Best GPS Trackers For Cars 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A GPS tracker for car is a device used for pinpointing your vehicle’s location using Global Positioning Satellites. They work similarly like Sat Nat devices. They can determine the exact position by communicating with other satellites that are orbiting the earth.

Once the GPS has your location, it sends the coordinates to your phone or laptop. The same is displayed on the tracker application.

That’s why, make sure to buy the best GPS tracker for car, so that you are never wandering around hopelessly. Car trackers are a fantastic deterrent against car theft and are very accurate.

If you buy a high-end GPS, then you would be able to locate your car or vehicle within eight feet of their exact location. Even if you buy the cheaper models, it would still provide you with the location of your car, but it might not be as accurate when compared to the higher-end models.

You obviously cannot track the car of someone else without their knowledge of it. Car tracking laws vary from state to state, depending on their jurisdiction. Hence, it is always advised that you talk to your local administration before you buy a car tracker.

View The Best GPS Trackers For Cars Below

1. Spy Tec STI GL300 MA

Spy Tec STI GL300 MA


SpyTec is a great tracker if you are looking for something portable, durable, versatile, and at the same time, do not want to expose your identity.

Basic Features:

SpyTec is a portable personal 4G real-time mini GPS tracker with sim card included. It comes with a compact size of about 3 inches tall and 0.38 inches thick.

With the help of SpyTecGPS app, you can easily access all the movements of the GPS tracker every 5 seconds using Google Maps on your mobiles, tablets or computers.

This tracker has got great 4G coverage and durable battery life which can last for about 2.5 weeks.

+ It uses live GPS tracking with satellite coverage which can accurately track vehicles, valuables and people with real-time location data.
+ It provides you with complete anonymity because of the STI GL300MA, which is impossible to track the owner back.
+ It works on multiple devices.
+ It provides unlimited tracking range with boundaries functionality, which allows you to limit a person or vehicle to a defined perimeter and you get alerted when the tracker leaves or crosses it.

– It is slightly expensive, but if you can afford it, then nothing like it.

Why We Like It – If you’re searching for a pocket-friendly and at the same time versatile tracker, then this is the right product for you. With durable battery life and excellent 4G satellite coverage which can provide best real-time GPS tracker location data, you have the best-hidden GPS tracker for car.

2. Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs GPS Tracker


Vyncs is a cost-efficient GPS tracker as you need not pay a monthly subscription and can easily afford the low-cost yearly subscription.

Basic Features:

This tracker device comes with built-in sim card and can track from any part of the world. The best feature about this tracker is that it does not use a battery and directly gets plugged into the car itself.

It uses 3G mobile data technology to connect with your mobile phones, tablets or computers. It is an active GPS tracker which provides real-time updates.

+ It provides engine diagnostic alerts.
+ It comes with a mileage tracker free app that is compatible with Amazon Alexa.
+ It provides you information about over speeding, rapid acceleration, harsh braking.
+ It also provides 24/7 roadside assistance.

– As the device works on car plugin, you need to be cunning about hiding it, as a thief can easily throw it straightaway.
– Its delayed default refresh time of about 3 minutes is a drawback.

Why We Like It – Are you looking for a tracker that is durable, long-lasting and cost-effective? Then this is the one for you. This device can be the best buy GPS tracker for your car.

3. MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracking Device

MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracking Device


MOTOsafety is a tracking device that helps parents to monitor their kid’s driving activity. It provides a summary of the driving experience in the form of graphical representation to understand the driving habits better and help them learn better.

Basic Features:

This tracker needs to be plugged into the OBDII port the dash of the car. It is a 4G GPS tracker that comes with a driving instruction for teen drivers by understanding their driving patterns.

It also comes with a geofence capability that helps you set virtual boundaries and notifies you when your teens enter or exit the location.

It helps you to review the routes of an entire day that your teen has driven and also lets you set curfew hours, and you get an intimation on your phones or computers when your vehicle is active past curfew hours.

+ It acts as a driving coach and updates the daily reporting cards based on the driving activity of the teen.
+ It helps improve the driving performance of the teen.
+ Geofence feature keeps you updated about the entry and exit locations of your teen.
+ It provides you with real-time alerts for curfew hours and rash driving.

– It is not compatible with many of the car models. Please do confirm before ordering this device.
– There is a light that continually blinks on this tracker; hence it cannot be discreet. But it surely alerts you when someone tries to unplug it.

