Best Car GPS Navigation Systems of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Ever since the invention of smartphones and the use of navigation apps such as Google and Apple Maps, people’s journeys has been made smoother. It is a no brainer that these apps make it easier to find destinations that you might be visiting for the first time, or you are simply not sure of the right route to use.

However, if you used a car GPS navigator before, you will find that they are way much better. The best GPS systems have better features to make both short and long-haul journeys not only more comfortable but also safer for you.

The most exciting part about modern GPS systems is that they can be integrated into the vehicle’s unit or can be portable; meaning you can use the same product on different cars. The biggest question in many people’s minds now is, ‘Why would I need a GPS when I have a smartphone?’

Below is our list of the top 15 GPS navigating systems.

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1. LGarmin Drive 50 USA LM GPS Navigator System

Garmin Drive 50 USA LM GPS Navigator System


The Garmin Drive 50 tops many lists for the best GPS systems, and it is for numerous proven reasons. To begin with, this navigator system is made in a way that you can focus more on the road and not on the screen.

This is made possible thanks to the simplicity of the interface, as all unnecessary details are gotten rid of when the GPS is in use. Should you want to avoid the screen becoming a distraction as you drive, you can opt to use the voice directions, which are surprisingly very efficient for such a device.

The use of landmarks and traffic signs by the device provides you with a good idea of where you are and where you are headed to, more so if you are unaware of your surroundings.

The Foursquare compatibility ensures that you never experience any trouble finding a good or popular hangout. The pre-loaded data from Foursquare adds numerous new and existing stores, restaurants, etc. The Direct Access function backs the Foursquare feature to help to navigate to complex destinations easily.
The touchscreen display is pretty responsive to all your commands. One feature that makes this product unique is the split-screen function. This enables you to have a crystal clear image of where you currently are and the road situation at your destination.

+ Very easy to use
+ Dual screen for easier navigation
+ Tons of useful alerts
+ Contains pre-loaded data from Foursquare to help you find major hangout joints
+ Good graphical and audio directions

– It lacks vital map updates, especially to lesser-visited (rural) areas
– You may need to refresh longer routes regularly

Why We Like It – If you are in the search for the best GPS navigation system that offers you company throughout the journey, then look no further than the Garmin Drive 50 USA LM. This is because of the numerous alerts the system sends to you under different situations, such as; when there are sharp curves ahead, when there is a change of speed limits, and red light cameras ahead.

2. Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S

Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S


For one of the most responsive and up to date car GPS systems, the Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S secures its place on this list by all means. It comes in a sleek, modern design that would complement any type of car dashboards. To make it much better, this device is crammed with only essential features that make your driving enjoyable, apart from the information being displayed in an easy-to-read format.

The Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S comes with maps of the United States, Canada, and Mexico pre-loaded. Should you need to update those maps, or add new ones, there is a MicroSD card to help you in doing so.
What’s more is that with the 61 LMT-S, you get lifetime free map updates, so you will not have to make any payments for that for the life of the product.

The massive 6.95-inch capacitive touchscreen has an edge-to-edge display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. You do not have to get too close to the screen for you to see the maps and the precise location being shown clearly.

The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to pair your smartphone to this car GPS, making it easier for you to receive traffic alerts, software, and map updates.

The 61 LMT-S is more like a digital atlas that has a pre-loaded map of North America, as there are numerous points of interest marked for you, for almost every road you’ll be taking. If you are about to embark on a long journey, for example, you can mark one or more waypoints such as a gas station or a hotel, and the device will help you to find them.

+ A giant touchscreen of 6.95 inches
+ Has an easy-to-use interface
+ There are real-time updates

– The alerts stay on the screen for way too long

Why We Like It – Apart from choosing the best route for you, the Garmin Drivesmart 61 LMT-S is made to alert you of toll roads ahead, upcoming turns, and changes in speed limits. If you have been driving for long, the GPS tells you to take a break.

