9 Best Dog GPS Trackers in 2020

All dog parents have one thing in common; they love their furry best friends to death. If you’re one, there’s no doubt you relate to that statement. There’s also no doubt you do your best to keep them healthy and happy and will go the extra mile to keep them safe.

But unfortunately, there’s always a chance that even the most trained, well-mannered dog can escape or go missing. While we hope this doesn’t happen to your pooch, you can save yourself the agony of a lost pet beforehand by getting a GPS dog tracker.

Proper fencing, crate training, and leashing minimize the risk of your dog getting lost or being stolen. But, there’s always a small chance your pooch may escape. When this happens, the best GPS tracker will help you pinpoint the exact pet’s location. That is why we did the heavy lifting for you, researched countless trackers, and shortlisted the best nine best dog GPS pet trackers in 2020.

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1. Loc8tor Pet Tracker

Loc8tor Pet Tracker


The Locator dog tracking device is a simple yet efficient model that features a transmitter and a receiver. As a radio-frequency tracker, it uses audio and visual cues. For instance, to find your pet, turn on the transmitter to activate the lights and speakers on it and the receiver. Then turn around to complete a circle. In the process, the transmitter connects with the receiver on your pup’s collar, activating the beeping sounds.

Move towards the sound, and if you’re headed in the right direction, the beeping will increase, and the lights will change from red to green. It has a maximum range of 400ft and has a long battery life. You can use this tracker dog model for training as well.

+ No subscription fee
+ Pretty lightweight
+ Super easy to use
+ Incredible accuracy as it takes you within one inch of your pooch’s location.

Why We Like It – Apart from using this to keep tabs and monitor pet activity, you can also use it for pet training. For instance, if you feed or offer your Fido treats right after you beep it, it’ll associate the beep with food.

2. Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle

Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle


Made by a market leader and a brand as reputable as Garmin, this GPS dog tracker and collar bundle packs a pretty punch. It’s not just a bundle by name, but also by what it packs, as it features all you need. That aside, this GPS dog tracker is perfect if you have several dogs, and can track up to 20 dogs within a 9-mile radius! Also, it boasts geofencing features.

Therefore, you can set up a virtual fence and receive alerts whenever your dog goes beyond the safe zones. If that’s not impressive enough, this tracker features 100k TOPO maps, and if you like hiking with other pet owners, you can set it up to track not only the pet’s location but them as well! What’s more, it doubles up as a training device and features up to 18 training levels! Also note this dog collar boasts extended pet activity tracking capabilities as it has not only GPS but also GLONASS, Russia’s GPS tracking version.

+ Real-time location tracking of both dogs and other Garmin 100 users
+ Can train up to 20 dogs
+ Doubles up as a training device
+ Has Geofencing features

Why We Like It – There’s just so much to love about this pet tracker, but what we love the most is its real-time location tracking of multiple dogs, and their humans as well. We also love its long battery life.

3. Tile Inc Bluetooth Tracker and Finder

Tile Inc Bluetooth Tracker and Finder


If you’re looking to get the best bang for your bucks, then the Tile Inc. tracker is what you need. It has a coverage range of 150ft, and a small hole so you can easily attach it to the dog collar. To use it, simply connect it to your cell phone’s Bluetooth, and whenever your dog is sneaky, simply ping it and its loud beep will draw you toward your pup. If you can’t find your dog within this range, worry not as it boasts a crowd-funding feature, which means any other person using the Tile app can help you find your pup.

+ Replaceable batteries
+ Loud beeps for easy tracking
+ Strong Bluetooth connectivity
+ Crowd-finding feature

Why We Like It – Besides the fact that the batteries are replaceable, this Tile Mate tracker has a broader coverage range than most Bluetooth trackers. The crowd-finding feature also means other people can help you find a lost pup.

4. Simjar Louder Beep Key Pet Finder

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No products found.

If your furry best friend never leaves your side but you would like to find them when they do and at the same time get a pet tracker that’ll help you find easily-misplaced stuff, then this tracker is a perfect fit. It features a transmitter with eight color-coded, chained receivers.

So, all you need to do is hook one of the receivers to your pup’s collar. Each receiver emits a beep as loud as 90 decibels and can be heard within a range of 100ft. Also, the receivers boast an LED light and come with lithium cells that keep them functional for up to nine months!

