10 Best 6 Person Tents in 2020

Do you love camping? Would you rather spend your weekend miles away from civilization with a group of people you love than partying? Would you like to take your group of friends with you on your next camping trip? If your answer to these questions is yes, then what you need to take your family camping expeditions a notch higher in a 6-person tent. Such a tent allows you and your buddies to enjoy some fun nights and quality time out in the wilderness or wherever you may be camping without having to worry about harsh outdoor elements.

A quick look at the 6 people tent market reveals a plethora of choices, and identifying the best 6-person tent can be somewhat a chore. Luckily, it’s a chore we’re more than happy to take on for you. From major brands like Core, Coleman to Big Agnes, here’s a list of 10 best 6 person tent you’ll find in the market.

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1. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent


Core is a market leader in the outdoor gear realm, and when you review their merchandise, it’s not hard to understand why. Their best 6-person tent, for instance, features pre-attached poles. This means setting it up is a task you can handle singlehandedly as all you need to do is unpack, unfold, and extend.

Users love its cabin design as it means more room for everyone. What’s even more impressive is it boasts an electrical plug, which means if you have a source of power, you can charge your devices without ever leaving the 6 tent! As if not good enough, it features a wall organizer, a lantern hook, and even a gear loft!

+ Fast pitch tent for 6
+ Fully freestanding on any surface
+ Boasts a very roomy interior thanks to cabin style
+ Advanced mesh venting system for proper airflow

Why We Like It – There’s a lot to love about this camping tent for 6 but what we liked most is its tech-friendliness thanks to the electrical plug. Also, it is a fast pitch tent for 6 with a lot of space and can even fit a queen-sized bed. What’s fascinating is it that it not only packs these fantastic features but also it is quite affordable.

2. Eureka Copper Canyon 6-Person Tent



Do you have toddlers that you would like to bring to all your camping trips in the future? If yes, then you need the Eureka Copper Canyon 6person tent in your life. This camping tent for 6 not only has a lot of space but also boasts vertical 6 tent walls perfect for baby cots or even raised mattress.

For a cabin style 6 person tents, it has a pretty ample height. You will also love its full mesh roof. Therefore, other than having sufficient space to accommodate you, your kids, or buddies, it also allows easy movement and has proper airflow so you can comfortably stay inside even on hot summer nights. Talk of comfort!

+ Freestanding hence can stand on its own on any surface
+Features a power port
+ Storage pockets and gear loft offer space for small items
+ Full mesh roof, large door, and windows for proper circulation of air

Why We Like It – This camping tent for 6 is the perfect definition of comfort camping! It not only has plenty of vertical space and center height but allows you to set up your toddler’s cot easy. It’s freestanding and has a gear loft and a high-stash pocket for space. We love that it features a power cord.

3. Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent

Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent


Looking for a dome family tent with enough space for 6, easy setup, and offers you the best bang for your bucks? Look no further because Coleman Sundome tent fits your description. Similar to most of Coleman tents, this Sun Dome for 6 is among Amazon’s best selling 6 person tents and for all good reasons.

Other than the mentioned features, this Coleman dome 6 -person camping tent only weighs 13.5kg, which is quite lightweight, considering it sleeps 6. With only two poles for the main structure and one for the fly, it’s quite easy to get it up and running. It comes with two pouches for gear storage space, has waterproof floors, and a hinged door. The privacy vent allows you to change your clothes or do anything else that might require privacy comfortably.

+ Weathertec system and gear loft of organization
+ Features a privacy vent
+ Advanced ventilation system
+ Easy to set up

Why We Like It – Other than enough space and center height, the Coleman Sundome 6 people tent is lightweight and features a privacy vent. It’s made with high-quality materials, so durability is guaranteed and features breathable ventilation panels. But what we loved most is that this Coleman tent boasts all these fantastic perks at a price tag you can’t beat.

4. OT QOMOTOP Pop Up Tent Best 6 Man Camping Tent

OT QOMOTOP Pop Up Tent Best 6 Man Camping Tent


Unlike its 4Person predecessor, this Qomotop 6-person tent has a 66-inch peak height, which allows comfortable movement inside the 6 tent. With 10 by 9 square feet of floor space, it offers you enough room to fit two queen-sized airbeds as well as your camping gear. But there’s more to it than just space.

