10 Best Heated Socks in 2020

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If you suffer from serious cold feet or are about to embark on an outdoor adventure in cold weather, then a pair of heated socks will be your best friend! Within this list of the best heated socks, we have found not just regular thermal socks, but also socks that have electric heated systems attached. With many luxurious socks to choose from, your feet will never be chilly again!

Many of the heated socks listed below come in a variety of colors, materials and also include many heat settings to choose from. So, if one day you’re out in the snow, or you’re just chilling at home on a winter’s day, these electric heated socks will be able to help keep your feet warm, no matter the environment. These socks will be a perfect partner for hiking or camping in cold weather, ensuring you never get cold feet!

To help you decide on the best pair of heated socks for you, we have compiled a condensed list of ten best heated socks and why. Following this, we’ve included a buyer’s guide for things that you need to look out for when buying your preferred pair of heated socks to keep your feet warm.

View The Best Heated Socks Below

1. XBUTY Heated Socks

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Number one on our list and the pair we’ve rated as the Best Overall electric heated socks to buy are the XBUTY heated socks. The XBUTYs heated socks amazingly include up to 16 hours of heat on a single charge. These rechargeable heated socks are equipped with two rechargeable 4800mAh large batteries, meaning you never have to worry about them running out of charge while on your expedition! They will be able to warm your feet throughout the entire trip.

The XBUTY socks have three heat settings to choose from, depending on your preferences and the environment. With high heat, medium heat, and low heat, the XBUTY socks will be able to keep your toes warm and at the perfect temperature, no matter the environment. The material of the XBUTY socks is of premium quality, including a premium alloy heating wire rather than the traditional carbon fiber heating.

These socks are made from combed cotton and A-grade Spandex, making them incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods. Reviews have noted how comfortable the material is, and the amazing thing is that they can be machine washed. The battery for the heating system sits at the side of the sock, and is so light that you won’t even feel it against your feet.

+ Heat within 1-2 minutes
+ Comfortable and high quality material
+ Machine washable

Why We Like It – We love the long-lasting battery life of 16 hours. You never have to worry about your heated socks running out of battery while out on the road, meaning you can keep warm feet for longer periods of time.

2. SNOW DEER Heated Socks

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Next up on the list, and the pair that we have titled the most Premium Quality, are the Snow Deer heated socks. This pair is made from 80% cotton, 12% polyester, and 8% Elastane material, making these incredibly comfortable to wear while walking, running or camping. The material ensures that they are breathable, warm, and quick-drying.

The Snow Deer socks include a pair of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that will last up to 5-7 hours on the lowest heat setting and two hours on the highest heat setting. Although they don’t provide the longest charge out of the list, two hours on the highest heating setting is sufficient to ensure that your toes are kept warm on your hike or while hunting.

And if you need them for longer, you can always keep another pair of batteries on hand. Three different settings are included in the Snow Deer heated socks and these can be easily adjusted. There is also a padded heel and toe for extra comfort while being active while out in the cold!

+ Breathable material
+ Three different heat settings
+ Budget price

Why We Like It – The Snow Deer socks are incredibly comfortable and perfect for long hikes or expeditions in cold weather, when you need to warm up your feet!

3. Bymore Heated Socks

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Number 3 on our list of best heated socks, and the pair we think are the Best Value, are the Bymore heated socks. These socks are marketed as comfortable with a highly breathable material. They are perfect for when you’re walking in the cold but also keep sweat away with a moisture wicking layer. They will also be a great partner if you suffer from cold feet while in your home during the winter!

The Bymore socks are up to 8.3-9.5 inches high and 2-3.5 inches elastic wide, meaning you can find the perfect pair no matter your foot size. They leave no room for the cold to reach your legs. The Bymore heated socks are the perfect pair for hiking, cycling, skiing, camping, and other active outdoor activities. The battery life on the Bymore heated socks will last for almost 10 hours on the lowest heat setting! There’s no more worrying about cold feet while out on a long hike!

+ Budget price
+ Highly comfortable and breathable material
+ Extra-long to keep legs warm too

Why We Like It – The sweat proof material makes the Bymore socks the perfect pair for active activities in cold weather.

