10 Best AA Flashlights in 2020

Are you tired of using your phone as a flashlight? Then you may be expecting too much from your phone’s capabilities; it might not be providing the light you need. From inspecting and fixing your car on the side of the road at night, to other nighttime emergencies, it’s important to carry a AA flashlight that can illuminate the problem at hand.

But there may be a few questions going through your mind: is it bright enough? How many lumens does it have? What is the battery life going to be like with two AA batteries? Can I use a rechargeable AA battery? What type of rechargeable battery can I use? That’s why we’ll bring to light the ten best AA flashlights of 2020, giving you 20/20 vision when it comes to buying the best AA flashlight!

If you’re feeling lost in the dark when trying to find the best AA flashlight, we have factored every variable to bring you the ten best AA flashlights of 2020. AA flashlights can be a hassle to buy, and this guide will help you find the highest quality ones on the market.

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1. GearLight M3 LED Tactical Flashlight

GearLight M3 LED Tactical Flashlight


It is no wonder why the GearLight M3 LED Tactical Flashlight exceeds industry standards. This torch features an all-metal design that is waterproof, weatherproof, and shockproof. Equipped with Smart Power Management technology, you will get the most out of a single AA battery, but note that the batteries are not included.

The torch is small and lightweight (4.25″). It features adjustable zoom, three light settings, and an ultra-powerful Long Lasting LED. It’s sold in packages of two. This device provides the platform for the best AA flashlight on the market.

+ Ultra Powerful Long Lasting 300 Lumens LED
+ All metal shockproof, weatherproof, and waterproof design
+ Smart Power Management Technology optimizes a single AA battery for the most use
+ Pocket clip keeps device firmly located in the users pocket

Why We Like It – This AA flashlight is a must-have in every household. By buying two AA flashlights from for $13.99, you will be prepared for every practical use at hand. The tactical nature of this torch proves that it goes above and beyond a toy. It’s a tool, landing itself as our best AA flashlight.

2. Streamlight 88033 ProTac Lumen Professional Flashlight

Streamlight 88033 ProTac Lumen Professional Flashlight


The second AA flashlight on our list is the Streamlight 88033 ProTac Professional Flashlight. With a bold approach in its design, this Ipx7 waterproof rated flashlight will provide the user with reliable light. The C4 LED technology provides this light with 250 lumens and a 50,000 hour lifetime.

When using two AA batteries, this device can last up to 43 hours on its low setting. Batteries are not included. From its anti-roll face cap to its pocket clip, it’s no wonder why the Streamlight 88033 ProTac is second on our list of AA Flashlights.

+ 43 Hours of Low run time at 18 lumens, and 2 hours of high run time at 250 Lumens
+ Pocket clip and anti-roll head design ensure the location of the device for user
+ Ipx7 waterproof rating (waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
+ A tactical tail switch makes the device function with ease

Why We Like It – The Streamlight 88033 ProTac provides the user with hours of use with two AA batteries. This torch exceeds demands of reliability with its Ipx7 waterproof design, along with its pocket clip and anti-roll head cap. This device provides enough light for any situation, bringing to light the issue at hand with its 250-lumen high setting. This pocket-sized handheld device will most certainly provide a long life for its user. However, this device costs $38.64, making it one of our more expensive AA flashlight options.

3. HAUSBELL Flashlights

HAUSBELL Flashlights


The HAUSBELL flashlight is a high-quality, affordable option if you’re stuck in the dark. This product features a Luminous ring wrapping around the side of the midsection, just past the end of the pocket clip. This ensures it can be found in the dark.

Not only does this device prepare you for unexpected emergencies with its luminous ring, but it also provides the user with water, shock, and weather resistance. The battery is enough to power this 200 lumens LED flashlight, but it can also use a 14500 lithium-ion (batteries not included).