This tent is quite effortless to set up and allows you to power your devices thanks to its electrical cord port. It boasts an adjustable vent for proper airflow, a fully taped seam, and a separate rain fly, so you need not worry about leaking. It’ s pretty homely thanks to the large door and welcome mat.

+ Features durable design perfect for all-weather camping tents for 6.
+ Pre-attached poles for fast pitch.
+ A fully closable electrical port
+ 66-inch peak height and a large door allows easy in and out movement

Why We Like It – Other than making it easy to set up, it is a weatherproof 6 tent thanks to its full seam taped fabric, welded floors, and separate rain fly. We love that this tents 6 man manufacturer went the extra mile to make it homely by providing an electrical power port, welcome mud mat, and enough center height to move around.

5. Kelty Outback 6 Person Tent Grey

Kelty Outback 6 Person Tent Grey


Available in gray and green, this Kelty Outback trail ridge dome tent comes with features you’ll love at a price that’ll make your wallet smile. As a 6 person tent intended for 3-season use, most users are particularly impressed by its ability to withstand heavy downpours.

This is in large part because it’s made using high-quality polyester, and as a dome, its rain fly covers it to the bottom whenever it’s raining. Moreover, its dome shape dramatically contributes to its interior remaining dry even when it’s raining heavily as rainwater tends to slide off instead of pooling on the roof like in most cabin tents.

Despite being dome style, it has plenty of space for 6. It has mesh walls and a ceiling for proper airflow. It boasts the no-see-um concept hence perfect if you’d like to stargaze or enjoy an intimate connection with nature without being feasted on by mosquitoes and other bugs. Although it has no windows, it makes up for that with its big D-door.

+ 3-seasons tent and holds up pretty well in heavy storms
+ No-see um open-air concept perfect for nature lovers and stargazing
+ Noiseless zippers and a large D-door
+ The price tag makes it an excellent buy

Why We Like It – We love that, unlike most 6 people tents, the Kelty trail ridge 6 person tent actually lives to its 3-seasons description and can stand up pretty well to storms. It is a fast pitch dome tent for 6 and comes with storage pockets for easy organization. On top of that, the no-see-um concept is everything.

6. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6-Person Tent


As with any other Alps product, this family camping tent for 6 does not disappoint. You will particularly love its intricate yet exceptionally dome build. It features an incredibly thick, nylon oxford floor, 75D UV resistant and waterproof polyester fabric walls, and 11mm thick fiberglass with aluminum poles. Add in its full rain fly, and you no longer have to worry about heavy storms when you’re camping.

It’s indeed a 3-season, 6 people tent. Although it’s a dome, it’ll seamlessly accommodate 6 individuals and allow seamless movement inside thanks to its 72-inch center height. You need not worry about air circulation as it has two windows and is meshed on the inside for proper breath-ability. It has a vestibule for those extra sunny days during camp, a gear loft for your family camping stuff, and can seamlessly hold its weight on any surface.

+ Has two large doors for easy access
+ Super breathability
+ Features a gear loft and several side pockets
+ Exceptional strength even on windy and rainy days.

Why We Like It – We were impressed by this 6 people tents’ incredible build. As a dome, with 72 inches apex height It’ll hold up greatly in harsh weather, and still offer comfort in hot weather thanks to features such as awnings, large doors and meshed interior for proper ventilation. But what we like most is it provides all these perks, at a pocket-friendly price.

7. Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent


This 6-person Timber Ridge tent is all about durability and comfort. It boasts a solid, waterproof polyester texture and steel poles, which means you can trust it to give you the much-needed cover as well as safety even in harsh weather conditions. With four large mesh windows, this one is not only perfectly ventilated but also allows unobstructed views of the outdoors without you having to worry about bugs.

As an instant tent, pitching it is a one man’s job as all you have to do is unfold it, extend it, and poof! It’s ready to use. As with all other camping tents on our list of best 6 person tent, it’s quite roomy, and with a peak height of over 6 inches, it’s pretty comfortable to move around in it.

