Best GPS Watches of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Irrespective of whether you are a professional or beginner, the best GPS watch will undoubtedly improve your overall outdoor experience. A GPS watch is an excellent tool that helps in tracking your every move, no matter where you are.

A GPS watch also features a heart rate monitor and fitness tracker. Both features work together to improve your overall fitness activities. These fitness activities include running, swimming, cycling, hiking, among others.

For easier buying decisions, we have provided you with a review of the top 15 GPS watches available in the market. Additionally, there’s a guide on the factors you must consider before buying the best GPS fitness watch.

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1. Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch

Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch


The Garmin Instinct is a perfect combination of a high price, rugged exterior, and hands-on outdoors features. It is designed for those who enjoy various outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, running, adventurers, or even riding a bicycle.

This GPS watch is durable and built to last, as it is made from a sturdy polymer material. Also, it has a military-grade casing that makes it water, thermal, and shock-resistant. It can resist temperatures of about 60 degrees, water depth of up to 100m, and drop from as high as 122cm.

Besides, this watch is equipped with a heart rate sensor that aids in monitoring the condition of your heart during swimming, running, and hiking, among others. The sensor does this by checking your stress level, amount of calories burned, measuring your sleep, and determining the rate of your heart.

In terms of connectivity, this rugged outdoor watch is compatible with several devices. You can conveniently pair it with a smartphone to receive and show notifications such as WhatsApp messages, incoming calls, and email messages. Even more, you can pair it with your Android smartphone to answer and reject calls.

Additionally, you can pair this GPS watch with Garmin inReach-mini communicator. This satellite communicator allows you to type messages or send preset messages directly from your watch. Also, it is compatible with Garmin Connect, Garmin Astro, Garmin Alpha, and other Garmin products.

Other features that make the Garmin Instinct one of the best GPS watches include a scratch-proof screen with excellent readability. It’s worth mentioning that it comes with a battery capable of lasting up to 16 hours of battery life in GPS mode and up to 40 hours in GPS ultra-track mode.

+ Water, thermal and shock-resistant
+ Provides precise and reliable GPS information
+ Easy to adjust and read
+ It is light in weight and comfy to wear

– It does not feature TOPO maps and Garmin pay

Why We Like It – This watch from Garmin comes with a barometric altimeter that helps you determine your exact altitude all the time. Even more, it has a GPS that features GLONASS and GPS Galileo. These features help ensure you do not get lost while mountain climbing, hiking, or hunting anywhere in the world.

2. Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5


Without a doubt, the Apple Watch Series 5 is one that stands out as one of the best smartwatch with GPS. This model is an upgrade of Series 4 as it comes with extra features that make it superior.

One notable and leading feature of this watch is its always-on screen. This feature saves you from the stress of always raising your hands for the screen to display information as it still shows details of your workouts.
There’s a near edge to edge OLED screen that is sharp, bright, and responsive. It has a touchscreen, a home button, a digital crown on its side, and a side button for switching apps and emergency call services.

Additionally, the Apple Series 5 features a new S5 processor for better efficiency. Also, there’s a low-power controller that helps save power due to the always-on screen and other features. It has a solar dial that shows you the sun’s movement as well as both digital and analog face that moves with it.

Another essential feature of this smartwatch is its noise detection ability. This watch is designed to notify you when the noise around you exceeds 90db. Even more, it is equipped with an altimeter and compass, which helps in detecting changes in elevation.

Besides, it has a fall detection ability that alerts you when you slip, trip, or fall. This feature then sends an alert to a selection of contacts and the appropriate emergency services if you fail to move for a specific period after falling.

Thanks to its Maps app and compass app, you can easily navigate through your surroundings as it shows you information like elevation, longitude, and incline. More so, you can add three-compass complications to the face of your watch, hence saving you the stress of always opening your app.

