them.

+ Reasonable Price
+ Include bak-4 prisms
+ High-quality field of view

Why We Like It – The Bushnells are the best for those traveling a lot, especially to areas where weather can be temperamental. The fact that these binoculars are waterproof and fog proof will protect them from any damage in any kind of weather! The neck strap makes them best for those scared of losing them.

2. Nikon Prostaff 3s Binocular

Nikon Prostaff 3s Binocular


Number two on our list, and those which we have awarded the title of Premium Quality, are the Nikon Prostaff 3s Binoculars. The Nikon Prostaffs provide high-quality optics, featuring an optical system that’s made form lead-and-arsenic-free eco glass. They’re the perfect pair for you eco-warriors out there! The Nikons include high-reflectivity silver-alloy mirror coatings.

As these binoculars are fully multi-coated, light transmittance is much higher than other pairs. Combining the silver -alloy mirror coating, a highly reflective material, with the multi-coated lenses makes the picture on the Nikon Prostaff 3s bright, sharp, and completely pure. The materials which this pair of binoculars are made from are ergonomic with a rubber-armored body.

The Nikon’s are waterproof, fog-proof, and include a nitrogen-filled 0 ring seal. The lenses on the Nikons include 8x magnification, an objective diameter of 42mm, and a close focus distance of 9.8 feet. The field of view on this pair of compact binoculars is an astonishing 1000 yards! Having such a wide field of view makes the Nikon Prostaff 3s the best binoculars for bird watching, hunting, and other wildlife observation from a distance.

They feature roof and bak-4 prisms. They also have an amazing extended eye relief of 20.2mm! The Nikons are incredibly lightweight and compact, meaning they are small enough to fit in any bag while traveling or out in the wild!

+ Reasonable price
+ Wide field of view
+ Waterproof and Fog Proof

Why We Like It – The silver aluminum coating provides high reflectivity, and thus, a great picture!

3. POLDR Small Pocket Binoculars

POLDR Small Pocket Binoculars


Next up on our list of Best Binoculars are the POLDR Small Pocket Binoculars. These binoculars have also been awarded by us the title of ‘Great Value.’ The POLDRs are very lightweight and compact, and are even small enough to fit in your pocket! They are worth the small amount of weight in your backpack. As a compact binocular, they are perfect for traveling, for short expeditions and even for kids! The POLDRs are very easy to use and easy to focus. Simply adjust with one smooth knob and the right eye lens.

Even though they are so compact, they still include all those features that you would want and need for binoculars. With bak-4 prisms to reflect 100% of the light, they provide a clear and great quality picture. The objective lenses have a diameter of 25mm, with an amazing 12x magnification! The POLDRs are a great choice if you need binoculars to watch wildlife from a far distance. What’s even more amazing for this pair of tiny binoculars, is the field of view of 1000 yards, meaning you can see everything!

+ Easily fit into the palm of your hand
+ Budget Price
+ Lightweight

Why We Like It – These are the most compact binoculars you can find! They are perfect for those traveling and wishing to save space in their backpack.

4. ZIPOUTE Folding Compact Binoculars

ZIPOUTE Folding Compact Binoculars


Next up we have the ZIPOUTE Folding Compact Binocular pair. One of the best compact binoculars on the market, the ZIPOUTEs include a large eyepiece, lens diameter, and an objective lens of 25mm. They have an incredible 10x magnification, putting them ahead of many other compact binoculars on the market right now. The ZIPOUTEs will give you a wide field of view and a distance of up to 1000 yards! All these specifications make the ZIPOUTEs a perfect compact pair for bird watching or wildlife watching from a distance.

Not to mention, these binoculars host FMC Broadband coating technology, covered in a Bak-4 prism texture. The optical lens also uses an FMC multilayer film covering the glass eyepiece. Because of this, the optics are of top quality! All of this ensures that light transmittance is increased by up to 99.5%. But what does this mean for when you’re using them out and about?