4. EEIEER Heated Socks

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Next up on the list are the EEIEER heated socks. The EEIEER heated socks are made with moisture-wicking material and Spandex interlock fabric that conforms to your feet. These socks are very comfortable if you’re using them during active excursions in cold weather. Each heated sock includes a 4000mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

The lithium powers are lightweight, slim, and they easily clip onto the top of the socks. You will forget you’re even wearing them! The battery life of the EEIEER socks is one of the best on the list, with up to 17 hours on a single charge. No need to worry about recharging while you are out on an excursion; these socks will warm your feet for the entirety of the trip!

These heated socks come in average unisex sizing so that everyone can find the perfect pair for their size. There are three heat settings, so no matter where you are and what you are doing, you can set the perfect heat and keep your feet nice and warm! Reviews have also mentioned how easily washed these socks are.

+ Moisture-wicking material
+ Comfortable material
+ Easily washed

Why We Like It – The long-lasting charge of up to 17 hours means you don’t have to worry about recharging while out on a long hike or camping trip! These heated socks will last throughout your excursion.

5. Rabbitroom Heated Socks

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The Rabbitroom heated socks are cotton thermal socks for women who suffer from very cold feet! The Rabbitroom socks are powered a pair of 3.7V rechargeable batteries and heat up to a temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The rechargeable electrical system will last for almost 10 hours on one single charge!

These socks will definitely warm your feet for a significant amount of time while you’re hiking or camping. With three different heating settings and very comfortable and soft material, these socks are perfect for women who suffer from chronic cold feet.

They’re made of cotton polyester spandex material, so they are also breathable to ensure your feet won’t sweat too much when out walking or hiking in cold weather. Reviews have noted that these socks particularly help with Raynaud’s or chronic circulation issues by improving blood circulation in your feet.

Perfect for those with smaller feet
Three different heat settings to keep feet toasty
Breathable material

Why We Like It – The Rabbitroom socks are a perfect fit for those with smaller feet who suffer from cold toes.

6. QILOVE Rechargeable Heated Socks

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Number six on our list of best heated socks is the QILOVE rechargeable socks. The heated QILOVE socks include three different heating settings that allow you to choose how hot you want your feet to be. The heating system is discreet, lightweight, and easy to use. It includes a 3.7 volt heating system.

The amazing thing about these socks is that they heat up in less than a minute, so no need to wait around before putting them on! The heated QILOVEs are machine washable for maximum ease of use. The battery in the heated QILOVE socks will last for up to four hours at the highest heat setting, perfect amount of time for a long hike out in the cold!

+ Heats up in less than a minute
+ Machine washable
+ Rechargeable batteries

Why We Like It – Heating up in less than a minute is perfect for those that need to quickly rush out the door but keep their feet at a warm temperature!

7. Begleri Heated Socks

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Number 7 on the list is the Belgleri heated socks. The heated Begleri socks include a new, rechargeable Li-ion, 4000mAh battery, meaning they remain charged for up to 19 hours. The heated Begleri socks are designed with thick cotton, meaning they not only keep all the heat in but are also incredibly soft and comfortable!

These socks also come with up to two years guarantee. Amazingly, the Begleri socks come with Overcharge and Overcurrent protection, making them a lot safer than most similar products on the market. So, if you have any problems or are not satisfied for any reason, you will get an immediate refund.

+ Overcharge and Overcurrent protection
+ Up to 19 hours of charge
+ High-quality cotton material

Why We Like It – The amazing long-lasting battery life of up to 19 hours ensures you will never be stuck without charge on your heated socks again!

8. Jomst Heated Socks

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Number 8 is the Jomst pair of heated socks. This pair of heated socks has been upgraded to use carbon fiber heating elements all around both the forefoot and instep, to ensure maximum heat for your feet! The Jomst heating socks are made from high-quality cotton fiber, making them comfortable, warm, breathable, and quick-drying! They also include a padded reinforced heel and toe for maximum comfort.

The Jomst socks include a pair of 3.7V 2200mAh rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, meaning they can last up to 4 hours on a single charge. Although that’s much lower than the standard 10 hours charge, 4 hours is still a perfect amount of time to warm your feet while out on a trek! These socks are perfect for hiking, camping, or long walks in the cold!

+ Budget price
+ Up to 4 hours of battery life
+ Rechargeable batteries

Why We Like It – The Jomst heated socks have heating elements that surround and heat your entire foot!

9. Gamegie Battery Heated Socks

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Number nine on our list is the Gamegie Battey Heated socks. The Gamegie socks are available in a variety of colors and are made of breathable, yet heat insulating material. These heated socks are made with comb cotton, and they include a pouch in which you can insert the waterproof battery.