+ It has an always-on screen.
+ Excellent design with titanium finish
+ Comes with 32GB of onboard storage
+ International emergency calling feature
+ Unique health features and menstrual cycle tracking

– It is not compatible with Android OS

Why We Like It – When it comes to battery life, this GPS watch offers 18 hours when you are using GPS, running, or exercising. Also, women get to enjoy a unique menstrual cycle tracking feature that was only available on Fitbit devices.

3. Suunto Traverse Alpha

Suunto Traverse Alpha


If you are looking for a modern GPS watch specially designed for outdoor use, then the Suunto Traverse is just what you need. It is light in weight and provides several useful functions. Also, it features a durable and comfortable to wear band that is made from nylon.

This GPS watch comes with an integrated GPS distance and speed sensor, which helps you in accurate timekeeping and automatic Daylight Savings adjustments.

It also features a heart rate monitor, which helps you in keeping track of your everyday activity. It achieves this via tracking your steps and calories, while also working with the optional chest belt.

Additionally, its built-in GPS/GLONASS navigation system helps to pinpoint your location irrespective of your terrain precisely. It also has an integrated digital compass for improved navigation capabilities and features a north indicator needle having a compass accuracy of about 5°.

There’s also a shot detection feature that works automatically and helps in keeping track of the GPS coordinates of your specific location, when and where you shoot. It also comes with various sports modes like fishing, hiking, and hunting and provides sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset times, depending on your current location.

The Suunto Traverse Alpha is compatible with a good number of smartphones. It supports Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to transfer data as well as USB connectivity wirelessly. Even more, it is compatible with the Suunto Moves Count App and other online communities too.

Other unique features of this GPS watch includes the built-in storm alarm system and trend indicator. Both features help in providing added security for you, when you are out for an adventure or other outdoor activities.

Besides, it is water-resistant, which makes it suitable for hunting and fishing. It also comes with Google Earth Integration that allows you to transfer data conveniently to and from Google Earth.

+ It is durable
+ Compatible with several smart devices
+ Excellent battery life
+ Available in six different colors

– It is a bit pricey

Why We Like It – This GPS watch comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery that is capable of lasting for up to 14 days on normal watch mode and up to a whopping 100 hours in GPS mode. It also supports charging via a USB cable.

4. Garmin Forerunner 35 Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner 35 Running Watch


This running watch is a stylish and user-friendly watch suitable for those who want to share their fitness progress. It is helpful in tracking walks, bike rides, run, and viewing your continuous and resting heart rate and your heart rate zones too.

This GPS running watch is 5ATM rated, which makes it water-resistant and suitable for swimming. It has two buttons on the right for selecting and starting a workout and for navigating through the menu items. While on the left side, it has a button for putting on the backlight.

The Garmin Forerunner 35 is equipped with Gramin’s Elevate technology that makes it possible to monitor your heart rate directly from your wrist. With this technology, you will not have to go through the stress of putting on a chest strap before starting every run.

More so, it also assists the unit to measure your heart rate all through the day comfortably. There’s also an LCD monochrome display that is easy to use and has great readability. The screen displays alarms, battery life, date, and time.

The Forerunner 35 is compatible with both iOS and Android. However, you will have to download the Garmin Connect app directly from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and then connect using Bluetooth. After pairing, you can then view highs, the lows, and weather.

Furthermore, it features a GPS, an accelerometer, and a heart rate monitor that allows you to track distance, calories, steps, and distance. Other activity tracking includes Cardio, Bike, Walk, Run Indoor, and Run Outdoor.

Additionally, this GPS watch comes with a music feature that allows you to listen to any music of your choice while you work out. You also get to receive notifications each time you get an email, text, auto-lap, and distance.

Another key feature that makes this watch stand out as one of the best GPS smartwatch is the auto-pause and auto-lap feature. These features automatically record laps and automatically stops when you stop running.

+ It supports smartphone notifications
+ Wrist heart rate measurement
+ It has a great battery life
+ Compatible with Android and iOS

– Not suitable for tracking swimming

Why We Like It – This Garmin GPS watch has a virtual pacer that alerts each time you are slower or faster than your set pace. It has a battery life of 9 days in watch mode and 13 hours in training mode.

5. Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Running Watch


The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a lightweight GPS running watch that comes with a wrist-based heart rate monitoring feature. In terms of tracking performance, this GPS is excellent thanks to its sleep monitor and 24 hours’ activity tracker.

It features a detachable wrist strap that is perforated; hence making it less sweaty run and comfortable to use. Also, it is resistant to water and is suitable for use in the shower, for minor swimming and playing in the rain.

This GPS watch comes equipped with both the GPS and GLONASS that helps in tracking movements and distance. With its integrated accelerometer, it accurately measures pace data and movement, whether you are on a static bike or a treadmill.

Even more, Forerunner 235 is excellent at tracking heart rate during exercises and normal wear via its in-built optical sensor. It uses light to measure blood volume and displays it on the screen of the watch. Also, a graph showing your daily heart rate information is available via the Garmin Connect App.

Additionally, it is equipped with several smart features that make it one of the best GPS running watches. It allows you to receive notifications, such as emails, text messages, incoming calls, and even control your music directly from your watch via a Bluetooth connection.

Besides, it comes with a proto store which is called Connect IQ. This app allows you to find over a hundred widgets and watch faces to download for your Forerunner 235 GPS watch. Also, it is useful in tracking your sleep showing the time in light and deep sleep as well as length of sleep.

Finally, this Garmin GPS watch is charged using a USB charging cord and requires about 2-hours to get to full charge. Once charged, this GPS watch is capable of lasting up to 11 hours in GPS mode and nine days in smartwatch mode.

+ Offers high GPS Accuracy
+ Features a customizable interface
+ Compatible with both ANT+ and Bluetooth
+ It is easy to read even in sunlight

– Irregular syncing issues

Why We Like It – The Forerunner 235 is compatible with both ANT+ and Bluetooth. This feature makes it possible for you to use it with an ANT+ chest strap and Bluetooth HR chest strap. It also allows you to enjoy other smart features too.

6. GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder


The GolfBuddy Voice 2 is a small, light, easy to use, and accurate golf GPS that is an upgrade to the famous Golf Buddy Voice. It is available in black, pink, and blue colors, which helps the golfer’s preference.

This golf rangefinder has a multilingual GPS voice and shot distance measurement feature. It comes with eight preloaded languages and supports up to 11 languages in the watch. More so, it provides you with the option of choosing between female and male GPS voice options.

It is easy to set up and provides both, hole recognition and automatic course recognition. It precisely tracks all course hazards and yardages. Also, it gives you the option of choosing between whether to use audio mode or silent mode.

Additionally, it features an LED screen capable of displaying four different modes. Firstly, you will get to see the distance to the back, front, and center of the green.

Next, you get a green view that shows you the angle of approach and shape of the green. Similarly, it will also show you the number of the hole and par number alongside the left/right green.

Besides, it is equipped with a timer mode that provides accurate information about how long you have been golfing. Also, with extra external accessories, you can wear this golf GPS watch on your belt, keychain, or wrist.

The Voice 2 Golf Rangefinder comes preloaded with over 38,000 golf courses and additional space for up to 5,000 more. It has a manual override feature that allows you to select any hole you are on at every point manually.

+ Supports up to 11 languages
+ It is water-resistant
+ Offers 14-hour battery time
+ It features both male and female GPS voice options

– It does not have slope measurement

Why We Like It – With a 1-inch display, this watch is very portable and can fit in almost anywhere. It is suitable for different weather conditions, either raining season or winter. More so, it has a lithium polymer battery that is rechargeable and capable of lasting up to 14 hours.

7. Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS


The Foretrex 401 hiking watch is a thin wrist-mounted GPS navigator that is ideal for all outdoor activities that often require the use of both hands. It is light in weight and suitable for campers, skiers, and hikers.

