10 Best Backpacking Knifes in 2020

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There are a lot of uses for a knife when backpacking, which is why you need to find one that is durable, high quality, and sharp enough to tackle all needs. Backpacking and campers require a knife that is doing to be durable enough to handle their needs, as well as being compact and comfortable enough to keep on their person without causing damage or taking up too much space.

When backpacking, you may need a knife to cut the rope, prepare food, clear brush, and carve stakes, so you need to find something that will be able to handle it all. There are a lot of options out there, which can make it quite hard to find the best one. Being able to handle the outdoors and keeping yourself safe will be much easier when you have a quality backpacking knife with you.

We have used customer reviews and manufacturer information from to find the ten best backpacking knives to keep you safe and prepared in the great outdoors.

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1. Morakniv Companion Outdoor Knife

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This is the best knife for backpacking due to the fact it is high-quality, compact, and durable. This backpacking knife is made from high-quality Swedish steel that provides excellent edge performance that offers razor sharpness and has a high hardness rating. This makes it durable and suitable for various needs when backpacking, which is why it is one of the top options.

This backpacking knife is corrosion-resistant, so it can be used in all locations and all seasons, as well as having a performance grip that is comfortable to hold. This grip allows you to be precise and safe when using it. This backpacking knife comes with a sheath that keeps it protected and makes it easy to keep in your backpack. It is compact and will not take up a lot of space, as well as being versatile and can be used for all needs from carving wood, food preparation, and carving when outdoors.

+ High-quality
+ Corrosion-resistant steel
+ Comfortable grip
+ Sheath included
+ Durable knife

Why We Liked It – This is one of the best knives for backpacking as it is made from high-quality steel that is corrosion-resistant and sharp enough for all tasks.

2. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

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This backpacking knife has been manufactured by an expert in the business, Bear Grylls ensuring it is durable and high quality. This is a 1/2 serrated high carbon, stainless steel blade that has a drop point, which makes cutting various materials easy and effortless. This knife is ideal for cutting rope and edge retention due to the shape of the blade. It features a stainless steel pommel at the base, which can be used for hammering, making this a versatile tool.

This backpacking knife can also be used as a fire starter due to the fact it features a ferrocerium rod that locks into the sheath and a striker notch that is incorporated into the back of the knife blade. This is one of the best knives for backpacking in the great outdoors, as it can be used in various ways to keep you safe and prepared for anything. It comes with a nylon sheath that is lightweight and military-grade that can protect from mildew to keep the knife in good condition for longer.

+ Durable stainless steel
+ Versatile tool
+ Hammer base
+ Works as a fire starter
+ Mildew-resistant sheath

Why We Liked It – This is one of the best backpacking knives as it is versatile to offer a lot of protection, with the hammering base and fire-starter blade.

3. SE Outdoor Tanto Knife with Firestarter

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This is a great backpacking knife for those on a budget as it offers 7-inches in blade length overall, as well as being made from durable stainless steel. This knife for backpacking comes with a thick army green cord wrap handle that offers a good grip and makes it safe to use, as well as enhancing control. It comes with a nylon sheath that keeps it protected and makes it easy to store in your backpack when camping or hiking.

This pocket knife for backpacking is versatile and offers a lot of protection as it also comes with a compact magnesium alloy fire starter. It is short and thin, making it compact enough to keep in your backpack without taking up too much space. This knife can be adapted to suit any need, including being used as a spearhead for emergencies. The blade is sharp enough to tackle various materials, like wood and rope.

+ Short blade length
+ Thin knife
+ Versatile
+ Includes alloy fire starter
+ Military rope grip

Why We Liked It – This is a great knife for those looking for an affordable option, as it comes with a fire starter, nylon sheath, and is versatile with the sharp blade.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

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This Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD knife is a great thing to keep with you when backpacking as it ensures that you are prepared for anything. This knife comes with 7 functions, including a 1.25-inch blade length, nail file, screwdriver, and toothpick as well as many more. This makes it highly versatile and a great tool to keep on you for anything. This is a durable Swiss Army knife that is designed to last a long time and comes in various colors and patterns.

This Swiss Army classic SD knife is compact, making it easy to keep in your backpack, or you can even keep it in your pocket for quick access. It is made from stainless steel and is encased in ABS scales to provide durability and ensure that it will last a long time. This knife would be a great gift as it ensures that the user will be prepared for anything, as well as being customizable with the colors and patterns. It can fit onto a standard key ring, so you will always have it on you.

+ 7 functions
+ Durable
+ High-quality stainless steel
+ Various colors available
+ Compact tool

Why We Liked It – The Victorinox Swiss Army knife is durable, high-quality and keeps you prepared as it has 7 functions, including a short blade.

