10 Best Camping Lanterns in 2020

There is a long list of things you’ll want to take along on a camping trip, such as bedding, a tent, firewood, food, drinks, fishing poles, cooking equipment, and more. One of the most important items to take with you is a camping lantern.

Yes, if you build a fire, it will give you some light; but that doesn’t help when you need to walk away from the fire for any reason. There are many types of camping lanterns to choose from. Which is the best for your needs is up to you. Below we’ve broken down the top 10 best camping lanterns.

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1. Vont LED Camping Lantern

Vont LED Camping Lantern


This camp light includes 30 LEDs to deliver light that brightens cuts through the darkness in a 360-degree circumference. If you use it in a tent or one cabin room, it will easily provide enough light for the environment. The battery life can last as long as 90 hours. This run time is three times that of competitors. These camping lights are designed so that they can be collapsed into themselves, making it easier to pack one up and take with you.

+Lifetime warranty
+Waterproof (temporary submersion)
+Durable and dependable

Why We Like It – Customers like these LED camping lights because they’re not only handy when it comes to camping; they can be used in emergencies, such as power outages or your car breaking down at night.

2. Blazin’ Sun Led Lanterns

Blazin' Sun Led Lanterns


Another of the best lights for camping is the Blazin’ Sun Led Lanterns. This lantern has, not one, but four settings. They range from the lowest setting of 200 to 500 to 900, and to 1500 lumens. It may be easier to think of the equivalent wattage.

For example, 1500 lumens is comparable to one 100-watt bulb. Whether you’re in a tent or your living room, this led camping lantern can light up enough space to easily read, eat, play games, or just hang out with friends and family. With 4 D batteries, this lantern’s battery life can last as long as 200 hours.

+Lifetime guarantee

Why We Like It – Families like this led lantern best because it’s a great light source for camping, hanging out by a fire, lighting up a porch, or illuminating a room during a power outage.

3. Energizer LED Camping Lantern

Energizer LED Camping Lantern


The LED camping lantern from Energizer is one of the best camping lanterns as far as value is concerned. It can either run on 3 D batteries (for max power) or 3 AA batteries (for min power). The battery life can stretch as far as 650 hours when used in the low power setting.

While the maximum brightness is just 500 lumens compared to the 1500 lumens the Blazin’ Sun lantern can provide, it’s the perfect amount of light to help you see during power outages, hikes at night, and camping. Lighting for camping is important because you’ll be in the wilderness without any streetlights or light switches.

+High, low, and nightlight settings
+Water-resistant and durable
+Long battery life

Why We Like It – Campers wish that this lantern had a little more power behind its LED lights, but pretty much all are satisfied with the amount of light it provides and how long the battery life’s run time lasts on one charge.

4. EZORKAS Camping Lanterns

EZORKAS Camping Lanterns


Camp lighting is essential to a good and safe-feeling experience. One can string up lights, use fire, or you can use it as a camping lantern. The EZORKAS lanterns are among the best for camping because of how many ways they can be used.

Not only do they work as regular lanterns would, but they include a LED flashlight on the top of the lantern. This can be used on trails or to see your motor more easily when working in the garage. There are even magnets on the base so that you can stick it to the nearest metallic object.

+Back-up battery power

Why We Like It – Customers compare this lantern to the black diamond apollo lanterns; they like how the EZORKAS lantern keeps its charge longer, produces more light, and is more versatile.

5. Wsky Rechargeable Camping Lantern

Wsky Rechargeable Camping Lantern


The best camping lantern for safety in the woods is the Wsky lantern. This lantern can charge your phones, gaming devices, etc. via a USB cable. Not only can you play one of your games at camp, but you can have your phones ready to call people in case of an emergency—no more panicking about phones dying.

If you get hurt or stuck somewhere and can’t call for help, this lantern can be used as a flashlight to help let people know where you are. Use it as a lantern for camping and reading, and as a flashlight for searching, hiking, or signaling.

+Lantern and flashlight

Why We Like It – With a Wsky lantern, there’s no need to worry about battery life or run time when the lantern is rechargeable. If you’re a fan of the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 lantern, then you will love the Wsky lantern even more. It takes its performance to the next level by doubling as a flashlight.