It will increase the clarity and quality of your view immensely, meaning you never have to miss the little details while bird watching again! They are marketed with an ‘antiskid function,’ with non-slip rubber armor, making the ZIPOUTEs incredibly durable enough to withstand wet and cold weather conditions or rough hiking trips. With an easy to use central focusing knob, you can adjust the focus on the objective lenses to suit any view and distance.

But the best feature of the ZIPOUTE compact binocular is it’s foldable and small design! They can easily be folded up into the palm of your hand, making them ideal for a short trip, for children to use, or for walking around with them on a hiking trip, exploring wildlife, or outdoor sports. These are binoculars best suited for those looking to save space or weight with their choice of binocular. At an incredibly budget price, the ZIPOUTEs are a perfect choice for anyone out there looking for a cheap but reliable pair!

+ Budget price
+ High-quality roof prisms
+ Compact binocular

Why We Like It – The ZIPOUTEs are a pair of binoculars for sale at a budget price, yet all the specifications are still to a high quality. They are the perfect budget pair!

5. Alatino Compact Binoculars

Alatino Compact Binoculars


Number 5 on our list of Best Binoculars, and one of the best compact binoculars, is the Alatino compact binocular. The Alatinos boast high magnification at 12x and an objective lens with a diameter of 25mm. The field of view is up to 1000 yards, showing you a perfectly crisp picture at a large distance! Unlike the others previously mentioned up until now on the list, the Alatinos include a Porro prism, rather than a roof prism.

The prism is made from think barium crown glass and fully multi-coated clearing lenses. This means there is even less light lost, providing a clearer image. The focus and range of vision with the Alatinos are excellent. The color fidelity is of such high quality that it’s hard to believe these are also a budget pair of binoculars! These binoculars are even available in weak light night vision.

They are perfect for those who plan to watch wildlife even after dark and need the extra eye relief. With rubber armor included, making them shockproof and water resistant, the Alatinos are durable and able to withstand even the most terrible weather conditions. The objective lens can easily be adjusted using the center knob, which also allows you to focus on what you’re viewing easily.

Kids can easily use this knob with three simple steps for focusing. The compact binocular style of the Alatinos means they will comfortably fit in your pocket, backpack, or the palm of your hand. In fact, they weigh only 0.75lb! The Alatino binoculars are one of the best compact binoculars on the market right now. They are perfect for use during sports activities, on long hikes, wildlife watching and traveling.

+ Budget Price
+ Lightweight and compact
+ Durable

Why We Like It – These binoculars are the perfect partner when traveling as they’re so lightweight and compact. They are also a great choice for those on a budget!

6. Sallous Small Binoculars

Sallous Small Binoculars


Number 6 on our list is another compact binoculars pair, the Sallous binoculars. They include a Porro Prism, meaning that the light will be reflected on two 45 degree surfaces, and the objective lenses are set slightly further apart than the eyepieces. All of this means that the picture on the Sallous binoculars will be incredibly clear, however not as clear as those with roof prisms included. There’s a reason why the Sallous pair are included in the best compact binoculars list provided here.

They have incredible optics even though they are so compact. They also provide 10x magnification, with an objective lens diameter of 25 mm. With a large field of view of up to 1000 yards, you’ll be able to see even the smallest of animals from far off. The objective lens is very easy to focus through one central focusing knob. The Sallous binocular is one of the lightest and compact on the list provided here.

It weighs only just 0.49lb! The Sallous’ are perfect for those on the go and who want to travel with them a lot. Reviews have noted that even though they are so compact, the view on the Sallous binoculars is perfect for seeing wildlife and scenery while outdoors. The Sallous binoculars best fit those that are on a budget and looking for the same quality of specifications as on other more expensive pairs.

+ Budget Price
+ Very lightweight
+ Compact

Why We Like It – The Sallous binoculars are one of the lightest and most compact on the list provided here. If having a small set of compact binoculars is important to you, and you don’t want to dish out a lot of money for them, then the Sallous binoculars are the perfect choice for you!

