The Best Hiking Underwear in 2020

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Underwear is one of the most important pieces of clothing when choosing your hiking outfit, yet it’s probably the most overlooked item too. The right pair of underwear while hiking will ensure that you stay dry, cool, and comfortable. We believe it’s worth taking the time to decide what type is right for you and also spending a little extra money to ensure maximum comfort.

You will thank us after that long, strenuous hiking trip when antimicrobial material will help you smell better and feel better after sweating all day long! Here we have compiled a list of our favorite ten pairs, and this is also followed by a brief explanation of the top properties you should be looking for when purchasing your hiking underwear.

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1. Thermajohn Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear

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Number one on our list of Top 10 best hiking underwear is the Thermajohn Ultra Soft thermal brief set. These are the pair that we have also named the Best Overall in terms of price, features, and comfort. The Thermajohn underwear is a pair of men’s thermal underwear that is lightweight and comfortable and made of poly-spandex material.

This means that it will ensure that it will keep you warm but is also moisture-wicking to stop sweat from building up. So you can wear this thermal underwear set all day without getting sticky or clammy! It’s a set of top and bottoms to ensure your whole body is kept warm while out hiking in cold weather. It includes odor control within the fabric to prevent smells from building up while you are hiking or being active.

No need to worry about these thermal underwear smelling after a long day out in nature. The fabric is not only comfortable but highly stretchable. This means it’s the perfect thing to wear under hiking clothes, gyms clothes or for any other activity in which you will be moving around a lot.

+ Budget Price
+ Moisture Wicking material
+ Stretchy material

Why We Like It – The Thermajohn thermal pair of underwear is perfect as hiking underwear. They keep you warm, stop you from sweating too much, and are comfortable enough that you can move around freely in them!

2. Smartwool Merino Wool Performance Underwear

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Next up on our list are the pair that we believe are the most premium quality compared to the rest mentioned here. The Smartwool Merino are merino wool 12 nylon underwear. This means they lock in the heat to keep you warm when you are out in cold weather. These merino 150 boxer briefs are incredibly comfortable with flatlock seam construction that minimizes chafing.

This means that you don’t have to worry about wearing these boxer briefs when you’re out all day hiking, trekking or rock climbing. They are so comfortable. you’ll forget you are wearing them! They also include merino lined, 1.5 inches wide elastic waistband for maximum comfort. The merino fabric also ensures that they are lightweight, so even though they keep in the heat insulation, you won’t feel too hot or sweaty in these boxer briefs! They help to regulate the body temperature, so you are never too hot or too cold.

+ Available in a variety of colors and patterns
+ Smartwool Merino material
+ Comfortable and moveable material

Why We Like It – The Smartwool Merino 150 boxer briefs are amazing at regulating body heat. This means you will never have to worry about being too cold or too hot in these briefs!

3. New Balance Boxer Brief

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Number three on our list, and the choice we have labeled as Great Value, are the New Balance Boxer briefs. These briefs are made from 90% Polyester and 10% spandex, making them a comfortable but a budget choice for hiking or trekking. The Spandex included means the briefs are breathable enough to use when you are active and maybe sweating. A lightweight and stretchy material means that these briefs will support you in every movement.

So you don’t have to worry about these boxer briefs being too restrictive when you’re being active! The New Balance boxer briefs include a quick-wicking design and mesh gusset, which ensures that any sweat that occurs is moved away from the body to keep you cool and dry. This makes the New Balance boxer briefs a perfect budget choice within the list of best hiking underwear! They are perfect for going to the gym, hiking, trekking or skiing. They include an elastic waistband for maximum comfort.

+ Budget Price
+ Comfortable material
+ Moisture wick design

Why We Like It – The New Balance pair is a great choice for those that are on a budget but do not want to miss out on features that other hiking briefs have!

4. Champion Boxer Briefs All Day Comfort

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Number 4 on our list is the Champion All-day comfort travel underwear. The Champion boxer briefs have a moisture-wicking material included, making them the perfect choice for going to the gym or for any other strenuous activities. For a budget price, you have five pairs of underwear included in the pack, in black, grey, and navy. They are marketed as “no ride up,” making them perfect for when you will be moving around a lot, for instance, on a long hike in nature! This no ride up feature is great for maximum comfort when you are out hiking.