6. Etekcity LED Camping Lantern

Etekcity LED Camping Lantern


The Etekcity LED lantern may earn itself many loyal customers because of the functionalism it has. There are 30 LED bulbs that will light up the night 360-degrees around you. At full battery capacity, the run time of this lantern can be as long as 30 hours. The material used to build this camping lantern is military-grade ABS. Camping lanterns like this rate IP54 water-resistant level. It easily collapses to turn off or expands to turn on the lantern.

+Storage in lid
+Adjustable brightness
+Lightweight (10 ounces)

Why We Like It – While this lantern is so convenient and functional, it doesn’t last as long as a rechargeable lantern. You’ll have to pack spare batteries everywhere you go in case it runs out of juice. But if you buy camping lanterns like the black diamond apollo and Goal Zero Lighthouse 400, you’ll be able to recharge it as many times as you want.

7. Hisonde Military Grade Camping Lantern

Hisonde Military Grade Camping Lantern


Like many other camping lanterns on this list, the Hisonde lantern can be expanded and contracted to turn on and off. Also, like some of the others, it can’t be recharged like the Black Diamond Apollo and Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 camping light. It does have 30 LED bulbs that are COB (chip on board design is more efficient). The run time on this light is extended because it doesn’t use as much energy as other lanterns (3 watts).

+Magnetic bottom
+Handles to hang
+Fire starter and whistle in the lid

Why We Like It – While finding the best camping lantern is important, so is your safety. You’ll find two of the best tools for camping stored in the lid of this lantern: a whistle and a fire starter.

8. Lighting EVER Camping Lantern

Lighting EVER Camping Lantern


Among the best lanterns is the Lighting Ever light. The light can be set on four levels. There are two cool white light options: one warm white option, and a flash mode. There is a handle at the top so that you can use it to hang the lantern up. It needs 3 D batteries to power it, and the run time can last from 12 to 25 hours, depending on which setting you use. You won’t even be able to tell this isn’t an LED light; it works just as well – even better than some.

+Max light 1000 lumens
+2 year warranty
+IPX4 water protection

Why We Like It – Some consider this the best camping lantern because it has many light settings, can be hung upside down to more effectively light up a tent, and is convenient in power outages. Unfortunately, it can’t be recharged like Black Diamond Apollo or Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 lanterns.

9. Coleman LED Lantern

Coleman LED Lantern


The Coleman Twin LED lantern is the best camping lantern for beam distance. Camping lanterns are usually great at lighting up a small circumference around themselves, but they aren’t well known for the light being able to travel far. On the high setting, the light will reach 32 feet. On the low setting, the Coleman Twin LED light will stretch 19 feet. The 8 D batteries may earn you as many as 85 hours of light on high and up to 299 hours of light on low.

+Twin LED bulbs
+5 year warranty

Why We Like It – When it comes to the batteries lasting, the Coleman Twin LED lantern is the best camping lantern in its class. No other lantern has proven to last longer on one single charge. Now, if only this were rechargeable like the goal zero lighthouse 400 lantern.

10. Internova Monster LED Camping Lantern

Internova Monster LED Camping Lantern


If you need a quality light source, the best camping lantern for you may be the Internova Monster lantern. It can save you from being caught in the dark during blackouts, emergencies, back deck hangouts, and camping, and hiking. On its lowest setting, it puts out 800 lumens. On the highest setting, you get 1500 lumens of light. While some camping lanterns can be used with AA batteries, you need 4 D batteries to run this one.

+Non-slip base

Why We Like It – The only thing customers wish could be improved is the battery life. The battery only lasts for 5 hours when it’s run at full power. Therefore you need to carry extra D batteries every time the battery life runs out.

Camping Lanterns Buyer’s Guide

Alternative Options

Camping lantern

While there is a massive market for a rechargeable camping lantern, sometimes the best camping lanterns are old-fashioned fuel-powdered. These lanterns don’t need batteries to get you through an emergency. You don’t need to worry about which battery you need to keep in stock. There are many types of fuel used in these camping lanterns. Propane, gasoline, and kerosene are a few of the common fuels used.