+ As a freestanding 6 person tents, it can be set up anywhere
+ Features a lantern hook and storage pockets
+ Quite durable
+ Excellent ventilation thanks to three mesh windows

Why We Like It – it has a lot of bells and whistles guaranteed to elevate your camping experience. For instance, it boasts an electrical port for device charging, a lantern hook, storage pockets on the wall, and a mud mat, so you don’t track mud into your tent. It boasts plenty of space as its base measures 10×10 square feet and has a center height of 78 inches, which is pretty tall, considering it’s a dome.

8. Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome 6 Person Tent

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome 6 Person Tent


The Coleman steel creek fast pitch dome tent is yet another innovative 6person tent from Coleman we have a feeling you’ll love. It has a 10 by 9 square feet floor and a 5 by 8 apex height hence enough room for everyone. But one of the most outstanding features about it is that it has a screen room with a full floor! This means bug-free lounging space for those hot summer nights when you don’t feel like being outside, but don’t want to sleep.

This space can serve as an additional sleep area, or you can use it as storage space. With this 6 people tent, Coleman employed its innovative fast-pitch technique, which means you can single-handedly pitch it within ten minutes. You’ll also have no problem staying inside this Coleman tent for long periods as it features a mesh build, hence pretty breathable. It’s quite tech-friendly as it features electrical ports.

+ A screen room porch fit for lounging, sleeping, and storage space
+ Freestanding and boasts Weathertec system
+ Electrical ports
+ Fast-pitch technique

Why We Like It – We love everything about this particular Coleman tent, but what we like most is its screened room feature. It sets it apart from all the others on our list of best 6 person tents. We love that it comes with an expendable bag, which means additional storage space. What’s fascinating is it packs a punch of amazing perks, at a gentle price tag.

9. Camp Creek 6 Person

Camp Creek 6 Person


If your ideal weekend camping trip involves hiking and then setting camp wherever dusk falls, then you will love this 6 person camping tent. It is not only lightweight but is also freestanding and easy to set up. This means it doesn’t add weight to your already heavy hiking gear, and you can easily pitch it on any terrain. This one offers enough room for everyone in your group.

With an 84inch peak height and vertical walls, you and your five camping buddies will have enough room while camping somewhere next to a river. Note, it has large windows, a particle cover fly, large windows, and a mesh roof, making it the perfect tent to stay in this summer. It boasts fiberglass poles and a 1500mm waterproof polyester fabric; hence its durability should be the least of your worries.

+ Quite airy thanks to large windows, door and roof mesh
+ Extra tall peak height and ventilation walls allow more space
+ Cover fly converts to awnings
+ Has an extra shelf for easy organization

Why We Like It – With 84inches at the center, this tent for 6 has an incredible peak height has more room, making movement inside pretty seamless. The cover fly as noted converts to awnings, and the windows and doors are pretty big, hence perfect for camping in hot and sunny weather conditions.

10. Mobihome 6 Person Tent

Mobihome 6 Person Tent


If you love stargazing as much as you love camping, then you will love the Mobihome 6 person tent. This one features two properly sized meshed ceiling windows for proper air circulation as well as stargazing. But other than that, you’ll love its easy setup. It has enough space for 6 adults, and if you want, you can easily fit 2-queen sized mattresses for comfort.

At only 14.3 pounds, this 6-person tent is quite portable and ideal for hiking as well. It features a pretty sturdy frame and a fully waterproof fabric.

+ Lightweight hence pretty portable
+ Plenty of space and can fit two queen-sized bed
+ Plenty of mesh hence perfect for stargazing during summer
+ Sturdy frame makes it wind resistant

Why We Like It – At its price range, the Mobihome packs quite a punch. It’s lightweight, easy to set up, and offers a lot of room for 6. Hence ideal if you prioritize comfort while camping. We found out the door can extend into an awning giving you more room for relaxation during summer camping.

6 Person Tent Buyer’s Guide

Whether you and your friends or family are heading to a campsite up a mountain or you simply need a 6-man tent for a festival, the Tent you take with you significantly impacts your comfort. Therefore, don’t just pick any camping tent for 6 you come across while shopping.