This hiking watch is IPX7 rated, which makes it resistant to water of up to 1.5m deep. It comes with highly delicate features like a barometric altimeter and electronic compass, all integrated into straps that are worn on the wrist like standard wristwatches.

Even more, it has a clear and readable display that allows you to view information easily. There’s also a dual-position readout that shows hikers their location, elevation, and moving average. It shows all these details in several formats too.

Additionally, it comes with a GPS that features HotFix, which helps the GPS to receive signals in any location. Whether you are in the deepest canyons, on the highest mountains, or in a thick covered wooded area, you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Even more, the Garmin Foretrex 401 features a digital compass and a barometric altimeter that aids you in keeping track of your altitude and bearing. If you love multi-functionality, this watch allows you to link it to a heart rate monitor or cadence sensor.

Besides, there’s a Trackback feature that allows you to trace back your path hence helping to prevent you from getting lost. It tracks each path you follow and represent it using a dotted line shown on the watch’s screen.

Another exciting feature that makes this watch stand out as one of the best GPS watch is its ability to store routes. This hiking watch stores the paths of your most favorite places and also gives you hunting information, fishing information, and sunrise or sunset time.

+ Provides both fishing and hunting information
+ It has a trackback feature for easy path retracing
+ Provides dual-position readouts

– It has a large watch face

Why We Like It – For easy data sharing, you can send and receive data either via wireless connectivity or USB to your computer. It also comes preloaded with about 10,000 tracks that help provide useful information. In terms of battery life, this GPS watch offers 17 hours in GPS mode.

8. Garmin Forerunner 25

Garmin Forerunner 25


The Forerunner 25 is light in weight and has a large display having big and easy to read numbers. It is readily available in four color combinations, with each combination slightly different in size.

It features an integrated GPS that helps in tracking distance and pace. Also, it has an accelerometer that is helpful in tracking distance traveled, sleep at night, and calories burned. It features a live tracker that allows the quick sharing of your run on a map, hence making it possible for friends and family to monitor your progress.

Even more, this GPS watch’s signal is strong enough to accurately track how fast, where you run to, and how far you run. Whether you are under a tree or in between tall buildings, this GPS watch will track the precise information.

In terms of connectivity, it allows you to wirelessly upload all your runs to the Garmin Connect Mobile app and then share the information with your social media platform. You also get to receive smartphone notifications when you receive text messages, emails, calendar alerts, and calls.

Additionally, this GPS watch offers different run modes. It comes with an auto-pause feature automatically stops the watch from tracking each time you stop moving, making it useful when you get to the traffic lights.
Since battery life is a vital feature of a good GPS watch, the Forerunner 25 also takes it seriously. It provides 10 hours of battery life in GPS mode and up to 10 weeks in standard watch mode.

+ Provides activity tracking all-day
+ Compatible with Bluetooth smartphone
+ Supports heart rate monitor
+ It has a long battery life

– It does not have a wrist-based heart rate monitor

Why We Like It – Forerunner 25 is resistant to water, which makes it suitable for tracking swimming data. It is equipped with an activity tracker that tracks your steps and reminds you of inactivity as well as assign step goals.

9. Garmin Forerunner 645 Music GPS Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music GPS Running Watch


The Forerunner 645 Music is a complete fitness watch that allows you to stream music using your Bluetooth headsets. This Garmin watch is arguably the best fitness watch with GPS available in the market. Like other Forerunner watches, it also has two right, and three left control buttons.

When paired with a Bluetooth headset device, you get to enjoy your local music. It also allows you to store up to 500 songs in its 4GB storage. With this GPS watch, you can leave your phone at home when you go out for jogging and still enjoy your favorite music.

The Forerunner 645 GPS watch features GPS and GLONASS that is useful in tracking distance, a Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate monitors, thermometers, barometric altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. The barometric altimeter provides information on both decline and incline measurement by using the changes in pressure to find the vertical oscillation.