3. TomTom VIA 1625M 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device

TomTom VIA 1625M 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device


The TomTom VIA 1625M is a reliable navigation system with a compact 6-inch touchscreen. The design itself has been appreciated by the majority of motorists who pass it to be neither too big nor too small.
It is a relatively less pricey compared to many other GPS devices on this list. However, having a lower price tag does not mean that you will get less value for your money. When you settle on this product, you are simply paying for easier navigation, free from many distractions.

The Advanced Lane Guide Feature is one unique thing about the VIA 1625M, making it stand out from the rest. This function warns you of any impending turn-offs or exits which you ought to take. It comes in handy, especially on a busy highway or freeway, and you are required to get to the appropriate lane in good time.

+ Affordable
+ Free lifetime map updates
+ A dual mounting system for easier customization
+ Unobtrusive design thanks to the 6-inch touchscreen
+ The advanced lane guidance feature is a unique concept of the VIA 1625M
Voice command
+ Traffic alerts sent to the unit through radio signals
+ One-year limited warranty

– The traffic alerts are not real-time as it relies on radio signals which are not updated instantly
– There is no Bluetooth connectivity

Why We Like It – The free lifetime map updates, which are a popular feature for the majority of big brands currently, is also something worth mentioning. For more information on the product, take a look at some of the pros and cons of the TomTom VIA 1625M.

4. Garmin DriveSmart 65 & Traffic

Garmin DriveSmart 65 & Traffic


Garmin never disappoints with its wide range of navigation products. The DriveSmart 65 & traffic is no exception. It provides you with some of the most useful features for a modern age driver. The device boasts of a big 6.95-inch screen display with edge to edge display.

The GPS comes with a pre-loaded map of North America, which can be displayed in 3D to help you to navigate the road easily. It is quite easy to operate with simple menus and brightness, which allows you to see all details even when the sun is shining brightly.

You do not necessarily have to scroll through the screen manually to operate this unit as it can be voice-activated. It can also be compared with a smartphone to enable you to make and receive phone calls hands-free. Furthermore, your phone notifications are also displayed right on the screen so that you just take a peek on it and still keep your focus on the road.

+ Large screen capacity at 6.95 inches
+ Easy to use, simple user interface
+ Voice-activated
+ TripAdvisor ratings and Foursquare points of interest displayed
+ Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to help you get map updates without the need of a computer
+ Access to real-time features such as live parking

– Some consumers have complained of the unit overheating when used for long and when exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period.

Why We LIke It – The Garmin DriveSmart tries to improve the driver’s safety by making them aware of the road situation and other impending changes such as sharp, dangerous turns, railroad crossing, speed changes, etc. The alerts and turn-by-turn directions are read out in a real voice making this device a companion even when going for long journeys.

5. TomTom GO 520

TomTom GO 520


The TomTom Go 520 is one of the best car GPS systems; ideal for someone who drives in and out of North America. It provides you with free lifetime access to world maps, backed with numerous other features that comes in handy on various occasions. Some of them include a multi-touch display, Bluetooth capability, and convenient map updates over Wi-Fi.

The product is also voice control-enabled to allow you to use it while driving seamlessly. You can also make your phone calls easily, even without having to use your cell phone.

The voice command is also superb. This is a useful feature, especially when driving and need to put in an address. The device is made to warn or alert you when in specific locations with speed and red light cameras.

+ Lifetime world maps – you can download and update world maps to this device at no extra cost to you
+ Reliable traffic updates help you pick a more suitable route
+ It is Wi-Fi enabled to enable you to update the maps easily
+ Compatible with Google Now and Siri
+ Voice control

– The customer support is not the best

Why We Like It – The magnetic mount makes it easy for you to place it and take it off from the windscreen without creating much of a mess, which is associated with connecting and disconnecting power cords.