Small handheld design (4.20″) with pocket clip promote ease of use
Luminous Ring to insure location to a user in the dark
Comes in a pack of 2 or 4
200 lumens

Why We Like It – This two-pack of HAUSBELL Flashlights on costs 6.99, making this device a quality affordable option. Not only is this device affordable, but it also brings a high standard of quality to the user with its lithium-ion or double-A battery capabilities ( batteries not included). The detachable head allows the user to replace the LED on the device if it becomes inoperable.

The luminous ring provides security to the individual when they need light most. Equipped with a sturdy shock, water, and weatherproof design, the HAUSBELL Flashlights BOOCEOI9K has high quality and a low price point. This small flashlight’s dependable nature will bring the user hours of use and long life.

4. COAST HP1 190 Lumen Pure Beam Focusing Flashlight

COAST HP1 190 Lumen Pure Beam Focusing Flashlight


The COAST HP1 Pure Beam Focusing feature provides the user with adjustable cool white light. The focus on the flashlight makes this device ideal for repair situations, by allowing the user to hone in on the issue at hand. With a lifetime warranty and the ability to use a single AA battery or a rechargeable 14500 lithium battery, this device is a reliable option for the user.

The small handheld design (4″) and pocket clip makes this device extremely versatile to the user. The tactical nature of this device makes it easy to mount to any tactical device, providing more functionality to this led flashlight.

+ Pure Beam Focusing for an adjustable light beam
+ Mountable to any tactical device
+ Uses one AA battery or a rechargeable 14500 Lithium battery

Why We Like It – At an excellent price point on, the COAST HP1 Flashlight provides great value and functionality to the tactical user. With 190 Lumens, this device provides ample light when needed. Having met ANSI FL1 Flashlight standards, this device ensures reliability. If the device does fail, it has a lifetime warranty backed by COAST. For a device that fits in the palm of your hand, the COAST HP1 AA Flashlight provides the user with a quality experience.

5. ThruNite Archer Flashlight

ThruNite Archer Flashlight


The ThruNite Archer Flashlight brings a lot to the table. This device features dual button design, with a side switch and tail switch to ensure ease of use. With the high-quality nonslip diamond texture, removable pocket clip, and lanyard, this device will always be by the user’s side in times of need.

One AA battery is enough for this device to produce 500 lumens of cool white light. The CREE XP-l v6 led is the best and brightest LED in the pocket light industry. The device’s IPX8 waterproof design and 1-meter impact resistance will ensure a long life for the user.

+ CREE XP-l V6 LED provides 500 Lumens and five light modes
+ Waterproof IPX8
+ Dual-button design

Why We Like It – The ThruNite Archer flashlight will prepare the user in dark times and is one of the best AA flashlights on the market. This device features multiple light color options from orange peel to neutral white. If you do somehow break this device, it is backed with a limited lifetime warranty. Having versatile characteristics from its IPX8 design to its ability to produce 500 lumens with one AA battery, the price point on does not make this device an unreasonable option.

6. NICRON N7 Tactical Flashlight

NICRON N7 Tactical Flashlight


The Nicron N7 Tactical Flashlight offers the user hands-free capabilities. With its 90 degrees rotational head and clip, the user can slide the clip over any strap or on the edge of their pockets. This device is small and capable by providing 250 lumens on one AA battery and 650 lumens on a 14500 Lithium battery ( batteries not included).

Featuring a traditional side switch and magnetic tail cap, this device was designed with functionality in mind. The IP65 water-resistant rating is designed for rain, and quick submerges in water. Bolstering a 206-foot wide beam, this torch is one of the best on the market.

+ 90-degree rotational capabilities and pocket clip allow hands-free use
+ 250 lumens on a AA battery and 650 on a 18650 lithium rechargeable battery
+ IP65 water-resistant

Why We Like It – The stainless steel body clip on the Nicron N7 Tactical Flashlight secures the device to the user’s body for hands-free use. Designed with practicality in mind, this device takes both AA batteries and 18650 Lithium rechargeable batteries. This device features a magnetic tail cap that secures the batteries in place while the device is in use. Featuring another excellent price point, this device is one of the best options out there for the hands-free user.