7. Skygenius Small Binoculars

Skygenius Small Binoculars


Number 7 is the Skygenius binoculars. The Skygenius are a pair of roof prism binoculars that also include 8x magnification, a 21mm objective lens, and a wide and clear view of up to 369 feet. Although these specifications are slightly lower than the other binoculars on the list provided, they are the lightest of the best compact pairs! Weighing just 0.38lbs, they are even lighter than some iPhones!

As they’re so compact and discreet, the Skygenius binoculars are perfect for taking to places such as an opera! There’s no chance that you will be bothering anyone in the audience with these tiny binoculars. The Skygenius’s are made with a Bk7 roof prism and an FMC multi-layered broadband film across the optics, making the view brighter and sharper.

+ Budget Price
+ Very lightweight
+ Very compact

Why We Like It – As they are the most lightweight on the list of best compact binoculars provided here, Skygenius is perfect for those looking for binoculars that will feel like nothing in your handbag!

8. Aurosports Folding High Powered Compact Binoculars

Aurosports Folding High Powered Compact Binoculars


Next up on our list of best binoculars are the Aurosports foldable high powered compact binoculars. These are described as the perfect binoculars for bird watching! They are lightweight and can be used for both daytime and nighttime vision. They provide a large field of view at 1000 yards, also. With 10x magnification, a 25mm objective lens and fully multi-coated lenses, the Aurosports offer all the necessary features you would need and want from binoculars.

Although the magnification is slightly lower than some others, reviews have noted that the magnification provided on the Aurosports is perfect for everyone’s needs. The glass used on the lenses is ED glass (Extra-low-dispersion glass), meaning the optics are clear and accurate. They are compact enough to fit in your handbag or backpack. No more carrying around heavy, bulky binoculars! This is one of the best compact pair you could find, and also at a budget price of around $20!

+ Ed glass so high quality optics
+ Compact binoculars
+ Lightweight

Why We Like It – To find compact binoculars with ED glass included, and for a budget price, is great!

9. Occer Compact Binoculars

Occer Compact Binoculars


Number 9 on our list of the best compact binoculars are the Occer binoculars. These compact binoculars include high-powered large eyepieces, for extra eye relief when you’re watching wildlife for long periods. With 12x magnification, an objective lens diameter of 25mm, and a wide field of view of up to 1000 yards, the Occers provide everything that you could ever need from a set of binoculars! They also include a Bak4 roof prism, which is one of the best prisms to use in binoculars.

The lenses have FMC broadband coating, ensuring more light is transmitted, and you can obtain a clearer and sharper picture! One cool feature of the Occer compact binoculars is the adjustable eyecups that actually fit around glasses too. So if you’re tired of having to deal with taking your glasses off when using binoculars, these are the best ones for you.

The eyecups have removable rubber eyepieces that allow those that wear glasses to get closer to the lenses. The lenses have a diameter of 15mm, smaller than others on the list here, but still provide a great picture nevertheless. The Occer compact binoculars are durable, waterproof, and shockproof. They are made from ABS plastic and glass (for the eyepieces), making them resistant to many types of weather. They also have non-slip rubber armor, making them the perfect compact binoculars for when you are on long hikes in rough terrain!

+ Bak4 prisms
+ Day and Night vision
+ Removable and adjustable eyecups

Why We Like It – The Occers are perfect for those looking for binoculars that you can use at night to observe wildlife after dark!

10. Hontry Compact Binoculars

Hontry Compact Binoculars


Last on our list of the best compact binoculars are the Hontry binoculars. The Hontrys include 10x magnification with an objective lens diameter of 25mm. The magnification and lens boast a viewing field of up to 1000 yards, so you’ll be able to see a lot from far away without having to adjust the lens position! The Hontrys has fully multi-coated optics for brighter and sharper images.

