10 Best GPS Trackers for Kids in 2020

As a parent, you may consider investing in the best GPS tracker for kids! If you want to give your children independence while also keeping a close eye on their location, these types of devices can help.

There are several different features you’ll want in the best tracker device, like an SOS button, a strong battery life, and an affordable monthly subscription. Most, if not all, GPS with tracker devices requires a subscription, so you’ll want to be aware of that.

If you’re looking for the best GPS trackers, look no further!

There are a lot of tracking devices out there to choose from. Consider the features you’re looking for in a kid GPS tracker, and take a peek at the list below!

View The Best GPS Tracker for Kids Below

1. PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker



If you’re looking to gain peace of mind from a GPS tracker for your child, consider this Personal GPS Tracker from PRIMETRACKING! This is one of the best GPS trackers for kids!

This tracker is lightweight and discrete, and you’ll be able to track in real-time thanks to the built-in 4G LTE technology. You’ll always know where your child is! You’ll be able to track anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, from your smartphone or other devices like a tablet and a computer.

A SIM card is included, and subscriptions are $25 per month or $20 per month for 6 months.

+ Battery lasts for 2 weeks
+ Small and lightweight
+ Track any location in North America
+ Access history of your child’s location
+ Real-time tracking

Why We Liked It – Real-time tracking is essential if you want to keep a close eye on your child’s location. If you can’t follow in real-time, there is also the option to view the history!

2. Verizon Gizmowatch

Verizon Gizmowatch


If you’re looking for a tracker for kids that also features voice calls and messaging, the Gizmowatch is an excellent option! Add up to 10 contacts for them to keep in touch. Your children will love the smartwatch look of this tracker. You’ll be able to track their location using a handy application for smartphones.

You can even set up location boundaries so that you have more control over where your kids go. You’ll receive an alert anytime they go out of bounds! You can also create activity goals and to-do lists to give your child feelings of independence and accomplishment.

+ Set location boundaries
+ 2-way calling and messaging enabled
+ Set activity goals
+ Follow your child’s location with application
+ Waterproof

Why We Liked It – The activity goals feature of this tracking device is a great way to make sure your children are staying active and healthy. The to-do list will help them finish their chores!

3. Tracki Mini Real time GPS Tracker

Tracki Mini Real time GPS Tracker


This GPS tracker from Tracki is a great value buy! You’ll be able to track the real-time location of your child all over the world. Plus, this tracker is 30% smaller than most other models of its kind so that it won’t take up too much room in your child’s backpack.

Monitor the movements of your kids with a convenient app for smartphones. There is also an SOS button for your child to press if they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation. You’ll feel at ease with this tracker’s long battery life. Monthly subscription starting at $9.95.

+ Lightweight and small in size
+ Long battery life
+ Real-time tracking
+ Ability to track in North America and 185 other countries
+ Lifetime warranty

Why We Liked It – The SOS button will help make you and your child feel safer! And, because this tracker works practically everywhere in the world, you can use it when you go on vacation.

4. AngelSense GPS Tracker

AngelSense GPS Tracker


This GPS tracker from AngelSense is one of the best GPS trackers for kids with disabilities. If you want to give your child a bit of freedom while still keeping a close eye on them all-day, this tracker will give you the peace of mind you need.

There is even a speakerphone option so that you can talk them through a dangerous situation. If you need to call in the paramedics or the police, you can temporarily share the location of your child in real-time. There is also an easy to use SOS button! Use an app to receive real-time alerts.

+ AngelSense care team support
+ SOS button
+ Alerts for dangerous situations
+ Connect map with emergency services
+ Speakerphone option

Why We Liked It – The speakerphone option and ability to share your child’s location with emergency services could potentially be a real lifesaver! You’ll also receive an alert if your child enters a potentially dangerous situation.

5. Jiobit Location Tracker

Jiobit Location Tracker


Clip this small and lightweight tracker for kids on your child’s clothing, and you’ll always know where they are! This tracker from Jiobit works alongside the Jiobit app to track your child.

The tracker is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about damaging the device even if your child likes to play outside in the mud. You’ll be instantly notified if their location changes. You can look at the tracker’s history, so you know where they were as well. You can also set up departure and arrival notifications, so you know that they get where they need to be!

+ Small and lightweight design
+ Use with Jiobit app
+ Unlimited users on the app
+ Create custom geo-boundaries
+ Real-time tracking

Why We Liked It – If you have recently started letting your child walk to school on their own, it can be nerve-racking. To put yourself at ease, simply install a departure and arrival notification!