+ Multipurpose tracking model with eight receiver
+ Loud 90 decibels beep
+ LED light for easy tracking in low light or night conditions
+ Extended battery life

Why We Like It – You can use this pet tracker collar to keep tabs on not only your dog but other things as well. It’s an excellent buy if your dog tends to play hide and seek with you a lot.

5. Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar


Garmin is among the most reliable GPS pet device maker, and you can be confident this collar will meet your expectations. The most outstanding feature about this T5 GPS tracking collar is it utilizes not only the ordinary GPS you know about it but also GLONASS, Russia’s GPS tracking version.

To further enhance its tracking capabilities, the T5 collar also has two different antennae and a 9-mile radius range. It has a 20-40 hour battery life and features rescue mode. So, if your pooch goes missing in the morning, you’ll have enough time to find it before the battery dies.

+ Uses Russia’s advanced tracking system
+ Offers a 9-mile radius range
+ LED beacon lights help you identify your dog in low light conditions
+ The battery lasts for a long time

Why We Like It – The Garmin T5 collar is designed to increase the chances of you finding your pooch faster. For instance, other than GPS, it also uses GLONASS and is effective up to a 9-mile radius. Add in the rescue mode and the LED lights, and it becomes even easier to find a lost pet using the Garmin T5 collar.

6. Findkey Tracker

Findkey Tracker



If you’re looking for a pet tracker, you can use to keep your dog, your wallet, and your keys in track, then this is it. This unit comes with a transmitter, four receivers, four key rings, and four pieces of adhesive. The transmitter has four colored buttons that correspond to the colors on the receivers and has a 30 meters range radio-frequency.

Using the keyring, you can easily attach one of the receivers on your pup’s collar so you can keep track of them up to 30 meters away and attach the other three receivers on your keys, your wallet, or another pet. Note, when you press a button, the receiver lights up and beeps so you can easily track it.

+ Can be used for tracking more than just a dog
+ Long battery life
+ Colored buttons on remote for easy use
+ Strong radio-frequency.

Why We Like It – Although it doesn’t have a wide range, its radio frequency within the indicated 30 meters is quite strong. Also, it is easy to use, and a pretty good investment as it is multipurpose and can even serve as a cat tracker.

7. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker


The PetFon dog GPS tracker is indeed a pet phone. To start with, this GPS dog tracker is pretty tech-friendly as it combines GPS tracking with WIFI and can connect to Bluetooth as well. What this means is you’ll always know the location of Fido in real-time.

To add on to that, it boasts Geofencing, a feature that allows you to create a safe zone and get instant alerts if your pooch goes outside the defined area! Add in the multicolor lights and ring sounds, and a lost dog will be the least of your worries. What’s more, is you get to enjoy these features at zero costs as this GPS tracking collar has no monthly subscription. Also, it has a long battery life.

+ Incredibly tech-friendly
+ Features geofencing
+ No monthly subscription costs
+ Colorful lights and ring make tracking a lost pet easier

Why We Like It – The Petfon GPS tracker allows real-time location tracking, features geofencing, is rainproof and has a long battery life, yet it doesn’t have any monthly costs. On top of that, it has a wide coverage range (0.65 miles in urban areas and 3.5 miles in open environments) and can be used in any country. Therefore, it’s ideal if you travel with your pooch a lot.

8. Whistle Go Explore The Ultimate Health +Location Tracker for Pets

Whistle Go Explore The Ultimate Health +Location Tracker for Pets


Looking for a dog GPS tracker that’ll keep you on top of your Fido’s health, tell you about the activities they’ve been involved in for the past 24 hours, and at the same time enable pet activity and location tracking? If yes, then what you’re looking for is the Whistle Go Explore GPS pet collar.

It features all the mentioned, and at the same time, features virtual fencing features, so you get instant alerts on your phone whenever your pup leaves the safe zones. It boasts up to 20 days of battery life. Add in the fact it’s connected to the AT&T network, and you can find your dog even when they’re thousands of miles away.