Make sure it has enough room for 6. While at it, be sure to carefully consider all the factors we’ve outlined below, as well as keep the tips we’ve compiled for you in mind so you can end up owning the best 6-person Tent there is in the market today

Consider Seasonality

Green tent on a campsite in a winter forest

If you are a seasoned camper, then you already know 6 person tents are not one-size-fits-all. In other words, you cannot buy a random 6-man tent and expect it to hold up as well in winter as it did in summer. Thus, one of the main factors you should consider before clicking that purchase button is the kind of season you prefer to camp in. This is crucial because when camping, you want total weather protection. With that said, a camping tent for 6 can fall into either of the categories outlined below

2 Season Tents

2-season tents are the most basic of all tents. They’re designed to be used in hot summer months. They are usually lightweight and have plenty of mesh for ventilation. They are hence ideal for backpacking or car camping and are mostly popular among festival-goers.

3-Season Tents

3-season tents are the most popular of all, and as you may have noticed, most of those on our list of best 6 person camping tents are 3-season. Tents for 6 in this category usually pack features that allow them to hold up pretty well against the temperate conditions of these three seasons; summer, spring, and fall. Given that they are intended for three seasons, these tents are typically lightweight for portability.

At the same time, most, as you may have seen, boast a Weathertec system. For instance, they commonly feature a durable, double, inverted seams wall construction as well as welded floors so they can handle heavy rain, and light amounts of snow. They feature ample mesh panels in their build for proper ventilation.

What this means is that despite the unpredictable weather conditions in spring or the cold in fall, you can trust a 3-season, 6-man Tent to keep you warm on one of your spring trek adventures or fall campouts. At the same time, you can bring it with you on your summer backpacking expedition, and not worry about being too hot as they’re equipped with mesh panels for proper ventilation.

3-4 Season Tents

Also known as 3+ or extended season, camping tents for 6 in this category are ideal for summer, spring and fall, but can withstand light to moderate snow loads in late fall. They are pretty sturdy, and the main difference between them and 3 -season tents is they have relatively fewer mesh panels. While more durable, a tent in this category cannot hold up against the inhospitable weather conditions in winter.

4 Season Tents

If you’re among the few camping enthusiasts who’re daring enough to go camping when its less than -4 degrees outside, then a 4-season tent for 6 suits you best. These kinds of tents are designed to stand up strong against extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow and intense winds during winter. Thanks to this, they have heavier fabrics and thicker, more durable poles such as aluminum poles.

Since warmth is the key priority, 4-season camping tents usually have reduced mesh panels in comparison to all other categories outlined above. To put it simply, this type of Tent is only perfect for winter or late fall, hence less versatile. if you’re looking to camp all year round, it would be wiser to purchase a 3-season tent to take you through summer spring and fall, and this one specifically for winter.

Tent Design

Besides seasonality, another critical factor to consider before you add a tent to cart is its design. In that light, note, they’re two main tent designs, the cabin, and the dome tent. Both have definite advantages but bring with them a few cons. The features of each are as discussed below.

A Dome Tent

Dome tents get their name from their dome-shaped design. They’ve been around longer than cabin tents and, as such, are more popular. They’re pretty roomy on the ground and most feature storage space for your camping gear at the base. They are lightweight, and in comparison to cabin tents, boasts a pretty fast-pitch. Their most notable feature, however, is their ability to hold up against harsh weather.

This is again thanks to their dome shape, which deflects harsh winds. Also, due to their shape, the rainfly tends to cover the entire Tent from top to bottom. Add in the fact that rainwater tends to slide off instead of pooling on the top, and you’ll never have to worry about a leaking tent. However, a dome tent is not all perfect.

Given their shape, most of them tents tend to have less peak height and fewer windows. Luckily, this is a downside that most brands, such as Coleman, Kelty Trail Ridge, and others mentioned on our list, are overcoming by making taller-domed shaped tents and equipping them with mesh ceilings.

Cabin Tent

As the name suggests, this type of Tent is designed to look like a cabin. Thanks to this, a good majority of cabin tents, such as the Eureka Copper Canyon and Coleman on our list of best 6 person tents, boast a very high ceiling. This makes movement in the Tent pretty seamless. Since they’re cabin-shaped, they have vertical walls, which makes it easy even to set up a cot.

They feature several, quite large windows, perfect if you’d like to enjoy unobstructed views around you without having to fight annoying mosquitoes and bugs constantly. Again, thanks to their shape, most cabin tents have two doors, which means your campmate won’t have to climb all over you at night if they need to get out.