7. Nitecore MT2A LED Flashlight

Nitecore MT2A LED Flashlight


Featuring a 50 hour run time and 345 lumens, the Nitecore MT2A LED Flashlight provides the user with strong neutral white light. The quick switch head on this device allows the user to toggle between light modes without pressing a button.

Embracing an IPX8 2 meter waterproof design, this device can withstand almost anything mother nature throws at it. Not only does this device come with a belt holster, but also a clip to ensure that it is always by the user’s side. This device takes 2 AA batteries that produce a 240-yard beam of light.

+ 50 hour run time on low
+ IPX8 2 meters waterproof rating
+ Quick Switch Head

Why We Like It – If you’re tired of pressing buttons to change light settings, then the Nitecore MT2A LED Flashlight is the device you should go with. Its IPX8 rating makes this torch one of the more indestructible ones on the market. This device should not be limited to recreational use only, as it is fully capable of providing 345 lumens of light in dire situations. Its 50 hours run time will ensure security when an emergency strikes.

8. UltraTac A1 Pocket Flashlight

UltraTac A1 Pocket Flashlight


AA flashlights have come a long way since their creation, and the UltraTac A1 Pocket Flashlight is a prime example. This device features 600 lumens and 180 hours of battery life on a single charge from a 14500 battery, and can also put out 220 lumens on one AA battery ( batteries not included). A glow in the dark rubber switch is attached at the tail end of this device, making it easy to find in the dark. The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy makes this AA flashlight IPX8 waterproof and impact resistant. This device is extremely reliable, producing 15 hours of battery life.

+ Glow in the dark on/off switch
+ 180 hours of battery life with 14500 lithium battery
+ 600 Lumens on high setting.
+ IPX8 Waterproof

Why We Like It – If you pick the UltraTac A1 Pocket flashlight, then go ahead and spend the extra money on a 14500 battery, as batteries are not included. The rock-solid design of this device will last for many years after it is bought. This device features a glow in the dark on/off switch, which allows the user to find the device quickly in the dark. Overall, the long battery life, IPX8 rated design, and 600 Lumen brightness makes the UltraTac A1 Pocket flashlight one of the best on the market.

9. WdtPro High-Powered LED Flashlight

WdtPro High-Powered LED Flashlight


A midsize flashlight and the brightest on the list, the Wdtpro High-Powered LED Flashlight is the brightest on our list. Coming into the battle with 1600 lumens, this flashlight is about 3x brighter than the second brightest on our list.

This torch features a PDO integrated circuit to produce the most amount of light, and three light modes for the user to choose responsibly. While this is a AA flashlight, it takes 4 AA batteries to create this much light. With a simple all-metal construction and an IP67 water-resistant certification, it’s sure to last through many drops and dips.

+ 1600 lumens to make the darkest nights day
+ IP67 water-resistant certification
+ PDO integrated circuit

Why We Like It – The WdtPro High-Powered LED flashlight is sure to illuminate everything in front of it, producing a massive amount of light. The PDO circuit helps get the most out of the required 4 AA batteries. While you may drop this device or get it wet, it will last a long time with its IP67 rating. For just $23.99 on Amazon, this device provides more light than many other aa flashlights on the market.

10. ThruNite T10 II Magnetic Tailcap EDC Flashlight

ThruNite T10 II Magnetic Tailcap EDC Flashlight


If you’re in the market for a mini light that still packs a punch, then the ThruNite T10 II Magnetic Tailcap EDC Flashlight is for you. This flashlight is extremely durable and will resist wear with everyday use. Featuring military-grade shock resistance and IPX8 waterproof rating, this device will last through every dirty job. Producing up to 550 lumens with a 750 mAh 14500 lithium battery and featuring five light modes, this torch will provide ample light wherever it goes.