+ Budget Price
+ Moisture Wicking material
+ Maximum comfort for walking

Why We Like It – The Champion Boxer Briefs All-day comfort hiking underwear is one of the best hiking underwear in terms of comfort. They include a “no ride up” feature, which is perfect when you are going to be walking all day and want your hiking underwear to be comfortable!

5. Adidas Sport Performance ClimaCool Underwear

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Next up, we have the Adidas Sport Performance ClimaCool hiking underwear. These boxers have the appeal of being from a very famous sports brand, but they also have many features, making them one of the best hiking underwear for you! They are sold in up to 16 different colors, and patterns, meaning anyone with any taste will be able to find their perfect pair among the Adidas ClimaCool underwear! The Adidas travelling underwear have quick-drying material that can easily be machine washed.

When you’re off camping for the weekend, don’t worry about waiting for your underwear to dry! Climacool briefs are one of the best hiking choices in terms of comfort. The material offers a lot of breathability for when you’re being active through all-over micro mesh fabric. The 12 nylon and merino wool material, along with the soft waistband and stitching, make the Adidas Sport Performance Climacool underwear one of the most comfortable on our list provided here.

+ Merino wool material
+ Very comfortable
+ Variety of colors

Why We Like It – The Adidas ClimaCool is one of the best underwear for comfort while hiking, at the gym, or doing any other strenuous activities. The Merino wool material makes them a very comfortable choice for everyone!

6. Hanes Sports-Inspired Cool Dri Boxer Brief

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The Hanes Sports-Inspired Cool Dri Boxer Briefs are number six on our list of best hiking underwear. They are sold in a variety of colors and prices, depending on the number you want in a pack. So everyone will be satisfied by color or price with the Hanes briefs! The Hanes underwear are made from 100% cotton, which means they’re high quality and very comfortable!

Although they may not be quick drying because of this, the higher quality material is worth the extra wait for them to dry! They also include elasticated leg bands. This means that the boxer briefs will not ride up when you are at the gym, cycling, hiking, or running. This means they are one of the best choices in underwear for those who are always active! The Hanes underwear are also a great choice for those on a budget!

+ Budget Price
+ No ride up leg band
+ Variety of colors

Why We Like It – We love the Hanes Sports-Inspired boxer briefs because they are a great choice for those who are on a budget but also want boxers that are of high quality!

7. PUMA Tech Boxer Brief

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The Puma Tech Boxer briefs are number seven on our list, and amazingly, they are sold in 28 varieties of colors and patterns. This means there is definitely a perfect choice among these for everyone! The Puma underwear is made from 85% Polyester and 15% spandex, meaning they are comfortable and quick drying. They are the perfect choice if you’re traveling for the weekend and don’t want to spend time waiting for your underwear to dry!

The material is also incredibly durable, stretchy, and breathable. This means they are a great choice if you’re going to be hiking in rough terrain or weather where you will be sweating a lot. Although they don’t include merino material, they are still a great choice for those looking for the best underwear for outdoor sports or hiking.

+ Budget Price
+ Breathable material
+ Variety of colors

Why We Like It – The budget price and variety of colors and patterns make this an ideal choice for those who want options!

8. LAPASA Quick-Dry Travel Underwear

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Number eight on our list is the Lapasa Quick drying underwear. The Lapasa briefs are perfect if you’re going on a trip and need clothes that will dry very quickly. Not only is this 13 nylon material moisture wicking, but it’s also very breathable. This means that if you’re wearing the Lapasa underwear while hiking, they will help to prevent sweating. The mesh material they are made from is extremely comfortable, and very durable, also.

The waistband of the Lapasa underwear is made from merino wool, making it more comfortable. The Lapasa 150 boxer briefs are form-fitting, meaning you can move around freely in these briefs without worrying about lack of support. The flatlock seams on the Lapasa travel underwear offer excellent comfort and will prevent rubbing or chaffing while you are active.

+ Budget Price
+ Moisture wicking material
+ Breathable material

Why We Like It – The Lapasa quick drying underwear is a great choice for those who are traveling and need their underwear to dry quickly. The flatlock seams on the Lapasas are also extremely comfortable!

9. ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Brief

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Number nine on our list of best hiking underwear is the Exofficio give-n-go boxer brief. Made from 94% nylon and 6% elastane, the Exofficio boxer briefs are breathable and stretchable for maximum comfort. Although they do not include merino wool, they are a great choice for those who will be taking part in active sports.

