10 Best Coolers with Wheels in 2020

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Coolers are essential for any sports event, camping trip, or beach BBQ. But carrying all that food and drink can be exhausting and way too heavy for the average person. That’s why coolers with wheels are the best option to get your food to the party or vacation easily, removing the stress and hassle. Many coolers also come with a long, strong telescoping handle and off-road wheels so that you can easily wheel your cooler anywhere.

We’ve found the best coolers with wheels, from heavy-duty stainless steel to flexible fabric, to keep your food and drinks cool for up to five days. Some of the best products are even up to 10 days! We’ve reviewed a range of coolers on wheels from a selection of brands, each with different features, including ice retention, cup holders, and capacity. We hope this helps you to find the best wheeled coolers to fit your needs.

View The Best Coolers with Wheels Below

1. Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme Cooler with Wheels

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This large cooler from Coleman is ideal for your one day or overnight events. It has a classic style that features a folding handle, seat top, and chunky wheels, so you can take it camping or into the mountains. A good size, this cooler can be used for any event or hobby, including fishing and summer camps.

+ Keeps ice for up to 5 days
+ Great size, holds up to 160 cans
+ Two large wheels
+ Seat top and cup holders
+ Trusted Coleman brand

Why We Like It – This cooler has a classic and simple design, with brilliant extra features, including the pull-along handle, and handles either side for lifting into your vehicle. Coleman has been creating epic camping products for many years, and they have used Thermozone insulation with this product to keep your food cooler for longer.

2. Pelican Products ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler

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Are you willing to go the extra mile to get a premium product? Here’s our recommendation! The Pelican Elite is a cut above the rest. It’s a heavy-duty, super-insulated product that keeps your food and drinks ice cold for longer. Its top of the range wheels ensures that you can go off-road and on adventures, with the security of the cooler keeping your essentials cold.

+ Up to ten days of ice-cold
+ Secure clips to keep cold in
+ Sturdy design and outer shell
+ Large off-road wheel size
+ Made in the USA

Why We Like It – The Pelican Elite wheeled cooler is built to last, with stainless steel hinges, a super-strong outer shell, and a freezer compartment. If you’re looking for something to see you through 4-5 days away, this wheeled cooler could be the one for you. Filled with added extras like cup holders, bottle openers, and side handles, this is our premium recommended product.

3. Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler

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Igloo is a renowned brand for coolers, and this is one of their best coolers with wheels. It’s light and practical, and it will see you through your party, BBQ, or short vacation. The Igloo Ice Cube has good ice retention, keeping your food and drink colder for longer, so your party can continue to go on! It’s great for a longer camping trip, as this wheeled cooler can go wherever you go.

+ Locking telescoping handle
+ Cup holders built-in
+ Small spout for draining excess water
+ Insulated fold-down lid
+ Durable outdoor wheels

Why We Like It – This cooler has a good reputation for keeping things ice cold for days, which is good news for your drinks, food, and other items for your ice chest. The cooler has a simple and effective design. It’s lightweight, which makes it ideal for those shorter hiking trips, or visits to the beach or a party.

4. YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

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If you need an ice chest that is strong, bear-proof, and practically indestructible, then look no further than this YETI Tundra wheeled cooler. It’s like a chest freezer on wheels that can take tons of force. Also, YETI has designed it so that it’s easy to move around, with a large aluminum pull handle that folds close to the cooler. This cooler on wheels can be taken to the desert, beach, mountains, BBQ, or anywhere your wheels take you!

+ Permafrost insulation like no other
+ Fatwall design, insulation in walls and lid
+ Eight days of ice cold
+ Indents for strapping to your truck
+ Available in a range of colors

Why We Like It – This wheeled cooler upgrades YETI’s best coolers to a new level, allowing you to move freely, while keeping your drinks and food cooler for longer. YETI has added lots of extra features, including indents in the outer shell, to make it easy to strap to your truck, for security and ease. It’s one of the leading brands on the market, and won’t let you down on ice retention; it’s like an electric freezer!

5. Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler

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This cooler with wheels from Coleman is like a sturdy and easy to move version of a canvas cooler. It’s small in size, perfect for one-day picnics, small fishing trips, or to accompany a BBQ party. It has a handy telescoping handle with polythene insulating so that you can take it on the go. If you’re currently using a small canvas cooler bag, this product is the wheeled cooler upgrade you’ve been looking for.