+ Produces 200 lumens with 2450 mAh battery and 550 lumens with 750 mAh battery
+ IPX8 rating
+ Can run for up to 18 days
+ Magnetic Tailcap

Why We Liked It – For a flashlight that can be taken anywhere you go, the ThruNite t10 II magnetic tail-cap EDC Flashlight has great functionality. This device is extremely versatile, producing enough light to be tied with the second on our list. Bolstering an IPX8 rating, this torch can withstand a fair amount of abuse. The device has a magnetic tail cap that will keep the battery from sliding around in its compartment for secure use. With a run time of up to 18 days and a good price point, this is one of the best AA flashlights

AA Flashlights Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for flashlights, there are multiple features to focus on. Of these features that the buyer should consider are: batteries, lumens, waterproof rating, portability, and functionality.


AA batteries

Batteries are extremely important when considering which flashlights to buy. AA batteries provide convenience in times of need but are often not as powerful as their rechargeable brothers. While AA batteries are convenient to buy, a rechargeable battery can save you money. From our review of these ten products, a 14500 lithium battery is the best option for a rechargeable battery. When it comes to flashlights, it is incredibly important to make sure the light will be functional.


Black flashlight with wide beam in male's hand isolated from left side of the frame on black background

Lumens are the scientific measurement for bright light and are important to consider when looking at the task at hand. Lumens can influence battery life and provoke much heat if the light is left on. If you plan on using your flashlight for emergencies, then a 550-lumen light would be your best option. For recreational purposes, a 200-550 lumen flashlight will suffice for both battery life and functionality.

If your career ( law enforcement, military, or industrial work) requires you to have as much light as possible, then a device with 600-1600 lumens will suffice. An average cell phone will produce about 10 lumens, which is not enough to keep you out of the dark. The brightest torch on the market that you can fit into your pocket has 1600 lumens, providing an extreme amount of light compared to a cell phone.

Shock and Waterproof Rating

When considering a flashlight, the waterproof rating is an extremely important specification. A flashlight is only as good as it lasts. The best shock and waterproof ratings are IPX8 in 2020, and the worst is IP65. The main difference between IPX8 and IP65 is that the IPX8 device is fully waterproof up to 2 meters, while the IP65 device is only water-resistant.

An IPX8 rating also implies that the device can withstand a 2-meter drop as well, while the IP65 device can only withstand a meter of abuse. Being waterproof and water-resistant make a big difference in the quality of a product. However, all of these devices have full metal designs and typically won’t get wet throughout its life.


pocket flashlight for Everyday Carry (EDC)

Taking your flashlight with you wherever you go or leaving one around the house for safekeeping exemplifies a flashlights portability. Flashlights that can be taken anywhere prepare the user for the unexpected. Devices that are 5 inches and under in length fit into your pocket with ease. When a device gets over 5 inches, it can become clunky in the user’s pocket. However, devices over 5 inches can be comfortable to carry around if they have a holster.


Glow in the dark rings or rubber switches are great bonuses when it comes to the functionality of a flashlight. Many times users will lose the device in the dark when they need it most. Another feature that generates functionality is a magnetic cap used to hold the battery in place.

When these devices are cut, they typically have a little bit of wiggle room that can cause the light to turn on and off, creating the need for a magnetic cap. Furthermore, flashlights that have a clip on them help secure the device in the pocket. Likewise, the Micron N7 Tactical Flashlight has a rotational head and clip that can be attached to the front of the user for hands-free use.

What is the brightest flashlight on the market?

The brightest pocket flashlight on the market is the Wdtpro High-Powered LED, providing 1600 lumens.

What brand of flashlights do police use?

Police can use any flashlight they choose. Flashlights that are considered tactical tend to be the primary choice of law enforcement.


Flashlights can be tricky to buy, and you do not want to be left with a finicky device. There are endless amounts of options on Amazon, requiring time and effort to sort through. With the advice in this guide, you will find a flashlight that is sure to meet your needs. While another device can provide a quality experience, these flashlights will not leave you hanging or in the dark.

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