The glass surfaces on the Hontrys are multi-coated and transmit light of up to 96.48% for brighter and crystal clear images. These binoculars are very lightweight and only weigh 0.6lbs! Although they’re not the lightest binoculars on this list, they are still light enough to be carried around in your handbag or backpack. You won’t even notice them!

They have rubber armor ergonomic design, with ed glass included. They have rubber grips to assist you if you’re out sailing or on an adventure in wet weather. Durable construction around the eyepieces means that you will have instant eye relief, even if using these for long periods. They also include a neck strap to ensure you don’t drop or lose them while out on a trek!

+ Compact and lightweight
+ High quality optics
+ Glass lenses

Why We Like It – The Hontrys are designed to be durable, and with an accompanying neck strap, they are perfect for when you’re out in tough weather or rough terrain!

Small Binoculars Buyer’s Guide

Now we have compiled what we think are the best compact binoculars you still may be slightly confused as to what specifications you need and what type of binoculars you should purchase. With so many brands and models to choose from, and so much jargon surrounding the features of binoculars, we know it can be a daunting task trying to decide.

Below we have compiled a list of the best features you should look for when purchasing the set of best small binoculars. Which binoculars you decide on will completely depend on your needs and reasons for using them. If you wish to purchase a pair of binoculars for backpacking and hiking, then size and weight will be your number one priority.

You may also want to think about waterproof and shockproof binoculars to withstand being in tough terrain. If you are purchasing a set for birdwatching, you may be less concerned about weight, and more concerned with the magnification. For birdwatching or while on safari, a magnification of around 10x is advised.

If you’re going to be out on the water with your binoculars, while doing watersports, for example, then you should definitely consider paying a little bit extra for waterproof, fog proof and dirt proof binoculars. This will ensure they don’t get damaged when exposed to water.


As we know, the main purpose of any binoculars is to magnify the field of view that you’re looking at. Therefore, the magnification should be the first and most basic requirement that you analyze before purchasing your binoculars. It’s vital to understand how much a particular set of binoculars magnify, and how much magnification you need for what you intend to use them for.

Almost every binocular on sale will state the level of magnification. Usually, the magnification will range from 8-12, with the most common being 10x. Some of the binoculars listed above have a magnification of 12. We believe it’s worth paying a little bit extra for this, as it will truly enhance your user experience and will make your picture clearer also.


Binocular on yacht


The next feature that you should analyze before purchasing your compact binocular is the size of the lenses. Usually, they will have a diameter of between 20mm and 40mm. The size of the lenses is really important as the bigger the lens size, then the heavier the binoculars will be. So if having a lightweight pair is the most important thing for you, you may want to check the lens diameter isn’t too high. However, a bigger lens diameter will also mean that it will transmit much more light, giving you a clearer and sharper image to work with.


Having a set of compact waterproof binoculars will save you a lot of trouble in the future. If you decide you want to purchase a pair to take on treks, hikes, or wildlife watching, having a waterproof casing will be a Godsend. The weather is unpredictable, and you don’t want to destroy your binoculars.

You also don’t want to be unable to use them just because it’s raining. A binocular that has been sealed with 0 rings, and is waterproof, will not only be protected in the rain or wet conditions but also will be protected against dirt and dust. We believe it’s worth paying a little bit extra to ensure that your compact binocular is completely waterproof.


An important feature to consider when purchasing binoculars are the eyecups. The eyecups on binoculars are the rings around the eyepiece, where you look through to view the image. They can be made from a variety of materials, but usually, they are silicone or plastic. Silicone is usually more comfortable, and as it’s flexible, it can be molded or folded back to suit your needs.

When using binoculars, the eyecups will ensure that our eyes are the correct distance from the lens so that the optics will be of top quality. This means that the picture will be brighter and clearer, even at top magnification. Some binoculars will include eyecups that can fold down, to adjust your eye relief. Eyecups can also act as a sun protector and will give a certain amount of protection for your eyes from direct sunlight.