+ Convenient compact size
+ Easy to pull along
+ Side handles for lifting
+ Available in two colors
+ Ice retention for several days

Why We Like It – Coleman has created a brilliant wheeled cooler option to fulfill your needs. If you’re looking for an effective cooler to take to a party or short vacation, this Coleman cooler comes with all the features you need to have a great trip. It’s convenient, easy to move around, and will keep your items cool for around 48 hours, making it ideal for a BBQ.

6. RovR Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler

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This is a one of a kind product from Rover that provides up to ten days of ice retention – it’s the best cooling you’ve ever seen! This unique heavy-duty cooler is top of the range and offers a unique dry storage box that sits on top of the cooler, to make it easier to store all your cold and dry items. This is a premium product that is worth the investment and should last you many years.

+ Large rough terrain tires
+ Ten days of ice retention
+ Large double side pull handle
+ Secure clasps securing the lid
+ Includes dry storage box

Why We Like It – This is a top of the range roller cooler from RovR, who are experts in building camping gear that will last you the whole camping vacation. This cooler comes with added extras to ensure that your vacation, beach trip, or BBQ is an effortless and easy adventure. Brilliant isolation ensures that your items will stay ice cold for five days to ten days.

7. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Rolling Cooler

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Arctic Zone has upgraded the regular canvas cooler with the best wheeled design, riser technology, and secure canvas outer layers, to keep things good and cool. This cooler also folds up for easier storage, compared to larger bulky cool boxes. If you’re looking for a lightweight option that’s better than your standard canvas cooler bag, check out this product from Artic Zone.

+ Canvas design, lots of zip pockets
+ Good wheel size
+ Fits in small trunks
+ Four layers of insulation
+ Keeps cool for days

Why We Like It – This product is one of the best canvas wheeled coolers on the market, with many outer features like zip pockets and cup holders to see you through. The flexible outer material is perfect for packing up your truck, and this cooler can fit into smaller spaces. It also has an ultra-safe leak-proof lining that makes any spills unlikely and easy to clean.

8. Igloo Glide Pro 110 Roller

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Another brilliant product from Igloo’s wheeled coolers range. This heavy duty cooler features a unique telescoping handle that locks in horizontally rather than vertically like other coolers available, allowing you to carry more weight easily. It’s one of the best wheeled ice boxes for longer trips in tricky terrain, and this cooler won’t let you down.

+ Two side handles for lifting
+ Up to 5 days of ice insulation
+ Oversized sport rally wheels
+ Horizontal long handle
+ Zinc-plated metal hinges

Why We Like It – This is one of the best products if you’re looking for a strong wheeled cooler, and you’re not too worried about the outer design. It’s a chunky cooler that can handle all of your food, drinks, and ice and keep things cold for days. Igloo has used the best insulating materials and simple internal design to create a brilliant wheeled cooler for your camping needs.

9. Giantex 80 Quart Cooler Cart

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The cooler cart from Giantex is perfect for your BBQ, camping, and beachside needs. Its clever design means that you can effortlessly move the cooler around, or keep it stationary at the perfect height for a bar. Your party will be epic with the help of this wheeled cooler cart.

+ Fun features including a bottle opener
+ Well balanced with four legs and wheels
+ Drain plug for easy removal
+ Two door openings for easy access
+ Perfect for patios and lawns

Why We Like It – Giantex Cooler Cart is a great product for your outdoor home bar, garden party, or beach BBQ. With it’s added extra features and easy access doors on top, it’s great for your friends and family to help themselves to drinks. The cooler also has wheels that lock into place, so your cooler won’t slide away! The sparkling red color is the classic USA and will look the best in your back yard.

10. Outsunny 80 QT Rolling Cooler Ice Chest

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This Outsunny rolling, stainless steel cooler icebox is one of the best wheeled carts available. It’s built to last, with added features and classic design. The four wheels are locked in with a lower shelf for added stability and structure for the wheels.