5. Steinbrucke Tactical Knife

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This is a compact folding knife that is great for backpacking, hiking, and camping. This pocket knife comes with a reversible clip that makes it easy to use for both left and right-handed explorers. This is a high-quality and durable small knife that features a stone-washed coating. This coating protects the knife from corrosion, and it has also undergone double sharpening to ensure that it will cut through materials easy. This small knife is made from high-performance stainless steel that is manufactured in Germany.

This knife has a premium design with an ergonomic aluminum handle that offers a good grip as it is anti-slip. This not only makes the knife comfortable to use, but will also keep you safe and allow you to be precise when preparing food, cutting through rope, or carving wood outside. This is a premium quality knife that is sharp and rust-resistant, so it can be used even in wet conditions without wearing. This is a multi-purpose folding knife that is a great tool.

+ Folding knife
+ Anti-slip grip
+ Very sharp blade
+ High-performance steel
+ Rust-resistant material

Why We Liked It – This is a high-quality folding knife that is compact, sharp, and rust-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use.

6. Kershaw Clash Pocket Knife

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This is an easy folding pocket knife that is compact and thin enough to keep in your backpack when camping or hiking. This is a versatile survival tool that can be used every day for different tasks. Having this knife in your backpack will ensure that you are prepared and protected in the great outdoors, no matter where you are. It features a SpeedSafe opening that provides a quick and safe opening on the blade, so you can use it with ease.

This pocket blade features an ambidextrous flipper, so both left and right-handed people can use it, as well as a reversible clip. This is a safe knife to keep on your person as it has a locking liner, which ensures that the blade stays securely locked closed when it is not in use. This is a multi-purpose knife that can be used on camping trips, backpacking, for self-defense, and protection. It would make a great gift as it is high quality and durable.

+ Easy folding
+ Secure locking mechanism
+ Ambidextrous flipper
+ Durable materials
+ Safe and fast opening

Why We Liked It – This is a good knife to keep in your pocket, as it is folding and locks securely while offering a sharp blade for various needs.

7. The Atomic Bear Folding Knife

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This is a sharp and serrated blade that is made to a SWAT level, ensuring it is durable and high-quality. This blade can cut through a variety of materials, including cardboard, rope, wood, and meats with ease. This is a knife that is renowned for its versatility, so it can be taken on every mission, as well as having an innovative design. This knife is a tactical tool that is folding for easy storage in your backpack or pocket, as well as being high performance.

This is a folding blade that is made from 420B stainless steel that is coated with a black oxide layer that provides longevity and protection. It has a fine edge that is sharp enough to cut through anything, as well as having a precision belly that is swift and can be used on harder materials. Using this knife will keep you confident and prepared no matter where you are or where the mission takes you, as it is flipped open or locked with just one hand.

+ Serrated blade
+ SWAT-level tool
+ Stainless steel with a protective coating
+ Folding for compact storage
+ A fine, sharp edge

Why We Liked It – This is a high-quality knife that is made for SWAT as it has two precise blade edges and is made from steel with a protective coating.

8. SMITH & WESSON Extreme Ops Folding Knife

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This is a compact blade that has an overall blade length of 3.1 inches. This makes it easy to keep in your backpack when camping and hiking to ensure that you are always protected. This is a lightweight but durable blade that is made from high-performance carbon steel and an aluminum handle. This is a folding blade that offers quick and easy access to the pocket clip, finger flipper, and ambidextrous thumb knobs. It is easy to use and offers fast protection.

This is a secure and dependable blade that keeps you prepared when hiking and backpacking. It is durable and high quality, ensuring it will last a long time. This is a tactical blade that has a slightly serrated edge for precise cutting. It has a black aluminum handle that features a pocket clip and jimping, so it can be clipped to your pocket for quick access. This blade has a comfortable grip that is made from a textured blade material and ergonomic design.

+ Short blade length
+ Pocket clip for storage
+ High performance
+ Lightweight blade
+ Secure grip handle

Why We Liked It – This is a high-performance knife that is a tactical tool, with high-quality steel and aluminum handle for precise cutting.

9. Kershaw Reverb Folding Pocket Knife

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This is a lightweight folding blade that is designed for outdoor activity as it comes with a carabiner clip that easily attaches to your backpack or pocket for quick access. This is a versatile blade that has a sharp edge that can be used for various needs, including fishing, hunting, camping, or simple everyday tasks. This is a fixed blade with a single position that is steady and secure in the right-hand hold.