Lens Coatings

Funny man with binocular

You will have seen in this list many binoculars with fully multi-coated lens coatings. Not only will these protect the lenses, but they will also transmit just the right amount of light in so your picture is of great quality. They will also protect from any unwanted glare that may occur when in sunlight. You want to ensure that the binoculars include a ‘Fully Multi-coated’ lens, which means that all the glass surfaces will have multiple layers of anti-reflection and, therefore, will perform better than those binoculars with fewer coatings on them.


Any binocular that you will be looking at will either include a roof or a Porro prism. In general, Bak-4 or Barium Crown glass is considered the best glass to be used in binoculars. Bak-4 will give you improved light transmission and less internal reflection, therefore giving you a crisper and brighter picture overall. Bak-7 glass prisms are the most widely used in binoculars on the market right now.

Although Bak-7 is not as high of quality as Bak-4, it’s still optical glass and is still an excellent choice for sharp and bright optics in your binoculars. If you’re on a budget, then the best option would be to go for a Porro prism. Porro Prisms do not need extra coatings that would be needed on roof prisms, so you will be able to get a good picture quality for a budget price.

ED Glass

Beautiful woman traveler

Having ED glass, or Extra Low Dispersion Glass, included in your binoculars, will ensure that any chromatic aberration or spherical aberration will be resolved and corrected. By mixing different materials and manufacturing techniques, ED glass helps to create a precise and high-quality picture. Even budget priced binoculars will include ED glass. ED glass, because of the manufacturing process, is also more resistant to temperature changes.

This will also increase image consistency when in different environments, and you can be assured that your picture is accurate each time you use your binoculars. However, you should be careful when purchasing binoculars with ED glass included. For instance, the material may be included in the binoculars, but if it’s not skillfully placed into the entire system, then you won’t see the benefits. Ensuring that you carefully research and read reviews on a particular pair is vital for this.

Field of View

Young Woman looking with binoculars In The Forest

A field of view means the different ways that the scenery you’re looking at is projected through your binoculars. It’s measured in feet or meters and describes the distance of view that you will be able to see. In general, having a field of view with a higher distance is better, so you can see more of the picture. This is especially important if you plan to use the binoculars on a wildlife safari or bird watching. Having a wider field of view will make it easier to follow animals that move quickly, for instance, a bird or a cheetah.

Weight and Compactability

When purchasing a pair of compact binoculars, one of the most important features will be the weight and if they’re small enough to suit your needs. Many of the binoculars listed above are incredibly lightweight, so you won’t even notice them in your handbag or backpack! Lightweight, compact binoculars are the best option if you plan to use them for long periods. Imagine spending hours watching wildlife on a safari and your binoculars weighing so much that you have eye strain and an aching arm!

Eye Relief

Eye relief refers to the distance between the eyepiece on the binocular and your eyes. This is a vital specification if you wear glasses. If you wear glasses, you can purchase binoculars with adjustable eyepieces so the lenses will position the eyepieces further from the eye relief distance. This means you can receive a sharp and clear image. Many binoculars will come with adjustable eyepieces so you can adjust them to suit your preferences. Basic binoculars will have eyecups that you can fold back or fold down depending on what you need.

Diopter Adjustment

Most high-quality binoculars, and a few that are mentioned on our list above, will include a Diopter Adjustment. This means that you will be able to focus on one eyepiece for a clearer and crisper picture. Many of us have slight differences in sight between both of our eyes. The Diopter Adjustment will compensate for this, and provide you with the same, perfect picture in both eyes. Having a diopter adjustment is also a great feature when you’re sharing your binoculars with someone else. It will give you more freedom to adjust the picture to suit everyone’s needs.

And there you have our list of Top 10 best compact binoculars and a detailed buying guide to assist you with finding the perfect pair for you. No doubt, after reading this article, you will know exactly what features you will need for your particular activity. Have fun purchasing the best compact binoculars!

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