6. Garmin Drive 52 GPS Navigator

Garmin Drive 52 GPS Navigator


The Garmin Drive 52 is one of the best GPS units when you are in the search for a simplistic and basic navigator. This is an inexpensive product that is not very much packed with too many features as some of the company’s high-end models, but it still gives you value for your money.

There are two types of Garmin Drive 52 – the ‘regular’ navigator and the Traffic one, which you have to pay a little extra for. Although it is on the lower price range of all the Garmin line of GPS systems, it still gives you the same great user interface, easy-to-understand directions, driver alerts, and the ability to mark points of interest.

+ Contains a detailed map of US and Canada
+ Simple on-screen menus
+ TripAdvisor traveller ratings
+ Foursquare points of interest (POIs)

– Misses out on essential features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice command system
– The 480×272 screen isn’t sharp enough and does not allow for multi-touch inputs.

Why We Like It – This product also provides the user with lifetime map updates, just like the majority of other Garmin navigation systems.

7. Garmin DriveSmart 51 NA LMT-S

Garmin DriveSmart 51 NA LMT-S


The Garmin DriveSmart 51 is one of the best-rated GPS systems, thanks to its amazing features which you gain access to, without having to break the bank. It not only helps you in navigating the road but also to find some of the best food and other joints in town.

You can also make use of the ‘Up Ahead’ feature that provides you with the names of the exits on your route. Furthermore, the device strives to keep you safe by warning you of any impending dangerous curves, animal crossing, railroad crossing, and speed cameras.

The TripAdvisor ratings for hotels, restaurants, and other attractions ensure that you get nothing short of the best.

While smartphones continue to give many GPS systems stiff competition, the Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT-S has the right features to ensure that it is worth the price tag. It is a worthy product to help you navigate the road safely, make you feel at home in a new place, and, most importantly, acts as your companion to keep you alert while driving.

+ Easy-to-use GPS navigator
+ Bright 5-inch capacitive touchscreen
+ Provides detailed maps of North America with free lifetime updates
+ Real-time services such as select live parking and live traffic
+ Smart notifications
+ Wi-Fi compatibility

– The voice command would have been made better

Why We Like It – The intuitive user interface, clear instructions, and a massive screen make your entire journey a breeze. There is lifetime traffic information on the device, with the ability to mark on some points of interest, e.g., restaurants, gas stations, etc.

8. LTFRB GPS Navigation

LTFRB GPS Navigation


The LTFRB is one of the best GPS systems in the market, thanks to its powerful configuration. The first thing you will notice upon seeing this device is its enormous size, which would comfortably pass it as a navigator with one of the biggest screens.

This is a top-rated navigation system that you will find as a perfect fit for any vehicle. It is ideal for use by any user due to the 101 pre-loaded regions and the way one can access it in a total of 58 languages. Thanks to this unique feature, you can safely drive your vehicle in different places.

The smart reminder is an option that is quite common with other top-range GPS systems, and the LTTRBX is no exception. The navigation system provides you with alerts when you are close to certain points of interest, such as gas stations, restaurants, etc. You will also be alerted if approaching an area with red lights and speed cameras.

The high resolution 7” TFT LCD touchscreen with 800×480 resolution is pretty clear and sensitive when being operated.

+ 7-inch TFT LCD touch display
+ Lifetime free map updates
+ Large database of pre-installed maps for 101 regions
+ Can be operated in 58 languages
+ Comes with a smart reminder
+ Real-time voice broadcast

– The screen is not very user-friendly

Why We Like It – When it comes to storage, this becomes one of the best car GPS systems, as the chances that it will disappoint you are very minimal. The product boasts of an inbuilt 8GB ROM and 256GB RAM. For high performance, you have the choice of expanding the memory to 32GB through an external card.

9. XGODY 9-Inch Truck GPS System

XGODY 9-Inch Truck GPS System


The XGODY X4 is one of the best GPS navigation systems explicitly made for trucks. The 9-inch large screen displays images in high-resolution, providing you with a better visual experience. Apart from picking out the most favorable and fastest route for you, the device can be customized for a whole other experience to suit your personal needs.