Why We Like It – This device is by far one of the inexpensive and best GPS tracker for the car that comes with a teen driver coach. It also includes the manufacturer’s lifetime device warranty on the GPS tracker.

4. Primetracking Personal GPS Tracker

Primetracking Personal GPS Tracker


Considering how some people and things are precious to us, it is kind of strange that we cannot track them all the time. For example, you may have a car for your kids or an elderly but not know what their location is. Using any best buy GPS tracker will prove to be useful in these cases like this PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker which is reputed to be the best GPS tracker for car.

Basic Features:

PRIMETRACKING GPS is extremely small and lightweight. It can be easily fitted and concealed in stroller, backpacks, vehicles or even pockets. It remains virtually undetected in all cases, and you can use it to track anywhere in North America from any part of the world.

+ This PRIMETRACKING GPS is small and can be hidden virtually in any place
+ Private tracking can be quickly done even on multiple devices, whenever there is cellular service.
+ It comes with a state-of-the-art 4G LTE technology, and this means that you get updates about location, direction and movement as and when they change.

– It is not extremely cheap
– Some users have complained about its accuracy

Why We Like It – It also has up to two weeks of battery life and an unlimited range. This is the best-hidden GPS tracker for car and your dear ones, and you can easily track them for an affordable monthly budget.

5. Trak-4 Gps Tracker For Tracking Assets, Equipment, And Vehicles

Trak-4 Gps Tracker For Tracking Assets, Equipment, And Vehicles


The Trak-4 GPS Tracker can be considered as the best GPS vehicle tracker. It has a four and a half star rating on Amazon and comes with plenty of features. It has an extended battery life and can be used to track anything.

Basic Features

It is simple and straightforward to use as it can start tracking immediately. It is the best real-time GPS tracker for car and other possessions, as it can be used on multiple devices. Text alerts and geo-fencing features are also available for the Trak-4 GPS tracker.

+ It is compact and easy to handle
+ One time charge can last up to 18 months, and it is easily rechargeable with a cell charger or USB cable
+ It has a great API and has unlimited cellular data.

– It is only optimized for the USA
– There is no battery indicator in this device, and hence you cannot tell when it is charging and how much it needs to charge.

Why We Like It – It is affordable, reliable and the best-hidden GPS tracker for car, vehicles or other valuable things. This hidden GPS tracker for car best buy is also weatherproof and can be used in any outdoor condition.

6. GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0 Bundle With Twin Magnet Case

GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0 Bundle With Twin Magnet Case


This is one of the best GPS tracker for car and your valuable possessions as you can use this to keep an eye on them. It is a modified version of the Optimus 2.0 as it also includes a twin magnet case. It also comes with a smooth and fast-tracking app and provides a unique routing feature to private investigators.

Basic Features:

You can just place this under a car, truck or any other vehicle or any of your essential possession. The magnetic case that it comes in has powerful Neodymium magnets which are the most energetic kind of commercially available permanent magnet. The case of the GPS device is also watertight and water-resistant making it the best-hidden GPS tracker for car

+ The tracker comes with a robust magnetic case, which can be virtually used anywhere.
+ It only costs $19.95 per month for a subscription, and you can cancel it anytime you want to
+ It provides instant alerts when the tracked person moves, speeds up, enters or leaves a place, has a low battery, etc.

– Some customers have complained about faulty real-time tracking

Why We Like It – This product has a fantastic battery life, and a full charge can last up to two weeks. This device also provides customizable frequency reports which allow you to save battery. All these features make this GPS tracker for car best buy.

7. TKSTAR GPS Tracker For Vehicles

TKSTAR GPS Tracker For Vehicles


This TKSTAR GPS Tracker is one of the best buy GPS tracker. Although it is a premium model, it is quite cheap because of some missing high-end features. Nevertheless, it comes out as a great tracker for motor vehicles, as it has an inbuilt theft alarm.

Basic Features

This hidden GPS tracker for car best buy has a four-star rating on Amazon. It comes with real-time tracking features that you can avail using google maps. This device has accuracy up to 5-10 m. and you can also get a 6-month historical route.

+ It comes with a 5000mA large capacity( that lasts up to three months) and a rechargeable battery
+ This is waterproof and also has a strong magnet so you don’t have to worry about rainy days and can mount the device stably and quickly.
+ This also comes with Anti Theft and Geo-Fencing Functions.