Besides, it is water-resistant, which makes it capable of tracking all sports, including cycling, swimming, and running. Even more, for extra functionality, you can use it for snowboarding and skiing.

There’s also a training status feature that tells you when you are under or overtraining. It also has a training effect so that you know how your workouts affect your endurance and speed. Not to mention, a training load that helps compare the volume of your exercise to the optimum range of your training history.

Another unique feature of this GPS watch is that it comes with a menstrual cycle tracking feature that allows women to track their present cycle phase easily. Also, it helps in tracking both emotional and physical symptoms.

Besides, it has a Garmin Pay feature that allows users to make contactless payments by adding their card to the watch. You won’t need to always carry your wallet around again with this watch.

+ Feature Garmin pay for contactless payment
+ It is light in weight and readable
+ 4Gb storage capacity capable of storing 500 songs
+ Menstrual cycle tracking

– Poor battery life

Why We Like It – The Forerunner 645 Music is capable of providing up to 5 hours in GPS mode and one week in normal smartwatch mode.

10. TPolar M430 GPS Running Watch

Polar M430 GPS Running Watch


The Polar M430 comes as the first successor to the previous Polar M400. It is comfortable to wear and has a breathable strap. The breathable strap makes it great to wear for an extended period.

The M430 GPS watch features wrist-based optical HRM that is comfortable to wear on the wrist. The heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate all day round. It is accurate and gradually rises at the beginning of your workout with no flat lines.

More so, this watch is completely waterproof, which makes it suitable for swimming. However, the optical HRM works with less accuracy when in water. It is compatible with the Polar Flow free app that allows you to set targets and help you attain them.

Additionally, with the Polar Flow app, you can track and analyze the progress of your workouts. It also provides you a personalized and adaptable running plan. What’s more, it works perfectly on both Android and iOS.

There’s a built-in GPS that is great at tracking route, altitude, distance, and pace. In collaboration with the accelerometer, the GPS watch also records your sleep, calories burned, steps, time intervals, and finish time.
Also worth mentioning is that this GPS watch comes with an indoor running metrics. It helps track your indoor distance covered and pace, while working out on the treadmill.

Another feature included is a 24 hours’ activity tracking that notifies you each time you become inactive for an extended period. Also, you get to enjoy about 30 hours on low power GPS, 8 hours on regular GPS activity, and 20 days of activity tracking.

+ It has a wrist-based heart rate monitor
+ Features a built-in GPS
+ Suitable for indoor use
+ Polar Running Program

– Obsolete design

Why We Like It – This Polar GPS running watch is equipped with two tracking options for GPS. It has the high accuracy mode that beeps every second and the low-power mode that beeps after every 30 seconds.

11. Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch

Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch


The Bushnell Neo Ion 2 is an easy to use waterproof GPS watch. It comes with a simple and easy to read black and white screen. The display provides bold and visible size digits that are easy to glance at.

This GPS watch comes preloaded with over 36,000 courses from all over the world and features five languages. It is also available in two color variations, which are black/blue and silver/green.

This GPS watch is equipped with a reversible strap and Bluetooth connectivity for providing course updates. Its large screen shows various distances to the center, back and front of the green.

There’s an auto hole advance feature that allows the watch to identify the next hole and also display its stats automatically. More so, it will enable you to adjust it using the navigation button manually.

Additionally, it comes with an accurate shot distance feature that allows you to measure the shot distance of each hit accurately. Also, the watch begins receiving satellite connectivity minutes before the planned tee time.

Other features of this GPS watch include the alarms system, countdown timer, and stopwatch. Besides, it has an odometer and is capable of displaying the precise distances of up to four different layup/hazards areas.

+ It has an easy to read screen
+ Features an auto course recognition
+ More than 36,000 preloaded courses
+ Shot distance calculator feature

– Some users reported having trouble with charging

Why We Like It – The Neo Ion 2 is resistant to water and provides a long battery life. You get a minimum of 12 hours of battery life in GPS mode, which amounts to 3 rounds. It has a user-friendly charging system and features a portable meter that shows you the watch’s closeness to being charged.

12. TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch

TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch


TecTecTec boats of having a reputation for building quality laser rangefinders. It has an easy setup process and comes with straightforward instructions, making it easy for the less tech-savvy person to use.

The ULT-G golf watch is made to be suitable for use by both beginner and professional golfers. It is capable of measuring distances between yards, including the distances to the center, back, and front of the green.

This golf GPS device comes preloaded with 38,000 golf courses and also automatically moves to the next hole at the right time. Even more, it has the ability to automatically recognize and select the exact course you are playing without having to preload the software.

It is easy to use as all you do is show up at any course. Next, tap the satellite button for a super-fast connection and then transition from hole to hole easily.

+ It is highly accurate
+ Features 38,000 preloaded courses
+ Simple design and easy to use
+ It has a sporty look
+ Excellent battery life
+ Sturdy construction
+ Does not have paid subscription fees

– Does not store up stats

Why We Like It – The ULT-G GPS watch is sturdy, features a simple design with four buttons, and is capable of withstanding some form of dust and water. It offers about 2.5 rounds of golfing experience on a single charge. More so, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.

13. Garmin Tactix Charlie, Premium GPS Watch

Garmin Tactix Charlie, Premium GPS Watch


The Garmin Tactix Charlie is a premium GPS watch that is designed for professionals and other persons looking for more functionality. It features several tactical features that make it one of the best GPS smartwatch.

This Garmin GPS watch reliable, comfortable, and rugged thanks to its stainless steel buttons and black diamond-like carbon-coated titanium bezel, black titanium rear cover. It sports a 1.2-inch display that offers two distinct modes. The modes include daytime use and night vision compatibility, which allows you to use the watch any time of the day easily.

Charlie comes with a 3-axis barometric altimeter, gyroscope, and compass. There’s also a GPS and Global Navigation Satellite System that makes it possible to navigate even in the most difficult environments.

For more tactical functionalities, there is dual-position GPS formatting, preloaded tactical activity, waypoint projection, and Jumpmaster. It also features navigation and mapping systems, which aid you in quickly finding your bearings.

Additionally, it comes with preloaded digital TOPO maps. Even more, it provides the users the option of downloading and storing additional map data and marine data of all sorts reaching up to 16GB.

In terms of connectivity, it is compatible with both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. You can easily pair your GPS watch with your smart device to receive email, text, and calendar notifications. Also, it allows you to personalize your GPS watch with apps like data fields, watch faces, and widgets via the Connect IQTM store.

There’s elevate wrist heart rate feature that allows you to monitor your heart rate even without a chest strap. It also tracks sleep and count steps to provide information on calories burned and measure the impact of fitness activities.

Furthermore, this device tracks your heart rate variability and uses it to calculate your stress score. This stress score helps determine the nature of the activity your body is capable of taking.

+ Compatible with most smartphones
+ Sturdy construction
+ Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities
+ It is preloaded with dual-position GPS and TOPO mapping

– Rapidly drains the battery life

Why We Like It – For those interested in just aerobic exercises, it has a portal that allows you to see your exercise load as well as download training manuals online. The Tactix Charlie provides about 12 days in smartwatch mode, 20 hours in GPS mode, and 35 hours in battery saver mode.

14. Casio Men’s Pro Trek Outdoor GPS Resin Sports Watch

Casio Men's Pro Trek Outdoor GPS Resin Sports Watch


The Casio Men’s Pro Trek GPS watch is a military-grade watch that is capable of working in extreme conditions like hot sun and stormy weather. It has a water resistance capability of up to a depth of 50m, making it suitable for use in wet conditions.

This outdoor GPS sport watch has two display modes, which include a monochrome and a full-color mode. It is also equipped with a 1.32-inch capacitive touchscreen having an anti-fouling coating. This watch has a design that resembles that of the well-known G-Shock Casio watches.