But while a cabin style tent’s shape is its best feature, it’s a source of weakness as well. This is because their vertical walls make them more prone to being blown around by intense winds. Since rainwater doesn’t slide off, it’ll likely pool on the top of the Tent. Additionally, given their shape, the rainfly is less likely to cover the entire Tent, which means rainwater will likely get in through the large windows on its body. Fortunately, this is a challenge you can overcome by purchasing only the best 6-person tents, such as the ones outlined on our list of best tents.

Other Tent Design Considerations

Big camping tent

Whether you chose to go for a Kelty trail dome-shaped Tent or a Eureka Copper Canyon cabin design, keep in mind there’s more to the Tent than just the design. Without further ado, here are some of the aspects you should review when purchasing the best 6 person tent


A rainfly is incredibly essential if you’re to enjoy your camping trip. Got no idea what it might be? It’s a weather protection cover that goes over your Tent to keep mainly water and snow, but also in some cases the wind out of your Tent. Depending on the brand you purchase it from, the rainfly can cover your Tent either fully or partially. The partial rainfly is known as roof-only and will only offer fair protection from the elements. It’s hence wiser to opt for a tent with a full-coverage rainfly.

Tent Poles

It’s safe to say tent poles are the backbone of any tent, be it a four, five, 6-person Tent. They not only give it structure but also support the fabric body. Without them, there’s no tent. That is why you need strong poles for your Tent. Usually, it’s wiser to go for a tent with aluminum poles as they are more durable than fiberglass poles. But besides the material, you need to consider how the poles set up. Fewer poles mean less work hence faster set up. Also note, some tents boast instant set up; hence all you ought to do is unfold your Tent and extend the poles, and they will be ready to set up.

Tent Doors

If your camping trip usually involves staying at the campsite all day, playing games and cooking s’ mores and other camp recipes the entire time, it means you’ll be getting in and out of the Tent quite a lot. Note, in this case; you need to keep in mind that this is a 6-man tent, which means you won’t be the only one getting and out of it. Therefore, it is much wiser to go for a tent for 6 with two doors. It makes in and out movement for everyone seamless.

If your camping trip involves a lot of hiking and only pitching the Tent for sleep purposes, then a one-door tent would suffice. But still, remember those you’re sharing it with might need to get out in the middle of the night. When they do, they’ll have to crawl over you. So, take the time to analyze your situation to determine the right number of doors for your case.


If you dislike stuffy spaces as much as we do, then you will need a tent with proper ventilation. It is especially important to note the 6 of you will be sharing the same tent. So while it has space for everyone, it’ll most likely be stuffy. You need a tent with windows, doors and mesh walls, or even ceiling for proper air circulation. Fortunately, as you may have noticed, most of the tents on our list of 6 man tents are equipped with enough mesh panels.

Tent Vestibule

Although a vestibule isn’t a necessary feature, it’s a nice feature if present. Why? It acts as an extension to your Tent, which protects you from the elements. For instance, if it’s raining or snowing and you’re outside, you can enter the vestibule, dry yourself up and wipe your muddy shoes, so you don’t bring mud or water inside the main portion of your 6 man tent. Also, this part of the Tent can serve as space for your gear to reduce cramping inside the Tent.

The Footprint

Whether you will be car camping or setting pitch in the woods or at a festival, whether it’s summer or spring, you want a tent whose floor is sturdy enough not to be torn, scratched, or damaged by the ground you’ll pitch it on. In that light you will need to consider the footprint. It’s an additional cover which goes beneath your Tent’s floor. Make sure it’s both durable and is the same size as that of your Tent’s floor.

Tent Material

When buying a tent, you want one that’ll not only offer weather protection but one that’ll do so for many years to come. Therefore, besides durable tent poles, you need to consider the tent material. Note, while a vast majority of tents are polyester-based, they’re not the same. This is because there are different grades of polyester. Besides polyester, you’ll also come across nylon, cotton, or canvas-based tents. Whichever material you opt for, make sure it has inverted seams and is double stitched, so it doesn’t leak.

Tent Layout

Most 6person tents are often open air. That is, they’re like one big room where you all sleep in. However, some tents come with dividers which allow privacy, especially if you are out camping with your kids. Others like the Coleman tent feature a separate screen room. While it all comes down to your preference, a screen room and room dividers are a feature worth considering.