– Some users complained that they had to purchase separate sim cards that could be used with this device
– It only works on vehicles

Why We Like It – This is the best GPS car tracker available in the market in terms of price and durability. It is incredibly pocket-friendly unlike other trackers that need $ 15-25 per month. Most customers who have bought and used this product are delighted with it.

8. Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real-time GPS Tracker

Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real-time GPS Tracker


This is one of the best GPS tracker for car that comes with full world-wide coverage and real-time tracking services. It also comes with an International SIM card and has monthly fees of only $9.95. You can simply place it in a backpack or your luggage or even hide it under your car to track movements easily using your iPhone, Android or Web app.

Basic Features

This is the smallest & lightest GPS tracker available in the market and its compact design allows it to function both reliably and discreetly. This best GPS vehicle tracker weighs only 1.4 ounces. It also comes with magnetic, Velcro as well as clip attachments and can work for unlimited distance.

+ It has alerts, monitoring and smart notification features that work both indoors and outdoors
+ It is economically affordable
+ This device also comes with a live customer service

– Some customers had a problem contacting customer services or using the web page

Why We Like It – This device is the best real-time GPS tracker for car as well as people and things. Its compact design makes it easy to carry around and being small, it goes undetectable. This product also has excellent value for money

9. GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0 – 4G LTE Tracking Device

GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0 - 4G LTE Tracking Device


This Optimus Tracker allows you to keep a watchful eye on the possessions and the people that mean the world to you. You can always track your car anytime you want without facing even a bit of hassle. Also, if you are a hundred miles away, you would still be able to see whether your vehicle is safely parked.

Basic Features:

It comes with a super powerful GPS tracking application that is very easy to use. You can create driving reports, geofences, and alerts from within the app itself. It is available both for Android and iPhone users.

It comes with excellent battery life. A fully charged battery would last you for about two weeks. The consumption of battery charger depends directly on how frequently the tracker would report it’s own position.

+ You can customize the frequency reports depending on your requirements.
+ You can even use the tracking platform on your computer.
+ Their website and application will provide you with emails, text messages, and push notifications when events like SOS buttons, low battery, speeding, vehicle moving, and other likewise events occur.

– It is expensive
– The outer magnetic case is sold separately
– The device has a warranty period of only one year

Why We Like It – This GPS tracker is small in size, which makes it very portable. It is complemented with an internal motion sensor that helps in maximizing the battery charge when the device is not working by entering the standby mode. It’s user-friendly tracking with its base map as Google Maps, and you can use it to track assets, children, elderly, trucks, cars, and more.

10. Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS Tracker With Live Audio Monitoring

Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS Tracker With Live Audio Monitoring


This mobile GPS tracker by Logistimatics is a real-time tracker with live audio that allows you to hear what is happening at the location of your device. The GPS would show you where the method is exact and all the places it has been in the past. It is one of the most reliable and most straightforward GPS trackers in the market.

Basic Features:

The device comes with a stealth audio monitoring feature that allows you to listen-on to the GPS tracker by merely placing a call on the given phone number. The tracker does not make any sound, and it is entirely silent.

It also comes with a magnetic backplate that is detachable. It can be attached to any part of your vehicle for incognito tracking. In addition to that, if its microphone hole is well-protected, it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

It is blessed with long battery life. The GPS can work for about two weeks on a single charge, and you can also monitor the battery life of the device on the application. The user can even extend its battery life by merely modifying the report frequency of the device in the app.

+ The tracker comes along with a charging cable and a USB charger.
+ The tracking application is available both on Google Play Store and App Store. The application is easy to use, as well as intuitive.
+ The vehicle position can be reported every thirty seconds while moving. The GPS device can be used to track assets, people, and vehicles.
+ The manufacturer offers affordable tracking plans that charges near about fifteen dollars a month. It comes along with a SIM card and does not take any cancellation or activation fees.

– Some customers have complained that the audio quality is not exactly pleasant. It is difficult to hear any actual conversation.
– Some customers have also faced some problems with the battery.
– A few customers have also reported that the manufacturer is irresponsible in terms of customer service.

Why We Like It – The foremost thing that you need to know about this tracker is that it comes with a thirty-day hassle-free return policy from the day of your purchase. The device, as well as the tracking application, is effortless to use. It can work on any device, whether be it your phone or web browser.