The full-color display is excellent for viewing activities, navigation, and maps, while the monochrome screen is for basic functions and watch mode. It has an activity tracker for tracking your running, cycling, paddling, and trekking, among others.

Besides, it comes with a GPS that helps you always find your way even in the thickest of wilderness. It makes use of a low-power-consumption GPS, including Russian GLONASS and American GPS, to accurately pinpoint location in the full-color display.

One crucial feature that makes it one of the best GPS watches is the Android wear 2.0. This feature allows you to use thousands of apps on the Google Play store directly from your wrist. It also comes with quad sensors that help in providing precise barometer, digital compass, and altimeter reading.

The Casio GPS Resin Sports Watch comes with support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Both connectivity helps in connecting the GPS watch to a smart device. It also allows you to receive notifications like calls, emails, and texts.

Additionally, the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect devices such as Casio cameras and heart rate belts. Even more, there is an integrated music player that lets you stream or download and listen to your favorite songs while carrying out various activities.

+ Displays colored offline maps
+ Equipped with a power-saving monochrome display
+ Features a low-power GPS

– It does not have a wrist-based HRM

Why We Like It – The Pro Trek Resin watch is capable of providing up to 25 hours’ battery life when using GPS and takes about 2 hours to get fully charged.

15. SoonCat GPS Watch For Men

SoonCat GPS Watch For Men


If you are searching for a breathable sporting watch capable of tracking your fitness progress, then the SoonCat GPS Watch is what you need. It has a unique design and comes with loads of features to make your outdoor activities fun.

This GPS watch for men is equipped with 6-axis barometric altimeter and compass, humidity, and temperature sensor. These sensors make it possible for you to easily transverse your outdoors with ease.

With resistance to shock, dust, and water, this watch is built to last, which makes it superior to others in the market. It is capable of withstanding hits without getting damaged. Also, it has a clear and bright screen that is resistant to wear and pressure.

Furthermore, it comes in a stainless steel casing, making it rugged. It is excellent at tracking calories, heart rate, pace, speed, and overall fitness. There is an ultrafast optical technology feature that measures heart rate directly from the wrist during sporting and other activities.

Additionally, it comes with a push notification feature. This feature provides notifications for calls, emails, social media, text, and other services. You can also get to automatically upload your fitness data to the SoonCat online community and even send your location to friends in cases of emergency.

+ Excellent battery life
+ Suitable for all sporting activity
+ It is durable and portable
+ Resistant to dust, shock, and water
+ Provides temperature, air pressure, and other readings in advance

– It does not store data

Why We Like It – In terms of battery life, this GPS watch offers 14 hours in GPS mode, nine days in normal mode, and 20 days in standby mode.

GPS Watches Buyer’s Guide

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best GPS Watch

The best GPS watch will not only help in ensuring you do not get lost while you go out for your outdoor activities, it also helps in tracking other data like heart rate, step counter, trackback feature, among others.
However, with more and more brands claiming to produce

GPS watches, it has made choosing the right GPS watch a bit difficult. As a result, it’s important to know the factors to be considered before buying a GPS watch.

In this section, you can find a detailed guide on the factors to look for when buying the best GPS smartwatch.

1. Comfortability

Comfortability is a crucial factor that you must consider when buying a GPS watch. You must ensure you check how comfortable the GPS watch is when worn on the hand. You wouldn’t want to wear a watch that will end up being a burden to carry while running, swimming, golfing or when carrying out other outdoor activities.

Also, since you might have to wear the watch for an extended period, it should be able to remain comfortable even when sweating. It must be light in weight and adjustable, such that it can fit the size of your hands.

2. TrackBack

The trackback feature is a feature that helps you to quickly retrace your steps whenever you get lost or confused in any location. The trackback feature uses dotted lines displayed on the screen to show you the path you have taken.