One can get the ideal routes to pass based on their vehicle’s height, length, weight, and width. This helps to avoid roads that have restrictions on the factors mentioned, which primarily happens for large trucks.
The advanced lane guidance system ensures that you do not miss an exit on the road. Furthermore, there are important turns or intersections that you shouldn’t miss, so the XGODY X4 makes sure that you stay on the right path.

The GPS comes preloaded with maps of all American regions, including Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, etc. Should you wish to update the maps or add for other countries, you will be required to contact support for personalized assistance.

Your driving is made safer as the system warns you of impending changes in the regular road system, such as a railway crossing, city entry points, high-accident zones, dangerous areas, speed cameras, red-light cameras, etc. With these types of alerts, you can reach your destination safely, having had a companion with you on the road, that’ll also help in reducing your fatigue.

+ It has a large memory size: 256MB RAM and 8GB internal memory
+ Expandable memory up to 32GB thanks to the Micro SD socket and the MAX Micro SD slot
+ A massive 9-inch display capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480
+ A large rechargeable battery capacity of 2000mAh with a working time of about 1 hour
+ Real voice navigation
+ Smart route settings – to know the fastest route, which can be customized according to the vehicle specifications: height, weight, length, and width
+ Lane navigation which alerts you of multi-lanes ahead so that you can be prepared to take the right one
+ User-friendly interface
+ Free lifetime updates for 2D and 3D maps
+ Ability to mark the points of interest along the way, such as restaurants, gas stations, etc.
+ The system supports multimedia functions. You can listen to music or watch a movie when parked.
+ Video formats supported include ASF, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MP4, and RMVB

– It does not support Bluetooth and AV-IN
– It does not support automatic map updates over Wi-Fi. You have to contact their support centre.

Why We Like It – Unlike some other navigation systems, you have the option to select the voice broadcast of your choice, from the preset male or female voices. With this, you will not have to keep looking at the screen all the time when looking for directions, more so when on a busy road.

10. TruckWay GPS – Pro Series Model 720

TruckWay GPS - Pro Series Model 720


The TruckWay Pro Series model 720 GPS lives up to its full title, to become one of the best GPS navigation devices of all time. It was manufactured with the needs of truckers taken into consideration.

The 7-inch touchscreen has a resolution of 800 x 480, making it easier for you to see all the information on it without having to strain your eyes. There are both Canadian and US maps preloaded with a lot of accuracy. One has the option to either switch to 2D rendering or 3D display.

There is an adequate data space of 4GB ROM and 128GB RAM. There is also an SD card slot for expandable memory of up to 32GB. With all this space, you can download and update maps seamlessly without worrying much about the memory running out.

The mounting bracket, together with the windshield holder, ensures that your GPS is securely put in place, regardless of the weather and road conditions.

The TruckWay Pro Series model 720 also acts as a multimedia device, allowing you to perform other functions on it while it is not being used for navigation. It can be used to play music, videos, and browse pictures. Furthermore, the fact that it can be used for playing games and as a calculator makes it more interesting.

While the battery life is relatively long (1.5 hours to 2 hours), the USB cable charger ensures that it is always topped up.

Moreover, the device also monitors your speed to ensure that you do not run into trouble with authorities. The road awareness feature is a unique addition to the product as it helps you identify unfriendly road situations in advance, such as steep grades and areas experiencing high winds.

Setting up points of interest along the way is also made easier. Although the manufacturer doesn’t specify how many waypoints you can set up, one can have as many as they wish.