This blade has a secure frame lock that offers no wriggle room, ensuring the blade will be kept secure, stable, and safe to use. It features a PVD coating and stain finish that makes it durable and corrosion-resistant. This is a steel blade that can open quickly and securely without mechanical assistance. It has a carbon fiber coating that provides a secure grip that is easy to hold, making it safe and precise to use.

+ Lightweight
+ Easy attachment
+ Durable carbon fiber
+ Secure grip
+ Safe locking system

Why We Liked It – This is a good knife due to the fact it is durable, high quality, and safe to use with a secure locking system and non-slip grip.

10. True Utility Skeleton Knife

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This is a good knive for backpacking and camping as it has a minimalist design that is easy to use. It has a slender body that makes it comfortable to hold and easy to store in pockets or backpacks. This blade is made from marine-grade steel, and the blade length is 4 cm. This is a smooth, one-handed knife that is easy to use and precise with the sharp blade. It is strong and secure, making it a good investment to make for camping, hiking, or everyday tasks.

These knives are small, strong, yet lightweight, making them easy to store. It comes with 4 steel quick-release clips that can be easily attached to a key ring so it can always be with you when needed. The opening is smooth and can be controlled one-handed, making this a good knife to keep on hand for emergencies and your protection when exploring the great outdoors.

+ Minimalist design
+ Small and strong
+ One-handed knife
+ Quick-release key ring clips
+ Lightweight

Why We Liked It – This is a compact and strong knife that can be easily attached to your backpack or pocket, providing instant protection.

Backpacking Knives Buyer’s Guide

Knives are versatile and useful tools that can come in very handy when exploring the great outdoors. Whether you are camping, hiking, backpacking, or even doing something tougher like SWAT training, knives will be something you reach for often. These tools can be used for various tasks, including food preparation, cutting rope, and carving wood, as well as offering you protection for self-defense.

As you can see from this review, there are a lot of options when it comes to knives for backpacking and camping. There are various features that you will want to consider before choosing one, as these are important tools that need to be able to last. To get the most protection, preparation, and security from your knife, you need to look into various aspects.

Features To Consider

Knife surrounded by tourist equipment

To find the best one for your needs, there are some features of knives for backpacking that you will want to look into. This includes:

Blade Material

Most of the knives in this review that you will want to consider are made from steel. Whether it is a fixed blade, folding design, or multi-purpose classic SD that you are looking for, the material is one of the main things you want to look into.

The material will ensure how durable the blade will be, which can determine how long it will last and how many things it can be used for. Knives that are made from stainless carbon fiber steel is something you want to look for, as this is the most common material used.

Also consider the kind of coating that knives have, whether that offers corrosion-resistance so it can be used even in wet weather. You will also want to consider the handle and whether it will be comfortable and secure to use.

Type of Blade

A man uses a knife to whittle a stick out hiking

In this review, we have covered various kinds of blades, including folding designs, a fixed blade, and classic SD knives. You will need to think about the kind of knives that are going to be best for you, based on the things it needs to handle. When looking for backpacking knives, a good thing to consider is how compact it will be as it needs to fit in your bag or pocket.

Knives that are folding with a locking system might be your best option over a fixed blade as these can be folded into a more compact shape, that will be easier to store. When it comes to the type of blade, consider the things you need it to handle like cutting meat, carving wood, or being used for protection.
As well as these features, you will also want to consider the size to see if it will fit in your pack.

Do you need a knife for backpacking?

Cup of tea with knife as camping equipment

A knife is one of the best pieces of kit that you can take with you in your pack. When you are exploring the great outdoors with a low amount of storage, having the right gear is so important. Knives can be used for different tasks, ranging from food preparation, removing bush, and carving wood, so you really want to consider a number of them before going on your trip.

Little knives can protect you from dangers all around the world, which is something you need to be prepared for when backpacking. Everyone who likes to spend their time outdoors and getting into potentially dangerous situations needs to carry a blade of some kind.


A knife is one of the best tools you can invest in when hiking and backpacking due to how versatile they are and the protection they can provide. This review highlights the best knives for all kinds of outdoor activity, ranging from folding blades and a classic SD multi-purpose tool. It has been written using affiliate links from

Affiliate links provide a small commission to any product that has been purchased, but all of these reviews are honest. We know exactly what kind of tools you need when going outdoors, whether you are camping, backpacking, hiking, or going on almost SWAT-level training, and a mini knife is the best.
If you use something durable, lightweight, and sharp, you can be prepared for everything.

Did You Know?

The Swiss Army knife is the most popular tool worldwide due to its versatility, they were originally handcrafted.

Expert Tip

Make sure that the knife you choose has a secure locking system or comes with a durable sheath to keep you protected when it is in your pocket or pack.

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