The downside of using a fuel-powered camping lantern is that you can’t take it indoors. Fuel lanterns are meant for outdoor use only, as it’s not safe to have the fumes trapped in a small area. But if a fuel-powered lantern is the best camping lantern for you, then it will provide bright light – some claim the brightest. There is a dimmer dial that allows you to turn the brightness down if need be.

Fuel Lanterns

Rusty lit blue lantern hanging in an old shed

Coleman Powerhouse

This lantern is one of the best camping lanterns if you’re looking for a fuel-powered option. You can either use Coleman Liquid Fuel to power it or opt for unleaded gasoline. In comparison to propane, a gallon of Coleman Liquid Fuel will last the same amount of time as four and a half propane cylinders. This means that you won’t have to pack up quite as much backup fuel when you go on your camping trips.

You can expect bright light from this lantern as it puts off 800 lumens, and the light can reach as far as 22 meters. You won’t necessarily have to pick the lantern up and carry it with you everywhere you go like you would with some others.

All you need to do to get the lantern going is turn it on and strike a match. Once it’s lit, you can use the dial to adjust the brightness level to what you need. You can either set it on a table or hang it from a tree branch. The base is sturdy, and the handle won’t break.

If you use 2.5 pints of unleaded gasoline or Coleman Liquid Fuel, you can get 5 hours of use on the highest setting and 20 hours of use on the lowest setting. There is a ventilator that will help prevent rust and corrosion from happening. The globe is able to stand up to high temperatures, which will keep it from cracking.

Stansport Kerosene Lantern

While this lantern seems to run just on kerosene, it’s able to be fueled by any lamp oil. The wick is adjustable so that you can adjust the brightness. It doesn’t put off as much light as the Coleman mentioned above, but it’s perfect to light up a patio or the food table next to the fire so that you can make S’mores and hot dogs more easily.

This lantern is designed with a classic look and has a handle and loop on the top so that you can conveniently hang it on a branch and carry it around. It weighs 1.2 pounds, is 12.25″ high, 5.5″ wide, and 7″ deep. This is one of the best camping lanterns for those who don’t need a ton of light, and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty when purchased from the manufacturer.

21st Century Oil Lantern

This lantern can be fueled by several things, including lamp oils, kerosene, and citronella (used for insect repellant, great for camping). It’s a great lamp to be used decoratively or for its functionality. Take it to the campfire, on a hike, or keep it in the kitchen for emergencies. It can take up to 8 oz of fuel and can produce as much light as seven candles. It can burn for 11 hours, depending on how bright you have it set.

Coleman Northstar

Another Coleman fuel lamp that makes it onto the list is the Coleman Northstar. It produces as much as 800 lumens of bright light and can stretch as far as 17 meters so that you don’t have to carry it everywhere you go. It can run as long on a single gallon of Coleman Liquid Fuel as it would on 4.5 cylinders of propane. You can save yourself money and space in your car when you have to use less fuel.

It’s a two mantle lantern and is brighter than most of its style. To start, simply turn the knob to activate the ignition and then dial it to your desired brightness. The base is made to be non-skid – you don’t have to worry so much about knocking it over. It can be hung on a nearby branch with the bail handle. There’s a guard around the globe that will help protect it from getting broken.

Dietz Oil Lantern Cooker

This qualifies as one of the best camping lanterns because it doesn’t just light up the night. It’s great for campfires and emergencies, but it’s also great for cooking. Say what? Cooking with a lantern? The best feature is the special miniature grill that can be put on the top (once you remove the lid). The aluminum plate can heat up 12 ounces of water or soup, or you can cook a small meal on it. Cook your S’mores or mountain pies right on your patio or at the campsite. It runs on K1 kerosene.

Oil Lanterns

Many may not be aware, but there is also a group of lanterns that require oil to run. You can use olive oil, fish oil, castor oil, butter, and more. This kind of lantern was used in the 19th century when people were still trying to come up with the best way to illuminate the night without catching their beards on fire. These kinds of camping lanterns are still available for purchase, but be aware that they do give off carbon monoxide, so it’s best not to use them indoors.

Park Designs Oil Lantern

Staying true to the original design, this company used original antique lantern parts to create the best oil-fueled modern-day lamps. In the 19th century, whale oil was used to fuel them. Today, you can use many different types of oils. The wick is made of cotton, which allows you to enjoy a consistent flame. It’s easily refilled and comes in many styles from Park Designs.