+ A 7-inch 800 x 480 2D, 3D touchscreen
+ A big battery capacity of 1,500 mAh, lasting between 1.5 and 2 hours
+ A large memory capacity of 8GB ROM and 256MB RAM
+ Free lifetime access to maps of North America
+ It is lightweight
+ Easy to use

– It is challenging to update the maps
– The screen is not in HD
– The navigator does not connect to Wi-Fi

Why We Like It – This is a fully customizable navigation system, designed to make a trucker’s journey wholesome. You can get the best route suggestions depending on your truck’s height, width, length, and weight. The TruckWay Pro Series model 720 plans your route accordingly and helps you to avoid a no-truck zone.

11. NETVIP GPS Navigation

NETVIP GPS Navigation


The NETVIP 7-inch navigator is one of the best GPS devices which you ought to add to your bucket list soon. The touch screen is large enough to display to you clear images of the maps and driving directions. The 800 x 480 screen resolution makes it show crystal clear images, even when under the sun.

The product is pre-loaded with a North American map, which can be accessed at any time. With the purchase of this device, you will also gain access to free lifetime updates.

Bluetooth compatibility is one useful feature to consider when out looking for any modern GPS navigation systems. This is why the NETVIP GPS navigation system is Bluetooth enabled. This allows you to make and receive hands-free calls for convenience. The sound from the navigator is also played through your car’s speakers without the need for unnecessary cables.

This is a very versatile GPS, as it can be customized to work for seven types of vehicles efficiently. The seven vehicle modes are car, bus, truck, taxi, emergency vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian. Once you have set on the type of vehicle being used, the device automatically recommends the best route to be used (and also the fastest). With this data, you can avoid road restrictions and reach your destination without any issues.
Once the destination has been set, the product will keep on showing you how much distance you are yet to cover, your estimated time of arrival, the speed you are currently on, etc.

+ Large screen for easy viewing
+ Customizable 7 vehicle modes
+ Large memory for the storage of maps and seamless operation
+ Bluetooth allows for hands-free calling
+ Ability to browse call history and make calls directly on the system
+ It supports multimedia so you can enjoy your favorite tunes as you drive

– The battery isn’t as reliable

Why We Like It – The in-built 8GB ROM and 256MB RAM provides enough space to store the maps and ensure a smooth, high-speed operation of the GPS.

12. Cestovat GPS Navigation

Cestovat GPS Navigation


The Cestovat is one of the best car GPS systems that can be used on several types of vehicles. It boasts of a large 7-inch display touchscreen with sensors making it quite responsive. The 8GB ROM provides you with enough map storage space of the US, Canada, and Mexico. If there is a need for an update or addition of more maps, the device supports up to 32GB of extended memory.

Viewing maps on this GPS system is simple, and you can access both the 2D and the 3D rendition. If on a busy freeway, you can opt to listen to the real voice broadcast that is pre-installed with over 40 languages. The comprehensive voice prompts also alert you of any impending danger ahead. You will be warned if approaching school zones, dangerous curves, red light and speed cameras, and many more.

There are seven car models that you can choose for a personalized experience. Depending on the vehicle type that you choose, whether it is a car, bus, truck, taxi, emergency vehicle, bicycle, or even pedestrian, your route is planned accordingly. This GPS navigator from Cestovet will strive to keep you off restricted areas.

+ Speed limit and red light warnings
+ Conveniently used in 7 different types of vehicles
+ Customizable route plans

– It doesn’t include USB ports
– Has a low battery life

Why We Like It – The system is smart enough such that apart from route planning, you are also provided with your estimated time of arrival – based on your current speed.

13. OHREX GPS Navigation

OHREX GPS Navigation


The OHREX GPS navigation system ensures that you take your journey with confidence, without the fear of getting lost. It provides the user with detailed directional information and is pre-loaded with the maps of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. While operating the map yourself, you have the option to choose between the 2D or 3D display on the 7-inch screen.

There is a voice prompt enabled to read out the turn-by-turn directions as you drive and also the street or road names. You do not have to worry about it not being audible enough as the sound is played directly through the vehicle’s speakers.