Moreover, the tracking subscription does not even cost much. Hence, this can be the best GPS vehicle tracker for you to buy.

11. Sinotrack Vehicle Car GPS Tracker

Sinotrack Vehicle Car GPS Tracker


This mini GPS tracker comes with a double GPS antenna with ACC for detecting ignition and built-in GSM. This GPS tracker can be used for cars, taxi, truck, motorcycle, and more. It is easy and straightforward to use for anyone.

Basic Features:

This GPS device would provide you with text message notifications for historical data, driving reports, shocking, low battery, entering or leaving areas, speeding, and movement. The device has a built-in backup battery of 150mAh that can be used for nearly four hours.

The best thing about this GPS is that it is waterproof and comes with free and online tracking service. You can easily download the application for free on your phone or tablet and use it for a lifetime. It offers real-time tracking service without any additional cost.

The GPS tracker can also save tracking history of nearly two years. The device is complemented with two-time interval. You have the option to view, as well as playback the daily tracking history.

+ It is cost-effective.
+ It supports geo-fence, single location, over-speed, and low power alarm.
+ It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty along with a thirty-day no-questions-asked return policy.
+ It is waterproof unlike most of its contemporaries.

– It does not come with a GSM SIM card.
– Some customers have complained that setting up the online platform can be quite tricky, especially for
people who are using a GPS for the first time.

Why We Like It – One thing you can be sure of about this GPS tracker is that it comes with great battery life. Even if you have run out of battery, you can still use the backup battery for nearly four hours. You can also connect the device directly with the engine, and it would always keep on charging itself.

This tracker is the best GPS tracker for car if you are looking for something within a budget. It is a good buy depending on all the quirky features that it provides.

12. TGlobal-View.Net Hidden Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracking Device With Software (2 Month Battery)

TGlobal-View.Net Hidden Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracking Device With Software


This magnetic GPS tracker, along with its advanced tracking service, is the most amazing tools to keep track of anything you want. It offers the most straightforward installation procedure which even beginners can easily understand without facing any hassle. It comes with a robust software system that can provide you with text or email notifications whenever specific events are triggered.

Basic Features:

It comes with the best in class two month rechargeable lithium battery. Moreover, the device also comes with a pre-installed SIM card. It also offers a unique and quirky Time Machine features that let the user re-play a whole trip or trips that has been detected by the device.

The device offers U.S based technical service. It provides four channels of communication that includes phone calls, text, emails, and web chat support. Their service plan is cost-effective as well. The service includes data storage of up to six months, data plan, cloud-hosted web application, free tracking application, and more.

+ It comes with a twenty-eight day warranty period.
+ It provides the user with automated alerts and generates reports, so that you can keep a check on the trips taken, stops, speed, and more
+ It can be used both for personal purposes or by business owners.
+ You do not have to charge the battery for two months.
+ It is a stick-on device that can be easily attached anywhere.

– This GPS tracker is extremely costly.
– The device does not come fully charged. Hence, you cannot use it right away.
– Some customers have complained that the magnet does not work correctly, and it falls off from the vehicle after a few days only.

Why We Like It – If you are not in a budget, then only you can buy this product. Even though it is incredibly costly compared to its contemporaries, it would provide you with an accurate location. In addition to that, the application is also effortless to use, and it is filled with various quirky features.

It is the best GPS tracker for car in terms of battery life. You just have to install it and then let it work on its own for two long months.

13. Spark Nano 7 With Magnetic Water Resistant Case For Car, Truck And Fleet Vehicle

Spark Nano 7 With Magnetic Water Resistant Case For Car, Truck And Fleet Vehicle


This GPS tracker is one of the smallest trackers in the market. The comprehensive design of this speed and location tracking tool is the perfect device for you to keep a track on your car, assets, and more. It offers fast 4G coverage network across Mexico, Canada, and the US.

Basic Features:

It comes with a magnetic waterproof case that has been made explicitly for housing this GPS tracker that keeps it attached securely to whatever you connect it to and record even through rough conditions. You can also track the location in real-time.

You can access the report from anywhere through any web browser to retrieve historical reports of detailed travel, geofencing violations, speed, and more.

Unlike other tracking devices, this tracker does not require a long-term commitment. You can easily activate the online service through a meagre subscription, and the user can even cancel their subscription at any time.