Each sock includes a rechargeable battery, as well as the global charger than can charge both at the same time. The battery charger has a light indicator that shows you when the battery has completely charged. The Gamegie battery heated socks include 3.7v 40000mAh, rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries, which means that they will last for up to 19 hours on a single charge.

The Gamegie socks also include carbon fiber heating to ensure maximum heat circulation through the system. These socks have enlarged the areas that include the heating elements to reach your feet soles also. This development ensures that your entire foot stays completely warm in those cold environments, and not just your toes! Sole heating also ensures that the tops of your feet do not become too sensitive from the heat!

+ Sole heating instead of instep heating
+ Breathable, yet heat-insulating material
+ Come in a variety of colors

Why We Like It – The ability to heat the soles of your feet is an excellent feature of the Gamegie warming socks to ensure your keep your entire feet warm!

10. Autocastle Electric Battery Heated Socks

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Last on our list of best-heated socks are the Autocastle Electric Battery heated socks. This pair of battery heated socks are made from Spandex, a great material for both comfort and heat insulation. The highest temperature of the Autocastle heated socks is 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the perfect temperature for when trekking, hiking, or camping in very cold environments!

The Autocastle heat socks include a 3.7v/2200mAh battery for the heated system. Although this is not the most powerful battery in comparison to others mentioned on the list, the Autocastle heated socks will still be able to hold their charge for up to 7 hours. This gives you plenty of time to venture out on that long hike!

+ Charge of up to 7 hours
+ Heat insulating material
+ Budget Price

Why We Like It – The Autocastle socks are perfect for those looking for heated socks on a budget!

Heated Socks Buyer’s Guide

We know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect pair of heated socks for you. There are a lot of things to think about, including the price, heat setting, length of charge, and material of the socks. Here we have compiled a comprehensive list of what features you need to think about before you buy your pair, with a detailed description on each.


New socks on a grey table

Choosing the right material for you is essential to ensure that your warming socks will be comfortable for your feet, and you can wear them for long periods, even while on active excursions. Spandex and cotton are great materials for heat insulation, ensuring your toes stay warm even after your socks run out of battery. Many socks will also use material that will ensure your feet are warm, but do not get too sweaty while out and about.


How powerful a battery pack you’ll need depends on your specific needs. If you want battery heated socks while at home chilling out, or on a short camping trip where electricity will be available, then it won’t matter too much if you purchase a pair with shorter battery life.

However, if you plan to venture out on long treks and hikes and need the battery to last for numerous hours, it is definitely worth paying a bit extra for socks with a long-lasting charge of around 16-19 hours. If you are on a budget, then at least purchase a pair of heated socks that will last at least 10 hours with their battery pack.

Having a rechargeable battery with your socks is also critical so you don’t have to constantly worry about purchasing a new battery every time you run out of power. Choose heated socks that are made with a sturdy and durable battery pack, which does not take much time to recharge, and you can keep your feet warmer for longer!

Temperature Control

Warming and relaxing near fireplace. Woman feet near the cup of hot drink in front of fire.

It’s important to note that not all electric heated socks will come with temperature control, unlike the ones we have mentioned on our Top 10 best heated socks list. Cheaper options may only come with one temperature setting, so you will not be able to decrease or increase how warm your feet are. It’s definitely worth paying a few extra dollars to have a variety of heat settings included.

This means the heating socks will be much more versatile, and you will be able to use them in more than one situation or environment, depending on your heat needs. Your heat requirements will always change and fluctuate depending on where you are, and your heated socks should be able to adapt to this.

Machine Washable or not

Socks on a washing line

Some of the best heated socks will be machine washable. However many will need to be hand washed. Again, your preference depends on your personal needs and whether machine washable socks would be important for you or not.

Due to the fragile nature of heated socks and the battery pack, we always advise making sure the instructions clearly state the socks can be washed in a washing machine before doing so. Should you wish to ensure that you keep your electric heated socks to the highest quality for much longer, then hand washing would be advised.

Remote Control

Some heated socks come with remote control, so you can control the heat temperature without having to bend down and take off your shoes! Socks with a remote control feature would be amazing for those on long hikes or treks who don’t want to stop every time they need to decrease or increase the heat of their socks. However, having a remote control included is likely to bump up the price a fair bit, so it’s worth thinking about whether this is an important feature for you or not when it comes to socks.

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