Weight and Easy Set up

If you are going to be on the move a lot, for instance, if your camping trip involves a lot of hiking than setting camp, then you need a lightweight, easy to pack Tent. This way, it’ll not add to your already heavy camping gear. But besides weight, you need to consider how it sets up. Again, if you’ll be on the move a lot and tend to camp wherever dusk falls, then you want a tent with instant setup. There’s no doubt the instant setup feature applies whether or not you hike a lot.

Gear Loft

It’s nice to have a tent with several compartments where you can keep your items. This is an optional feature, but one that’s worth considering as it gets stuff out of the way, and makes your life during camping a tad easier.

Brand Reputation

If you look up the phrase family tent for 6 right now, you’ll come across so many brands, all claiming to offer the best. But as you know, this isn’t strictly true. Therefore, consider brand reputation as well. Purchase your tent from top brands such as Eureka, Big Agnes, and Core.


All the above tent features considered, don’t forget to consider the price. While you shouldn’t let the price dictate the Tent you buy, it’s essential to ensure that the Tent you’re about to take home with you offers you value for your money. Price is not always an indicator of quality.

Some manufacturers will often charge a high price for their tents, yet it’s possible to find one with even better features at a much reasonable price. The good news is that all the brands on our list offer quality and value for your money.

Tips to prolong the life of your Tent

Shot of campers setting up a tent after hiking through the mountains.

When you purchase any of the 6 person tents on our list, you want to ensure it serves you for the longest time possible. After all, it’s quite an investment. But note, even the best Tent is subject to wear and tear. How long it lasts and how well it serves you comes down to how well you take care of it. This is why we prepared some tent care tips for you below.

1. Pitch before You Hit the Trail

Discovering you left some of your Tent’s components at home after you reach your campsite is incredibly inconveniencing. It means you may try to improvise the accessory you left, damaging the Tent in the process. Therefore, before you leave, make sure you practice a pitch. Doing so will not only help you ensure all the required parts are available but give you enough time to repair damages you may discover in the process.

2. Clean Stains Off Immediately

You may have cleaned your Tent thoroughly before camping, but there is nothing you can do to stop a flock of birds from dropping their poop on it. There is nothing you can do when tree sap falls on it. What you can, however, do is clean it out.

Do this immediately the bird poop, tree sap, or any other form of nature’s stain dries up. For tree sap, try rubbing an ice cube on the stained surface. This will dry it out, and you can easily peel it off. For other stains, just wipe but do not use soap. If you must, then opt for a citrus-based type of soap or cleaner.

3. Pitch on a Great Spot

Simply because a tent is instant set up and can remain stable on any surface doesn’t mean you can pitch on any terrain. Make sure you look around to find the best camping spot. It should be smooth, leveled, and, if possible, vegetation-free. If you find a spot that meets this description, make sure you clear any debris that may scratch or poke your Tent’s floor. If you’re in rocky terrain, try to find a relatively leveled spot, and clear the debris away yourself.

4. Use a Tent Footprint Always

As mentioned earlier, a footprint, known as a groundsheet, refers to the additional cover that you put beneath your Tent. This cover not only prevents your Tent from soaking but protects the floor of your Tent from tears, scratches, and other forms of damage that may occur when you pitch, especially on rough terrain.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Nothing is as damaging to a tent’s fabric as the sun’s ultraviolet rays. They tend to break down the Tent’s fabric, causing it to lose its tensile strength and, consequently, causing it to rip easily. They fade it out as well. Thus, while some tent materials, for instance, polyester boast UV resistance, prolonged exposure to the sun will eventually take the toll. With that said, try and avoid long-term exposure to direct sunlight. If you are more of a summer camper, it might be impossible to avoid the sun entirely. But you can try and pitch beneath trees. The best solution, in this case, is to get a premium quality tarp to cover the Tent.

6. Be Easy on the Poles

As noted earlier, poles are the backbone of any tent 6 man. But even the most durable ones, such as aluminum poles are still susceptible to damage. They tend to break if not properly inserted in connecting poles easily. They will crack or get dents at the ends if they’re banged against each other during assembly. So, if you don’t want to find yourself back in the market again, handle your tent poles carefully.