It offers detailed reporting in it’s BrickHouse Security platform that would inform you about any violations in terms of predetermined boundaries and speeding. The application is easy to use and free of cost.

+ It comes with a water-resistant magnetic case that is also custom-made. This case incredibly versatile.It comes with a panic button that can be used by anyone who requires help, hence, alerting you immediately.
+ It is complemented with a robust 4G cellular network that can be accessed across various states.

– It is costly.
– Most of the customers have complained that the application subscription charges are higher than its contemporaries.
Some of the customers have even complained that the battery life of the GPS device is not reliable.

Why We Like It – This device is one of the best GPS tracker for car for it comes with a seven-day free service. Hence, you can always check whether the application caters to all of your requirements. It also comes along with a unique SIM card that offers the fastest network coverage.

It comes with lithium-ion batteries that can provide you with long-term service depending on your usage.

14. Vehicle Car GPS Tracker 103B GSM Alarm SD Card Slot Anti-Theft Realtime Spy Tracker For GSM GPRS GPS System Tracking Device

Vehicle Car GPS Tracker 103B GSM Alarm SD Card Slot Anti-Theft Realtime Spy Tracker For GSM GPRS GPS System Tracking Device


This GPS tracker comes in two different sizes. The user can set multiple functions which cater to management, emergency alarms, monitoring surveillance, tracking, and security. It supports 9 to 36 volts. Hence the tracker can be installed easily on business cars, personal cars, trucks, taxi, bus, and more.

Basic Features:

It comes with a built-in GPS and GSM antenna that supports both LBS and GPS tracking solutions. The user just needs to input the card and switch on the device. The device is super easy and straightforward to use.

The tracker is based on GPRS/GSM network as well as the GPS satellite positioning system. The device can monitor and track the remote target through internet or SMS that includes group-to-group, point-to-group, and point-to-point monitoring. Its main functions include continuous auto-track, single location, data logging, alarms, SOS, and more.

+ It offers a silent mode. Hence, if you want your tracker to work as a ghost, you have it here.
+ It comes along with three meters long GPS and GSM antennas. It also comes with a ten-pin harness, one relay, one microphone, and a user manual.
+ The user can easily configure the parameters of the device by using a USB.
+ The user can also easily reset the hardware of the device by either pressing the reset button or by sending a reset SMS on the application.

– It is costly.
– The user needs to buy the SIM card separately.
– Some customers have complained that the GPS only works for 2G technology.

Why We Like It – If you are not on a tight budget, you can surely buy this tracker. The device offers various features that you can use to keep a track on all the valuable assets of your life, whether it is a car or anything else. The advantage of choosing this device is that it comes in two different sizes.

So, if you want to be discreet about using a tracker, you can use the smaller ones, and if you wish to better battery life, then you can go for the bigger one.

15. ENGERWALL 2020 New Upgraded GPS Tracker For Vehicles Mini Hiden Real-time Car GPS Tracker 9-90V

ENGERWALL 2020 New Upgraded GPS Tracker For Vehicles Mini Hiden Real-time Car GPS Tracker 9-90V


Anti Lost Tracking Device For Managing Fleet/Car/Truck/Taxi/Motorcycle/Rv/Bus(Lifetime Free Platform)
Last but definitely not the least, a cost-effective GPS tracker from Engerwall. With this device, you would be able to manage any of your vehicles easily without facing any hassle. It offers accurate, efficient, and real-time position tracking that can be regulated easily.

Basic Features:

It comes with an application called ‘DAGPS’ which can be used to set, track, and manage all functions of the device. Moreover, the device comes with various anti-theft features such as vibration alarm, movement alarm, geo-fence alarm, power-off alarm, and more to prevent your favourite vehicle from getting stolen. The user will receive alert messages via the application and SMS during any abnormal condition.

The user can set a geo-fence alarm for the device to restrict its movement within a particular area so that you can get notified when the car moves out of the zone. You can even set a speed alarm that would make the tracker alert you every time you over-speed. The device also offers ninety-days driving trajectories viewing that would help you to get back your stolen vehicles.

+ It is cost-effective.
+ It can work on any voltage ranging from 9V to 90V.
+ You can track the device via the online website, SMS, or application.
+ It provides a GPS accuracy of sixteen feet in terms of Google Maps.
+ It is a lightweight device. Hence, you can attach it wherever you want.