Antique Copper Oil Lamp

Whether you want an oil lamp for the campsite or for your home decor, this could be the best option for you. Staying true to classic designs, it will fit right in with any antique decor you may already have in your home. The copper used in the construction of these lamps is hand-painted, which gives each one a unique and authentic look.

It’s just 3″ long, 3″ wide, and 10″ high, which makes it great for packing up and taking it to the campsite. Or you can just sit it on your mantle as decoration until there is an emergency power outage, and it can be used to light up the dark. All you need to do is add the oil and light the wick and place the glass topper on securely.


These kinds of lanterns can last just as long (and sometimes longer) than a battery powered camping lantern. While you won’t need to carry extra batteries with you, you will want to make sure you have fuel or oil to keep your camping lantern going as long as you need it. Also, keep in mind that both of these styles of camping lanterns should not be used inside a tent or cabin because they can be hazardous.

Lantern for camping

When it comes to a battery powered camping lantern, there are a couple of others worth mentioning. We’ve already talked about the Coleman Twin LED, but you should know that almost any Coleman camping lantern can fit your needs. A couple of other lanterns were mentioned above, including the Black Diamond Apollo and Goal Zero Lighthouse 400. These earn the title of some of the best camping lanterns on the market.

The black diamond apollo brings you into the 21st century with the capability of being recharged. It can even be used to charge your phones or tablets. We all know we can’t live without our electronics, even when we’re trying to “rough it” on a camping trip, so the Black Diamond was designed with that in mind. The positive thing about having phones with you (if you have reception) is that you can easily call for help in an emergency situation.

The Black Diamond helps keep you safe. Whereas, before cell phones, you had to carry flares with you and hope that someone saw when you shot them off. If you aren’t able to recharge the black diamond, there is a backup option to use AA batteries as a power source. The top of the black diamond has a handle so that you can hang it on something if you need to be able to use your heads and need the light above your head.

The Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 lantern is slightly better than the Black Diamond. The Black Diamond only puts off 225 lumens. Goal Zero is 400 lumens. Granted, there are many a lantern on the market with way higher lumen output, but sometimes you just don’t need or want an extremely bright light. Sometimes it’s better to use a Black Diamond or Goal Zero because they’ll give you a nice, subtle light to use while you’re getting ready to sleep.

The Black Diamond doesn’t weigh as much as the Goal Zero, but not a lot less. One thing the Black Diamond has that’s better than the Goal Zero is the option to run on lithium-ion batteries or alkaline batteries. The Goal Zero surpasses the Black Diamond by having the ability to be charged by the sun. Simply attach the polar mat via the USB port, and let the sun charge the light.

It doesn’t matter what you need the lamp for; what matters is what works best for your needs. If you need something that’s going to give you a lot of light for a long time, you may want to opt for a battery-operated lamp. Consider how much extra space you have to pack up batteries or fuel. Consider whether or not you need the light inside of the tent because you should not use fuel or oil lamps inside of a tent. It’s dangerous because of the fumes and because it could fall and catch something on fire.

Make sure that when you’re planning your camping trip, you remember everything you need. It’s best to be prepared because, once you get out in the wilderness, it’s a pain to go hunt down a store or drive home. You’ll want to be sure to pack up your tent, but you’ll also want to bring an awning of some sort so that if it’s really sunny during the day or rains at night, you’ll have somewhere to hang out outside of the tent still.

Bring a table and chairs so that you have somewhere to eat and hang out. You’ll also need the table to sit food and drinks on, as well as the lantern that you bring with you. Be sure to bring along a camping toilet or at least some toilet paper. When nature calls, you have to answer, after all.

It’s a good idea to be prepared for emergencies regarding your vehicle. Make sure you bring a tire repair kit in case a tire pops. Have a spare tire in case it can’t be repaired, and, if possible, a small air compressor in case your tire is going flat. It wouldn’t be a fun time to get stuck somewhere because you’re having issues with your tires.

Make sure that you have all of the tools you need to be able to cook the meals you’re taking with you. This includes a cooler to keep the perishable items in, and one for drinks so that they’re always refreshing and cold. If you choose a lantern that’s able to charge up your phones, make sure that you bring the charging cords along.

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