7. Do Not Store Your Tent Wet

Want to lose your Tent even before the warranty expires? Then store it away in the carry bag while wet. Storing your tent while damp or wet, even for less than 24 hours, is enough to encourage mildew growth. Unfortunately, mildew doesn’t just cause your Tent to stink, but triggers the premature breakdown of its fabric and coatings and eventually cause irreversible damage. Make sure you dry it out thoroughly before you put it in the carry bag.

8. Clean Your Tent

You want to keep your tent odor-free so ensure you clean it regularly. This is particularly essential if you just came back home from an extended camping trip which had your Tent exposed to mud, sand, tree sap or bird droppings. Failing to clean your Tent causes the dirt to harden on its surface and, consequently, results in permanent ugly stains. If you take short trips, it’s advisable to clean it after every three or four trips. If you take long camping trips, clean it every time you get back. As much as it’s easy, avoid machine-washing your Tent as this will either tear or stretch the fabric. Stick to a straightforward cleaning routine using a mild detergent or cleaner and a soft sponge to scrub the Tent’s exterior gently.

9. Do not Eat in the Tent

Camping is fun, but bugs are not. Unfortunately, nothing attracts bugs and pests faster than food. Eat inside your Tent and the food particles you drop in it will not only attract insects like ants but also will likely attract pests such as rats! The sad bit is they’ll probably chew your tent trying to get to the food. Therefore, eat outside. Besides, eating outside during camping is more fun than inside the Tent. If you must eat inside, consider one with a screen room.

10. Store in a Dry Place

All the drying you’ve done above will have been for nothing if you store your Tent in a damp place. Be sure to keep it in a cool, dry place until the next camping expedition. Also, consider using breathable fabric, for instance, a mesh bag as the Tent’s carry bag isn’t usually as breathable. A great alternative to a mesh bag is an old pillowcase.

11. Be Gentle with the Zippers

A broken or dysfunctional zipper means a dysfunctional tent. In respect to that, be careful with the zipper. Keep in mind tent zippers are usually slightly taut. So don’t put too much pressure on it. Use both hands when opening and closing the zipper. Also, keep it dirt free as dirt and debris cause the zip’s metal slider to wear out first. Always ensure the zipper is closed before you pitch your Tent.

How to Deep Clean a Tent Step by Step

Outdoor tent

If it rained all through your camping expedition and you had pitched in a relatively muddy area, or if you’re trying to get rid of tent odors and mildew, the basic cleaning instructions above won’t do. You need to do some serious deep cleaning. How you clean it, in this case, depends on the type of problem on hand as described herein.

For Mold or Mildew

If you happen to pack your Tent while it’s dry and get home to find it has developed mold or mildew, don’t fret as you may save it. For this task, you will need an enzyme cleaner. If, for some reason, you can’t afford one, create yours by mixing a quart of vinegar, five quarts of hot water, and a teaspoon of mild soap. Alternatively, you could combine a gallon of hot water with half a cup of Lysol.

With any of the mentioned supplies at hand, use a brush with soft bristles to brush off as much of the visible mold or mildew on the Tent’s fabric as you can. Then use a soft sponge and the cleaning solution you created earlier to wipe down the Tent. After this, set it out on the sun to dry and only take it inside when it’s completely dry.

For the Zippers

If you have a case of dirt or grit buildup in the zippers, there’s no need to panic. Get a small soft brush and scrub along the zipper’s metal slider to remove anything trapped inside. If it doesn’t come out, use a hot water solution to rinse the zipper before scrubbing it with the brush again.

For Pine Sap

You will need a soft sponge and mineral oil. Soak the sponge in the oil, and then spot clean the areas with the pine sap. Once this is done, rinse the Tent with warm water and let it dry. This should be a breeze.


When looking for the best 6-person tents, you will come across a myriad of brands, all claiming to offer the best. The thin line between walking away with the best there is and a poor quality tent that’ll ruin your camping expedition and have you regretting is being well informed. Fortunately for you, we’ve included most, if not all, of the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Also, our list of 6 person family tents is inclusive of some of the best tents you will come across in 2020. They’re all highly rated and are from reputable brands such as Core, Kelty, Big Agnes, and several others. You can be confident they’ll be worth your money.

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