+ Battery lasts long
+ Connection to AT&T network allows real-time location and activity tracking for more than 3000 miles
+ Instant alerts whenever the dog leaves safe zones
+ Health and pet’s activity monitor

Why We Like It – Although it has a subscription fee, it’s worth the cost. Why? Well, through its connection to the AT&T network, you get over 3,000-miles coverage. Add in its 20 days’ battery life, and you can be confident that in case your pup goes missing, you can always find it. We also like that this GPS tracking collar has a health and pet’s activity monitor as well.

9. Cube Key Finder Smart Dog Activity Tracker

Cube Key Finder Smart dog activity Tracker


This dog GPS tracker uses Bluetooth to help you keep tabs on anything from your pup, your phone, to even your wallet. In this case, all you need to do is attach it to your dog’s collar, pair the key finder with your phone’s Bluetooth. In case your dog does a disappearing act at the dog park or whichever location you may be in, simply ping the cube, and follow the sound, and you’ll easily find your Fido within a range of 100ft. What’s more, this activity tracker is weatherproof and will remain in good shape even when it is raining or snowing.

+ Easy to use as you only need to attach to dog’s collar.
+ No need to buy a new one every year
+ Allows pet activity tracking via a smartphone
+ Weatherproof

Why We Like It – It is a weatherproof pet activity tracking unit that is incredibly easy to use. Also, unlike most trackers in the market today, it has no monthly subscription fee and is a one-off purchase because you need not buy a new one every year.

Dog GPS Tracker Buyer’s Guide

And there you have it, folks — the best nine dog GPS trackers you will find in the market this year! But just how do you ensure you select the best and the perfect fit for your dog from the above list? By reading through our buying guide below and ensuring you only purchase from reputable brands such as Garmin, Tiles, Link AKC and a string of others on the list above

Consider the Tracking Technology

As you may have noticed, not all dog trackers on our best tracker list above have GPS tracking capabilities. Some use radio frequency, while others utilize Bluetooth. With that said, the first thing you ought to consider when you’re in the market for a dog tracker, make sure you understand its activity tracking technology as explained below

GPS Trackers

Tourist holding gps tracker. Finding right way.

This type of pet activity and location tracker, as the name implies, uses the same GPS technology that you use on your phone and even in your car to find a particular location. This means it relies on the satellites above the earth to determine the exact location of your pup. Most people confuse GPS tracking units with microchips, but these are two different things. A GPS tracker, as noted, relies on satellites, but a microchip uses radio frequency technology and usually registers all the information regarding the particular dog.

With that being said, it is essential to note most GPS trackers are cellular-based, and as such, have a monthly subscription pet owners are required to pay. The main benefit of cellular-based GPS trackers is that they not only identify the pet’s location but also send you real-time alerts.

This is because, in most cases, these cellular GPS pet trackers feature a smartphone app; hence it can be synced with your cell phone. Some like the Whistle GPS tracker on our best tracking devices list, even boast WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity. Other popular examples of cellular GPS tracker dogs include Link AKC smart dog tracker and tractive GPS.

Radio Frequency Dog Trackers

Radiofrequency dog trackers have been in existence the longest. Initially, radio pet activity trackers were used to find hunting dogs that went out of range, but nowadays, they are widely available, and you too can buy one. As the name suggests, they use radio waves, and as such, usually come with a transmitter and a receiver.

The pet owners attach the receiver to the dog’s collar, and in case the pup goes missing, the pet owners use the transmitter to find it. These don’t require GPS signals and are the best option if you live in an area with poor cellular connectivity. They are also subscription fee-free.

Bluetooth Pet Trackers

Family using smart phone in the pine forest during sunset

Bluetooth pet activity tracking units usually feature a small beeping receiver that you will connect to your phone’s Bluetooth and attach it to your dog’s collar. If the dog goes missing, you need to ping the receiver, and it’ll ring, drawing you to the dog. Note, however, Bluetooth pet activity tracking devices are best used within your home as most of them don’t have a wide range.

But manufacturers are trying to overcome the limitation by making more advanced Bluetooth trackers. For instance, the Tile Mate activity tracker listed is one of the best today. This is because it has a crowd-funding feature that allows other people with the Tile app to help you find the dog if it has gone out of range. This increases the chances of finding the dog as tile trackers are pretty popular, and as such, have an extensive network of app users.