6. AMENON Kids GPS Tracker Watch

AMENON Kids GPS Tracker Watch


This kid’s smartwatch features a GPS tracking device built-in! This Kids GPS Tracker will allow you to program up to 3 phone numbers that connect to the SOS button, so your child will be able to contact you in case of an emergency.

The device is waterproof, sweatproof, and dustproof, so even the messiest children will be able to stay safe. There is also a built-in camera in case they want to capture some memories to share with you once they get home safe. Set the watch to “do not disturb” when your kids are at school so they won’t get distracted!

+ SOS button connected to 3 numbers
+ Built-in camera
+ Do not disturb option
+ Make and receive emergency calls
+ Waterproof, sweatproof, and dustproof

Why We Liked It – Other smartwatches can create disturbances at school if you’re not careful. The “do not disturb” feature helps you keep track of your child without getting them in trouble with their teachers!

7. Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker

Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker


This tracker from Spy Tech will help you keep an eye on your child in real-time from a distance! It’s compact, so it won’t weigh your child down. You can set up location alerts so that you know when your kids are safely at school or a friend’s house. You can also set up specific geo-boundaries so that your child can go outside and play in designated areas.

The battery lasts on one charge for 2-weeks so you won’t have to worry about remembering to charge it. This GPS tracker uses satellite technology to determine your kid’s location.

+ Compact size
+ Set up geo-boundaries
+ Ability to set location alerts
+ Long battery life
+ Real-time tracking

Why We Liked It – The special geo-boundary function of this device will give you the confidence to let your children go outside and play on their own. Set up the boundary and relax!

8. Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch Phone

Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch Phone


This kid’s GPS tracker from Themoemoe has so many extra features your child will love. There is a built-in camera, games, the ability to make phone calls, and a do not disturb option to turn on at school.

Track where your children are with the handy app. You’ll also be able to use the app to make real phone calls! This is a good option for older children, as it also includes an alarm clock. Teach your kids independence while you also know where they are at all times! The “do not disturb” option is great for school, it also disables the games!

+ Ability to make phone calls
+ SOS button connected to 3 numbers
+ Built-in camera
+ Do not disturb option
+ Waterproof

9. Relay Kids Phone Alternative

Relay Kids Phone Alternative


If you want the security of a smartphone but aren’t ready to give one to your child, the Relay Kids Phone Alternative is the best solution! This device works like a walkie talkie. Just press the center button to speak, and either leave a message or wait for your child to respond!

There is even a smartphone app that can connect to the tracker so you can receive messages and talk that way. If you’re worried about your child using the tracker in school, you can set it to do not disturb. Use the clip to attach to your child’s clothing!

+ Works like a walkie talkie
+ Leave messages or talk in real-time
+ Use with a smartphone app
+ Do not disturb option
+ Convenient clip

Why We Liked It – Your kids will love the cool walkie talkie aspect of this GPS tracker! Parents will love the SOS emergency feature that will alert everyone connected to the tracker when your child presses it.

10. Samsung SmartThings Tracker

Samsung SmartThings Tracker


This GPS tracking device for kids will give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for! The tracker works through the LTE network so you’ll be able to track your children at long distances.

This is a great option for teens! When they’re ready to be picked up from school or sports practice, all they need to do is press a button. You’ll get an alert to your smartphone through the app instantaneously! There is also the option to send out an SOS alert. Set up geo-boundaries if you’re worried about your children wandering off too far.

+ Tracks through the LTE network
+ Long battery life
+ Send alerts to an app
+ Create geo-boundaries
+ Water-resistant

Why We Liked It – This is a great alternative for teens that aren’t ready for a smartphone. The simple alerts will notify you right away when they’re ready to be picked up.

GPS Tracker for Kids Buyer’s Guide

Being a parent can be stressful! This is especially true as your children grow older and want more independence. If you want to teach your children responsibility, all while keeping a watchful eye over them, a GPS tracker for kids is the best solution.

Baby smart watch on a beautiful background

GPS trackers were first used to keep track of keys or your pets. Now, thanks to some innovative technology, you can use GPS tracking for kids! You may want to invest in the best GPS tracker if you’re considering giving your children the freedom to take themselves to and from school, to walk to a friend’s house, or to just simply play outside alone.

There are plenty of different options to choose from. Some trackers are simple devices that feature a button to press if your kids are ever in need of help. Others are similar to smartwatches and include games and a built-in camera. Some others work like a walkie talkie!

A GPS tracker smartwatch is a great alternative for parents who want to give their children the security of having a smartphone without all of the potential distractions that could come along with it. Several of the best smartwatch trackers come equipped with a “do not disturb” option to prevent your kids from using the device in school.