With this product, you benefit from numerous features such as intelligent route planning, which ensures that you get the fastest and most economical path to follow. Moreover, there are other advantages you gain to reap from using this navigator, including quick and accurate GPS tracking, lane guidance, and the estimated time of arrival based on your current speed, which it also displays for you.

If you intend to use the GPS navigator outside of North America, you can still gain access to the maps of other regions that can be downloaded, but it does not come pre-loaded.

+ Easy to find and add addresses for millions of points of interest
+ Advanced lane assist system
+ Bluetooth enabled for hands-free operation
+ You can use the screen monitor when you install a reverse camera to see the back of your car’s surroundings
+ The 7-inch widescreen is big and bright enough to be used even in broad daylight
+ Two USB ports to charge both your GPS and cell phone at the same time

– Some users have complained about the user interface not being very friendly
– The battery life is quite low compared to other major brands on this list

Why We Like It – The device allows for customization depending on the vehicle being used. It provides personalized route suggestions based on your vehicle’s length, width, height, and weight. In other words, it helps you to avoid issues with the authorities concerning vehicle restrictions.

14. Vinone Car GPS

Vinone Car GPS


The Vinone car GPS is the Holy Grail for drivers who prefer larger screens that won’t have them spend a lot of time squinting, trying to read the information on the display while driving. The 9-inch massive touchscreen looks more like an iPad when compared. The road conditions are clearly shown so you will not get churned up when on the road.

Apart from just showing the directions to a particular destination, this product still gets you the value for your money through some other incredibly useful features. For starters, your journey is made safer thanks to the sound warnings and alerts for speed limits and red light areas.
Route planning is also a key feature in this device. You can add and find points of interest along the way.

+ 9-inch massive display screen
+ Broadcasts street names
+ Shows your estimated time of arrival based on your speed and road conditions
+ Cleverly designed

– It lacks essential features for a high-end model such as Bluetooth and the ability to support multimedia playing.

Why We Like It – The device is impressively stable and will continue guiding you even in rural areas where a smartphone would fail to work. The Vinone car GPS comes fully packed with American maps for different countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, etc.

15. HPTC GPS Navigation

HPTC GPS Navigation


The HPTC is yet another GPS with a massive 9-inch HD screen. This one is also useful for truck drivers who experience a hard time trying to focus on the smaller screens when looking at the directions on smaller devices.

There are other top of the range features also available on the HPTC GPS navigation such as voice alerts, display of current speed, and the ability to play multimedia files.

As this product was made with truckers in mind, one can find the best route by inputting their vehicle specifications in terms of length, weight, height, and width. The on-board charger ensures that the unit doesn’t run out of charge while on use. Furthermore, you will also benefit from the rear bracket installation to provide signal and sunshade design, which works to protect the unit.

+ 9-inch dedicated navigation system
+ Use of real voice to give out directions
+ Customizable depending on the car’s height, weight, length, and width

– The system is not Bluetooth enabled

Why We Like It – This GPS has an inbuilt 8GB ROM and 256MB RAM of memory to ensure that it operates smoothly, on start-up and running. There is a pre-loaded map of North America, which can either be viewed with a 2D or 3D display. You also get free lifetime updates upon the purchase of this device.

Car GPS Navigation Systems Buyer’s Guide

Dedicated GPS System Vs Smartphone Navigation

Unlike several years ago, where owning a GPS unit only meant that you would be shown the directions to take along the way, these products are now a necessity for everyday commuters. They are much better than the standard navigation apps found in phones for numerous reasons. Some of them include:

1. Car GPS Doesn’t Need To Use Your Phone’s Data

Buying phone data is typically not very expensive, but only to a certain extent before it becomes costly at some point. For you to use the navigation system from your smartphone, you’ll need to incur data costs every day when traveling. And what happens in rural areas where the network is really slow?

This is precisely why you need a dedicated GPS unit. These products do not require an internet connection for them to function. The most recent maps are preloaded or downloaded to the device, and they will guide you every step of your way.