Other than the pet activity tracking technology, another incredibly essential factor to consider while shopping for the best GPS dog tracker is the range. The range refers to the coverage it offers. If your dog is an escape artist and tends to even dig through the fence to run away, you want a GPS dog tracker with as much range as possible.

In this case, a cellular pet tracker such as Whistle, Garmin, Link Akc smart and tractive gps would be the most recommendable as they offer wider coverage, and even real-time location tracking. It will offer peace of mind as you know you can always find your pup if it runs away. But if your dog doesn’t try to run away but its sneaky and tends to hide from you or if you live in an area with lousy GPS signal reception, a radio frequency pet tracker would be more recommendable.


four hounds with GPS collar obeyed and sat down, synchronously to the same direction

The last thing you want when your dog is missing is a pet tracker that leads you to the wrong path or has an inconclusive signal. With that said, opt for a GPS dog tracker that is as accurate as possible. How do you determine this? Well, the best GPS trackers often pick signals from multiple satellite to enhance accuracy. This is why brands like Garmin utilize both GPS and Glonass.

Another way to ensure you get an accurate GPS dog tracker is by buying from leading and reputable brands like Link Akc smart, Garmin, and whistle. As market leaders, such brands often use innovative technology to ensure their devices remain at the top. But also, make sure you read through reviews to see what buyers have to say.

Battery Life

Imagine this scenario; you buy an expensive GPS dog tracker, your dog goes missing a few days after, but you have nothing to worry about because you can identify where it is using the pet tracker. But a few hours into the search, you lose connectivity with the GPS dog tracker because its battery died. Now you have zero chances of finding your pup, and you’re in panic mode.

Saying such a situation is stressful is an understatement. But you can avoid being in one by ensuring the GPS dog tracker you’re eyeing has long battery life. The longer the battery life, the higher your chances of you finding pet.


The best GPS dog tracker not only allows you to keep track of your pet but also gives you the confidence to let them roam leash-free because you know anytime you need them, you will simply check the position of the tracker. With that said, it’s wise to opt for a pet tracker that won’t be damaged the moment your dog plays in a puddle.

Opt for a model that’ll remain functional even if you are at the beach, and you let your pup run into the water. In a nutshell, it should be waterproof and shockproof so you can let your pet stay leash-free without interfering with your peace of mind.

Size and Weight

GPS Tracker in hand against grass green background

As you already know, a tracker goes on your dog’s neck. So, opt for one a small and lightweight one as you want to ensure your pup’s optimum comfort while keeping them safe, regardless of their location. Note, a big tracker can easily be removed by anyone with ill intentions. For instance, a dognapper will likely notice it and toss it away. But if it’s small, they’re less likely to notice it, and may even dismiss it for a dog collar. Besides, if the tracker is bulky, your dog may even try to remove it.

Additional Features

As you may have noticed, some trackers on our list are better than others. While the point here is to track the pet’s location, it’s advisable to invest in one that offers additional security features. For instance, a dog GPS tracker with geofencing features will often allow you to create a safe zone and alert you whenever your dog goes out of it.

As long as the dog is within this safe zone, you won’t get notifications, and you won’t have to worry either because you know your Fido is within range. This is an excellent feature if you like to let your dog go leash-free or if you camp with your pooch a lot.

Apart from geofencing, another great feature modern trackers like Whistle and Link AKC boast is the pet’s activity monitor. The activity monitor feature offers insight into what your pup has been up to for the past 24 hours. Others put you on top of your dog’s health by monitoring the heart rate and metabolism and alerting you whenever your pup has an abnormal heart rate so you can take it to the vet.

Other features to be on the lookout include WIFI connectivity, training capabilities, and LED lights, among many others. You can get a tracker with such features from renowned brands like Link AKC, Garmin, Whistle, and others on our list of best GPS trackers above.


A good dog GPS tracker gives you peace of mind as you don’t have to stress about going home to a missing dog always. It also makes you confident enough to allow your pooch the freedom to roam because you know at the end of the day, you’ll find them.

Now, all things considered, we’re glad to say all the trackers outlined above meet the metrics listed on our buying guide, and as such, you can be confident they will help increase the safety of your pup. Other great GPS dog trackers to check out include Link Akc, tractive, and findster. It’s now up to you to select one that suits your budget, as well as your pup’s personality.

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