Most GPS trackers for kids are small, lightweight, and discreet. You can usually clip them onto clothing, or simply put them in your child’s backpack for safekeeping!

There are several different things you should look out for if you’re considering a GPS tracker for kids. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Location alerts and geofences can come in handy

These features are perhaps the most important to look out for when buying the best GPS device for kids. Several of the best models on our list include location alerts and geofences, or geo-boundaries that you can set up yourself.

You can program your kids GPS tracker to notify you when your children get to school and when they leave school in the afternoon. You can also set up limits and boundaries so that you’ll be notified if your child crosses the designated area. This is a great feature if you want to let your children play outside by themselves!

These features can be really helpful if you’ve decided to let your children walk or take the bus alone. You’ll feel much more at ease knowing that you’ll be notified if your kids get off track.

Comfort and ease of use are important

kid with smartwatch

This is especially important for younger children! Your kids’ GPS tracker needs to be comfortable for your children to wear, and it also needs to be easy to use. This type of device won’t be very helpful if it irritates your child and they take it off, or if they don’t understand how to use it!

Keep your eye out for models that can clip easily onto clothing, or that are small enough to slip into a pocket or a backpack. If you want to track younger children, simpler models with just a few buttons are the best.

In any case, take the time to sit down with your child to teach them how to use the device. Test it out a few times before you send your kids out on their own!

Look out for battery life

If you’re concerned that you’ll forget to charge your kids’ GPS tracker every day, look out for models with a strong battery. There are several on our list that will hold a charge for multiple days or even weeks at a time! This is a really important feature for all of your forgetful parents out there. We’ve been there!

Be prepared to pay a monthly subscription

Most, if not all, kids’ GPS trackers require a monthly paid subscription to work. This is because these trackers usually function through the help of a cellular network. You can find some great deals on our list.

Most GPS trackers work with an app

Wearable kids smart watch calls mom and location tracking with touch screen and voice service, blue electronic gadget with rubber wristband for children

Many of these devices work alongside an app for smartphones so you can stay connected to your child. Some models work as a phone that you can call with the app. You can also follow real-time maps via the app to follow your kid’s movements closely.

If you don’t have a smartphone, make sure you buy a tracker that works with a website that you can access using a computer.

Now that you know some of the key features to look out for let’s move on to some frequently asked questions!

What’s the best GPS tracker for kids?

GPS watches for children

The best GPS tracker for kids will vary depending upon your specific needs. You’re going to want to consider the age of your child, what you’d like to use the tracker for, the features you want to be included, the size, and the ease of use, among other things!

Make sure you are aware of the cost of the monthly subscription and if you’ll need a smartphone to use an app before you purchase one. You may want to browse with your child so that they get excited about wearing the tracker!

Can I put a GPS tracker in my child?

You should always consult your pediatrician before you place anything inside your child. At this time, it is not physically possible to implant a tracker inside a child like you would a pet. It is dangerous, and it would be uncomfortable for your child! We suggest that you take a look at one of the devices above instead.

What can I use to track my child?

There are several different tracking devices out there! There are models that you can clip onto your kid’s clothing, and there are options that are small enough to slip into a pocket or backpack. For older children, you may be interested in a smartwatch model that also features games and a built-in camera!

Take a look at the options with your child. They will be much more likely to want to wear a tracker if they help pick it out!

How can I track my child’s location?

You can track your child’s location by using a GPS tracker! There are several different options out there that will help you give your kids more independence. We know you want to keep your children safe while also giving them space to grow. These devices are a great way to teach your kids responsibility while you keep them safe!

Think about what features you’re looking for in a tracker and take a look at our suggestions, then read this buyer’s guide. You’re sure to find a model to meet both you and your child’s needs! You’ll feel more at ease and have better peace of mind if you use a GPS tracker for kids!


There are so many different GPS trackers for kids out there! Trackers can come in handy when you want to teach your kids responsibility while also keeping them safe. You’ll want to look out for certain important features like SOS buttons, strong battery life, and real-time tracking.

There are other cool features like built-in cameras, games, “do not disturb” options, and geo-boundary abilities that can also be helpful! Plus, tracking devices can also help in emergencies. Both you and your children will feel safer with a GPS tracking device.

Be prepared to pay a monthly subscription to track your kids with an app for your smartphone. There are several inexpensive options, and it’s worth it to keep your kids safer!

Most models are small and discreet, and it will be easy for your kids to remember to pack in their backpacks or clip onto their clothing. Get back your peace of mind and buy a GPS tracking device for kids!

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