2. You Are Less Likely To Get Interrupted.

When using a smartphone as a navigator, you are most likely to get interrupted by the constant notifications of incoming calls or messages. If these interrupt the map or the spoken directions, you are likely to miss a crucial turn.

This is something you wouldn’t wish to happen because some missed turns can turn out to be costly – you might go miles before you get back on the right track.

3. Your Phone Won’t Run Out Of Battery Soon.

If using your phone’s navigation apps for a long-haul journey, then you should be prepared for the phone’s juice to drain pretty fast. With a dedicated navigator, this should not worry you much. Some systems have cables that you can connect them to the charging port to keep the units fully charged at all times.

Some of the best GPS for cars have long-lasting batteries, so you don’t have to keep them hooked to the power source all the time.

It all comes down to practicality and convenience.

Factors To Consider When Buying Best Car GPS Systems

One of the biggest challenges people get is how to choose the right GPS navigation system, probably due to the many options available. Well, this is a pretty simple task, and we will make it even simpler for you.
Take a look at some of the factors to look for when buying a GPS unit:

1. Available Maps

Every GPS on our list comes with preloaded maps of North America and some other parts of the world. Ensure that the product you wish to get can get the map for your region downloaded if not pre-loaded with.

2. Map Update System

Most GPS units come pre-loaded with the latest maps of the regions provided for. However, roads are always changing, probably due to new buildings coming up or ways being closed. This is why you need to have them updated regularly, or else you get misdirected.

The best car GPS manufacturers offer free lifetime map updates. Find out the process of updating the maps, whether or not it is a simple or complex procedure. In most cases, one should be able to update them over Wi-Fi or when connected to a computer.

3. Battery Life

Always invest in a product that can run longer without being plugged into the power source. At some point, you might need the car’s DC outlet to charge your other devices, or maybe your car does not even have such an outlet.

Units that go for at least an hour or two are ideal for long-haul travels.

4. HD Resolution Screens

GPS systems come in many sizes from 3.5 inches to 9 inches. The size you pick solely depends on an individual’s needs and also how big their vehicle is – having a bigger screen for a bigger vehicle only makes sense.

The one thing that should be common with them should be clarity. These devices should have a resolution of at least 480 x 272 pixels. The best GPS systems have a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels to offer you a crisp image of the directions.

5. User-friendly Interface

All you want is to get to your destination safely and not to start figuring out how to operate the navigation system. The best ones should have a user-friendly interface that isn’t difficult to use.

6. Premium Features

Modern GPS units come installed with some premium features which don’t necessarily guide you from one point to another. However, they make your entire journey more exciting and also keep you safer throughout.
Your GPS of choice doesn’t necessarily have to have all these features, but one that has them all will be the ideal one. Some of these features include:

  • Voice control and guidance – instead of typing everything on the screen, you can simply dictate the instructions as you drive. It is way safer, especially when on a busy highway. Furthermore, these units will read out the directions to you instead of you having to look at the screen at all times.
  • Point of interest (POI) – a good navigator allows you to mark some points of interest along the way. You just simply add them to the system, and as you approach these parts, the system reminds you and will even guide you to them.
  • Bluetooth-enabled – a Bluetooth-enabled system allows you to manage your calls and notifications hands-free.
  • Built-in multimedia player – your long journeys don’t have to be boring. A GPS can have an in-built multimedia player to play your music, pictures, and videos. Some advanced ones can even be used for gaming.

Other non-core features which you would look for in a GPS include:

  • 3D map views
  • Traffic alerts
  • Junction view and lane assist
  • Warnings for speed limits, red lights, railway crossings, school zones, and dangerously sharp curves ahead.

Taking all the factors mentioned above into consideration, take a look at our list of the top 15 GPS navigating systems.


There you have it. Your search for the best GPS has been made easier thanks to our comprehensive list. Many factors would be of more importance to you, unlike others. Make sure to go through each product review before settling on one.

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