They are moisture-wicking to ensure that, if you’re sweating, they will not be too uncomfortable and will improve airflow while you move, keeping you dry. The flatlock seams are very comfortable also. The Exofficio Give-n-go boxers actually include antimicrobial properties that will keep your boxers fresher for a much longer period of time.

The waistband on the ExOfficio give-n-go boxers is stretchable to improve comfort, yet retain shape. This means they are extremely durable. You don’t have to worry about these boxers needing replacing in a few month’s time! They are extremely quick-drying, and will be ready to wear within hours after washing them! This makes them the perfect pair for traveling or camping.

+ Budget price
+ Breathable material
+ Comfortable Flatlock seams

Why We Like It – The Exofficio boxers include antimicrobial properties to reduce odor within the boxers. This makes them perfect for weekend trips away when you’ll be active for many hours in the day!

10. Reebok Performance Quick Dry Boxer Briefs

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Last up on our list is the Reebok quick-drying underwear. They are made from 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. Although they are not made from the highest quality of materials such as 87 Merino wool, or any other type of merino wool, the Reebok quick-dry boxers are still a great choice for many who are looking for traveling or hiking underwear.

They provide added support to reduce chaffing and friction, making them perfect for wearing to the gym or when out for a run or a hike. They are tag-free, and the stitching is made from a very comfortable material. The Reebok Performance boxers are made from underwear quick dry material that keeps sweat away from your body, so you are cool and comfortable while out running or hiking. They can easily be machine washed and completely dry in a few hours, which is perfect if you’re on a weekend trip away in the countryside!

+ Quick drying material
+ Extra support included
+ Easily machine washed

Why We Like It – The Reebok quick dry briefs are a great budget choice for those that don’t want to spend too much money but also want a pair of high-quality hiking boxers!

Hiking Underwear Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen our top 10 best hiking underwear, we hope you have more of an idea of which pair is the right choice for you! However, we know that it can still be difficult to make the decision. So, below we’ve listed a few of the top things that you need to think about before purchasing your hiking underwear! We’re sure that, after this, you will be ready to make the right purchase for you!

Moisture Wicking or Quick Dry Underwear

Woman hiking

This is one of the best features you will want to have in your choice of hiking underwear. Although cotton is an extremely comfortable and high-quality material, moisture-wicking materials are best for when you are active or traveling. The material will be breathable, so you won’t feel too sweaty while you out hiking or running. 87 Merino wool or any other type of merino wool is the best choice for this.

Merino wool will ensure that the sweat will be kept away from your body while you’re active, meaning you will stay dry, cool, and comfortable for the whole day. Merino wool can be a little bit more expensive than other materials, but we believe it’s worth paying the extra money for it. Many hiking or traveling boxers on the market today will be made from Merino 150, or another type of merino wool.

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials, such as nylon or polyester, can also provide moisture-wicking or quick dry features. These materials are also much cheaper to produce than Merino wool, so are the best choice if you are on a budget! Synthetic materials like nylon and polyester are also much more durable than Merino 150 wool or other fabrics like that.

So if you’re looking for a pair of hiking underwear that you will be able to wear during strenuous adventure sports activities, and that won’t need to be replaced regularly, then a product made from synthetic materials is your best choice. However, these materials are definitely not as soft as materials such as merino, but we believe they are still very comfortable to wear.

Antimicrobial Properties

Group of people hiking

Many hiking or traveling underwear on the market today feature antimicrobial properties. This means that they are odor-resistant, or will at least help keep the odor at bay for several hours. A material like merino wool is naturally odor-resistant, so if this is something that you worry about, choose a pair that is made from this material.

Synthetic materials don’t naturally come with odor-resistant features. However, many manufacturers will treat the materials, so they offer this. If this is a feature that’s important for you when it comes to your hiking underwear, then merino wool is the best fabric choice for you.

Machine Washable or Not

Whether your hiking or traveling underwear is machine washable or not is an important thing to think about. If you know that you will be traveling out in nature, or camping, without access to a washing machine, then you need to know the appropriate care for them. Merino wool generally needs a lot more care than synthetic materials, and will not be able to be machine washed.

With synthetic materials, you don’t need to think so much about the care, and they will be able to withstand being washed in the machine. However, because merino wool has natural odor-resistant properties, it does not need to be washed as vigorously as synthetic materials. So perhaps if you will be far away from all washing facilities, merino wool could be the choice for you. If you require hiking underwear that needs to be easily machine washed, synthetic materials ar the way to go.

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