– It does not come with a backup battery. Some customers have also complained that they are not satisfied with the battery life of the device.

Why We Like It – This all-new GPS tracker with double positioning of AGPS and GPS provides a more accurate and faster real-time tracking, historical track viewing, and positioning. The device is dustproof and waterproof; hence you can easily attach it on the outside surface of your vehicle without any worries. It can easily withstand even the harshest of weather conditions without affecting it’s working.

GPS Tracker For Car Buyer’s Guide

Factors To Consider While Buying A GPS Car Tracker

Now that we more or else know what GPS car trackers are, how do they work, whether they are legal or not, and some other related information about them, we will now talk about their features. These are the few features that you should consider if you want to get yourself the best GPS tracker for car.

1. Delayed Time Or Real-time?

It is for you to decide whether you want to know the exact location of your car in real-time or would you be okay with delayed tracking. In case you want more accurate results, then a real-time GPS tracker would be the best buy for you. However, the only problem is that real-time GPS tracker would be more expensive than the other type.

2. What Size Would You Prefer?

GPS trackers are always of small size, but even the smallest of them come in the size of a standard Zippo cigarette lighter. If you are a person who likes to keep it incredibly hassle-free, then go for the smallest size. You can easily hide them both outside or inside your vehicle.

Another thing that you should keep in mind while considering the size of your GPS device is that the battery life influences the device size.

3. What Is The Battery Life?

The battery life that you want your GPS depends on how often you would be able to charge it. If you’re going to buy small sized tracker, they would come with small-sized batteries. Hence, you would have to charge the device at least once every week.

In case you do not mind buying large sized GPS car trackers, then you can be sure that you do not have to charge it for more than once every two to three months. However, the only problem is that bigger GPS devices are challenging to hide. Or else, you can also buy a tracker that is directly connected to the car and powers itself always from the vehicle.

4. How Effective Is It’s Notification Features?

Look for a car tracker that would provide you with real-time notification and alerts as they are highly essential. In case of a passive GPS, fleet managers would only be able to track the vehicle when it returns to its headquarters. However, real-time tracking would allow you to track your car whenever you want from wherever you are.

A good GPS tracker should send you alerts via mobile device or email when anything happens. A good tracker would allow the user to initiate alerts for irresponsible driving behaviour, entering or exiting specific geographic areas, idling events, excessive speeding, and more. It should also help in preventing costly and unsafe activities in real-time.

5. Does It Provide Quality Mapping?

It goes without saying that for a tracking device, it’s mapping feature is an essential feature. The maps allow the user to zoom-in into the street levels. In addition to that, it also provides various views like birds-eye, satellite, and street maps.

A good GPS should be complemented with a suitable mapping provider. Bing is a famous mapping provider that offers up-to-date and accurate mapping. A making provider allows the GPS device to track the location of the vehicle accurately.

6. What Happens During Accidents?

If you have bought a passive tracking system and it meets with an accident that damages or destroys the device, then the probability of losing the stored data is high. This happens because a passive tracking system does not continuously update their data.

However, in real-time solutions, even the last information taken before the very second of the accident is recorded and transmitted. In case the unit does not get damaged in the accident, it would keep on updating all the real-time data.

7. Does It Work Against Theft Prevention?

If you are worried about your vehicle being stolen, then the best GPS for you would be the real-time GPS tracking system. This system keeps on continuously updating and recording the vehicle’s position, which makes it super easy for the owner to find their lost car. Real-time systems are better and faster compared to passive systems as they offer live data updates.

Hence, considering everything, we can safely conclude that the award of the best GPS tracker for car, goes to our top pick, Spytec GL300MA vehicle gps tracker. As we have now through the features and functions of the product, we can easily see why it is so popular among the users. It comes in a compact shape which makes it easy for the user to place the tracker inside the vehicle.

In addition to that, it is also complemented with prolonged battery life. The device can be easily synced with Google Maps, and it also offers various other features like geofencing for monitoring the location of the vehicle anytime you want. It is cost-effective and easy to use, which further makes it the perfect product for both regular users and first-time users.

In case our top-pick is not your personal favourite, you have multiple other options from where you can choose. All of them provide a range of quirky functions which would fulfil your requirements without any hassle. Whether you are in an urban area or a rural area, any of our selected GPS products would help you to track your vehicle to the exact location.

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