By using this trackback system, your GPS watch conveniently guides you back to where you started your run. Even though it does not provide you with turn to turn directions, it will show you how far you are from your starting point.

You must check for this feature as it will help to provide more security for you while you go on your adventures.

3. Preloaded Courses

If you are searching for a GPS watch that is suitable for golfing, then this is a vital feature to look out for. While some golf GPS watches come with over 35,000 preloaded courses, it is necessary to checkout for this feature before making a decision.

Even more, some watches provide you the option of downloading and updating the courses as more courses are coming up. Ensure your next GPS watch has this feature, else it might just be as good as useless when it comes to golfing.

4. Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity has, in recent times, become a standard in the GPS watch industry. Most manufacturers are beginning to add this feature to their watch models. However, you need to double-check as it is not guaranteed that there are no more GPS watches without Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth connectivity helps to connect your watch to your smart device, mostly through a low power means. This low power connection helps to reduce the level at which it drains the watch’s battery life.

It allows you to play music, get a text alert, email alerts, and also take calls directly from your watch while you are outside. Additionally, it allows you to also connect other devices like a chest heart rate monitor with your watch. This is a crucial feature you cannot afford to sacrifice.

5. Smart Notifications

If you intend on spending your entire day outdoors, then you must ensure your GPS watch has a smart notification feature. This feature helps to make you reachable and contactable – irrespective of where you are.

It notifies you each time you receive a call, text, email, hit a milestone, or even inactivity without having to make use of your smartphone.

6. Basic Watch Functions

Although it is a GPS watch, it should be able to double as a basic watch too. While you are out for your outdoor activities, you wouldn’t want to lose track of date and time.

While some GPS watches come with both the date and time feature, others come with more advanced features like dual time zones. The double-time zone feature allows you to adjust the time of your watch based on GPS conveniently.

Other basic watch features to look out for include sleep alarms, countdown timer, and stopwatch.

7. Heart Rate Monitors

The HRM is one of the essential features to consider when looking for the best GPS watch to buy. Most GPS watches come with this feature – either already built-in or provides support for an external one via Bluetooth or wireless connection.

HRM helps in measuring the precise intensity of your workouts. More so, it helps you in determining your maximum heart rate hence allowing you to program it to the right intensity.

Additionally, the HRM ensures factors such as the terrain and weather are considered during your workout. Since it provides the true intensity of your workout, it also helps to prevent overexertion.

8. Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking is yet another essential feature to look out for in a GPS watch. This feature helps to track different data, such as miles walked, calories burned, and daily steps. Besides, some watches offer even more fitness tracking activities.

9. Battery Life

The battery life of a GPS outdoor watch is a very vital factor you must consider before making a buying decision. Since you’ll be spending the better part of your time outdoors, you would not want the battery of your watch running out suddenly.

Top-rated watches are capable of offering up to 20 hours of battery life and above, making them suitable for a full day activity. Although different models of GPS watches come with varying battery life, you must also realize that it is often less with GPS mode.

Generally, watches offering longer battery life also come at a higher price than those with lower battery life.

10. Accelerometer

When working out indoors, the GPS function of your watch might not be able to connect to global GPS satellites. As a result, watches that come with an integrated accelerometer come in handy in being able to track your indoor workouts.

With the aid of the accelerometer, you can track both speed and distance by measuring your arm swing, hence removing the need for foot pods.

11. Altitude

The altitude feature helps to show your present altitude and the total elevation you have attained during your workout. It achieves this by making use of either a barometric altimeter or the elevation data from the GPS coordinates to accurately determine your altitude.


In all, shopping for the best GPS watch can be a bit tricky. However, with the right knowledge on what to look out for, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Before purchasing your favorite GPS watch, it is essential to first consider factors such as battery life, heart rate monitor, and Bluetooth connectivity. Other factors include smart notifications, trackback, and comfortability, among others.

With all these factors in mind, you are going to make the right choice of a GPS watch. Even more, we have provided you with a review of the top GPS watches in the market.

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