+ Drain plug for easy drainage
+ Top double door openings
+ Stability with four wheels
+ Side handles for rolling
+ Keeps cold for 24 hours

Why We Like It – Outsunny has created a wonderful cooler on wheels to level up your garden party or BBQ. It’s simple and strong design is essential to any family get together. The design will keep your food and drinks colder for longer, meaning you can keep the party going!

Coolers with Wheels Buyer’s Guide

Should I use Ice or Ice Packs in my cooler?

Most coolers can cope with either ice or ice packs, and many have a drainage plug in the bottom to leak out excess warming water. If you’re freezing water in advance, make sure it’s in a watertight container before it goes into your coolers. This step will ensure that you don’t get unwanted leakage in your coolers, which may ruin your other perishable items. Ice packs are great as they can be re-used, and the chemicals within them can usually stay colder than frozen water. Add that to the insulated inside of coolers, and you’ll have cold items for longer!

Are wheeled coolers better than cooler boxes?

Coolers on display

Coolers on wheels allow for more flexibility when camping, planning a fishing trip or hiking adventure, or maybe a road trip to visit family and friends. Wheels are super handy as you can move heavier coolers around with much less effort. This will allow you to keep your energy for more important things on your trip, like hiking or driving. There are different types of cooler with levels of insulation. Higher quality insulation will keep items cooler for longer, so are better for longer trips.

If you’re planning a day BBQ, sports event, or party, then mobile coolers allow you to level up your adventure and make it easier to walk through beaches or forests to get to your party location. Wheels also will enable you only to need one person to move the cooler, which takes the pressure and literal weight off your shoulders! Other people in your party can then be carrying essential equipment for your adventure.

How do I find the best cooler?

We’ve brought together some of the best coolers with wheels to give you a wide range of options to meet your needs. Reading this article and browsing related posts is a great way to figure out which cooler will be best for you. Also, check out reviews as they can add information that we may not have covered in related posts. Check out the rest of our site for more great product reviews.

What is the ideal weight of coolers?

Couple with cool box walking to friends talking at table beside lake

The weight you’re looking for will depend on where you’re taking your cooler. If it’s local or you can drive there quickly, you will be able to take a heavier cooler and may have another person on hand to help you lift and drag it. If, however, you’re traveling solo or will be wheeling the coolers yourself, you may need a lighter range of coolers to be able to handle the weight of the cooler and your items. Coolers can be 10lb to 80lbs, so it’s crucial to think about what you’re going to fill yours with and what your weight limit is.

Should I look at handle height?

Most of the telescoping handle built into the wheeled coolers will be standard height, like suitcases. So if you’re a taller or shorter person, look out for the handle height to ensure you’re not going to get neck or back pain from wheeling a cooler that is too low or too tall. Also, have a look at the other handle options available. Some have side handles, which make it easier for one or two people to lift the heavier coolers into a truck or van for your vacation.

How should I safely store my food?

ice cooler

If you’re going on a longer trip or BBQ, make sure your raw meat is stored at the bottom of the box and with plastic wrapping. This is so you’re not at risk of pesky raw meat germs getting into your other food and giving you an icky stomach! If you’re going away for a few days, keep a close eye on the temperature within the box to make sure your perishable items will continue to stay fresh and healthy.

Drinks should be stored upright to avoid them leaking on your other items. If you’re using your cooler exclusively for drinks, for example, at a BBQ or sports event, you can be more flexible with resting your drinks over ice within the box, and not worry about them ruining other items.

Should coolers be fully insulated?

All coolers will be insulated in the walls with various types of insulation, including Thermozone and polythene, depending on the brand and manufacturer. Make sure that your chosen product also has insulating in the lid and fully seals to keep as much of the cool low temperature in as possible. This will keep your items cold and will avoid spills and leaks from the lid and seals. Hinges are also important to consider here; they should be flush in the design and not cause any gaps where excess liquid can slip through.


Overall, we hope that this article has helped you to choose the cooler that will be most suited to your needs! We’ve recommended our favorite products that will make your BBQ, fishing trip, road trip, camping, vacation, or party even better. These products are reliable, reviewed, and recommended, and they won’t let you down. Make sure to consider the features most important to you, whether that’s size, quality of wheels, or usability, including longer handles and cup holders.

Coolers on wheels are a great way to upgrade from a standard cooler bag, and many have proven insulation that will keep your things colder for up to ten days!

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